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The order was the Gold dust with the metal that came with the knife .
March 3, 2024

Just placed an order for a knife and the lady was very rude and she hung up on me, I had thought about buying another one but not now. I have ordered probably around $2000 in merchandise over all but I believe I’m calling it quits.

Superior Customer Service
December 4, 2023

I have made several purchases from this business they have all been as described and of my opinion a great value. I have had a favorable experience with Cutlery Corner Network. I recently had an issue with a knife I purchased.

I called support in TN got a live person she gave me the instructions for the return told me to put my receipt for the return in the return pkg and they would adjust it. I sent the return on Saturday & unfortunately forgot to put my receipt for the cost of the return in the pkg. They received it Tues 11/28 and I had my replacement sent back UPS & received on Fri 12/01.

I call that SUPERIOR service. Plus I saw I had a refund for the $9.85 sent back to my Amex card even though I did not send them the receipt.

5 STAR Service

Customer service
November 4, 2023

I spend $$ for their products. If I have a question, I call. They always sound like Marge Simpson's sisters. They want to take an order, or brush you off like you're a problem.

BillD November 17, 2023

hummmm, I've never had that problem with their customer service. All I can say is quit spending $$ with them but please don't bring the Simpson family into your problems

Watse Of $$$
October 23, 2023

I Ordered 2 Bundles. Opened The Box And Found A Bunch Of CHEAP China Made Knives.... Took The " Tactical" Bowies And Tested Them In Tree Stump Stab And Bends!! All Three Knives BROKE.. All The Folders Are POORLY Made China Junk....

Cutlery Corner if you order from them you have to be careful.
August 19, 2023
I've had bad dealings with Cutlery Corner. On different occasions I had ordered a couple expensive knives and they sent me cheaper knives that I didn't order. Saying that they over sold those knives. Ticked me off. Another time I had ordered a Custom Knife and the handle had a crack in it. You would think they would check the knives before they send them out. Just a crap company.

Born yesterday
July 16, 2023

Anybody who by now doesn't know these T.V. Info products are China made plastic handled junk is not very informed or was just birthed by and dropped on the beach by a seagull in the last 24 hours .....just sayin...

This entire company is backwoods
February 28, 2023

They sell TOTAL garbage, for the most part! And even the “exclusive” knives they sell, are over priced!

I can go on Amazon, and buy the “EXACT” same knife for $5 or more less than what they charge!

And, the television sales people, all sound like they had a REAL problem getting through grade school! Constant stuttering, and repeating what they say!

Hire someone who isn’t a hillbilly!

Rude unhelpful people
December 18, 2022

These people are terrible!!!!!!! After about a month of not receiving my order,I contacted them. The girl told me it shipped & i needed to take it up with ups. I disagreed, telling her that it was their responsibility to make sure I received my order because I paid them the shipping & they choose the shipper. She flat out hung up. I called back, got another girl who wouldn't even let me talk. Maybe my thinking is wrong? Customer service obviously isn't there strong point. Either way, they were very rude & uncaring. I still don't have my order & probably never will.

Learn from my mistake, don't do business with this company.

December 10, 2022

Just looked at a couple sharps cutlery knives I bought from this place. The quality is really poor. Gaps in the handle materials. (They're fixed blades) Complete pieces of crap. One was a terry's pick. They other was the free shipping knife. They are very similar except for the faux hammer marked blade on one of them. Don't buy from these folks. It's not the first time I had a problem with their garbage but it'll be the last.

Bait and switch
November 30, 2022
Sent wrong knife and said i didn't pay for it. Don't deal with these con artists.

Great products Great service
October 15, 2022

I love the show and have been placing orders regularly for almost two years. They offer a wide range of both high end name brands and the many brands that they own. I Iook forward to the weekly specials and check the website daily. I have had a handful of issues with missing, incorrect or defective items but they were all quickly resolved by some of the nicest and friendliness customer service people I have ever dealt with.

