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About Daily-Gift.net

Daily-Gift.net is a website which claims they are “the prime location online to find the best free gifts available anywhere.”

According to the Daily-Gift.net landing page, they are a free service that provides their members with an opportunity to receive the best new products available, for free, just for your simple cooperation with a few basic tasks.

All you have to do is choose the gift you would like, provide the website with your email and mailing address so that the gift can be shipped to you, and then complete the sponsor offers, and you will earn your free gift.

Completing the sponsor offers are the most important element of claiming your free gifts, because the Daily-Gift sponsors cover the costs of both the gifts and the Shipping & Handling required to deliver them to you, thereby making the gifts free to you.

Generally speaking, though, whenever a website requires you to “complete offers” to earn your reward, it is very important to read and understand all the requirements of these offers.

Often times these “free gifts” can result in subscription fees or other payment issues, as completing these offers can end up costing you money if you do not cancel them or fulfill their requirements by a certain time. These complicated issues often lead people to wonder if sites like Daily-Gift.net are legit, or whether they're just vehicles for users to receive spam from their sponsors.

In addition, it appears that Daily-Gift.net is not accepting new members at this time. Their offers are available to their site members, and there is no option for signing up as a new member currently available on their website.

If you have experience with this site, please leave a Daily-Gift.net review below.

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Kay Lee

No longer in business

April4, 2013

I completed all the offers. Even managed to get a response from them after 7 months of trying... Then about 6 weeks ago, the whole website disappeared... I came, I played, they kicked my ass... :(

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albert seitzinger

rip off

November7, 2012

thay said i won a $ 1,000 gift card and did everything that i was ask to do and never got my giftcard

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November 08, 2012

thanks same thing just happened to me so i went out researching it and found this...

November 27, 2012

when reading the terms of daily-gift.net that located at the bottom of the page. section D.3. member understands that, in some case, there may be delay in the crediting of free for promotions of advertisers or partners due to advertiser or partner's failure to provide necessary information to daily-gifts.net for such crediting of free gifts. daily-gifts.net will not be responsible or liable for the delay or failure to credit free gifts in such and event

January 21, 2013

That just proves they are a scam plus big cons to just get your bank card number to keep billing you or just take whatever fees they want to charge you.When you end up with a call from them you can not call back all you talk to is a busy tone.I think they should put these people in the same bracket as a theif and lock them up like a theif should be.Im not going to benefit the already successor when he sucks people dry with a con for money to keep themselves profitable.Makin enough money this way can make these people stronger so they can keep doing this kind of work.

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