I work retail so I appreciate the outstanding customer service. I even had an incident where I oiled a knife and it stained the bone handle. It was my fault and it was months after I bought it and they still replaced it even though their policy clearly states that items are only covered for thirty days. I have bought premium case and Arno Bernard knives that are awesome but am also impressed with the quality of some of their affordable brands like steel warrior and Ocoee River.

One of the items in my last order was a $10 weekly special on a chipaway skinner. It's razor sharp nicely finished and has double riveted nylon sheath that looks indestructible. I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorite knives to carry.

Horrible company to do business with, stay away
September 15, 2022

This company is a total rip off. I ordered a specific set and did not get it, customer service is a joke. My suggestion is do not do business with this company. I’ve never been treated so bad by a company as I have with this one. Wish I would have read the reviews on this company before I did business with them. This company has too many bad reviews, don’t trust this company, they will rip you off. Horrible customer service and they will lie on what they tell you. Stay away!

BridgetStanakis September 22, 2022

I'm in total agreement with Jon...I ordered two knives (actually my wife did) for my birthday. Well a month went by we never received them they were apparently lost in the mail!

This wasn't this companies fault but we talked to a sales rep from CC she actually said she was a supervisor, she assured us they would make good on this problem when we came back from vacation!

Well we came back and attempted to talk to this lady supervisor well she promptly ditched us ,acted like she didn't know what was going on so we had to cancel and get our money back!

In this day and age where companies are going out of business due to Covid, lack of business, or lack of workforce you would think they would bend over backwards to accommodate me, well they literally thumbed their noses at me, my wife and our money!


Junk super glued fix and sell to you
July 19, 2022

First time buyer, got a mother of pearl that has a crack and its covered in super glue. Absolutely a joke

Shipment not what was ordered, not even close
June 30, 2022
I ordered a knife for my husband, plain bone white 4". What arrived was a knife with "God Bless America" blazing across the knife. Not any where close. They couldn't send me the original one that I ordered but did send a shipping label to return. What gets me is they did NOT credit the $8.99 they charged me for shipping the WRONG ITEM! Sorry, not doing business with them again. Found a beautiful knife on Etsy!

Bad customer service and very rude
January 22, 2022

I have never had such bad customer service with a company, I was trying to order something and the lady was so rude to me and said my credit card started a # which was my bank debit card she was awful rude wouldn’t even try to run my card.

Kept saying no it’s not no it’s not no it’s not rude rude rude lady and yes my card is good and my money is good really offended me. I called back and they put me on hold this company does not want my business I will never ever order anything from you guys ever you guys need to hire nicer people.

Make sure you're ready when you call
October 16, 2021
I've made 4 orders with Cutlery corner and I have had a great experience. The knives I've gotten from cutlery corner are just what I wanted. I just placed another order, and I know the 6 knives will be great.

Horrible Customer Service
June 17, 2021

I ordered a Arno Kudu Squirrel Knife off the website, they called me 3 days later to confirm my payment info, said the knife is being sent out. 3 days later they call me saying the do not have the knife in stock anymore and they could replace it with the crappy blue one they have been pushing on TV.

I found another knife that would work a little more money and they tell me that it is in stock now but could not be sure when the order gets to the warehouse the knife will still be in stock? What the .....? They need the inventory connected to website.

They would not even budge on the price of the other knife by $20 to make me happy. Oh the Kudu knife it was $298 so not cheap. I had one other order I cancelled before I had any other problems. Last time buying from these people.

A Reputable Knife Company!
January 11, 2021
My husband orders from Cutlery Corner! Has for a couple of years! He knows what to order first off! These people are very nice and not rip offs! They sell a variety of knives. You have to know what you are doing! Don't blame them!

Earth wind and fire
January 6, 2021
Just purchased Earth wind fire collection, nice little skinners. 1st purchase with CCN, wasn't expecting a lot for under $30. Shipped to my house 3 knives, very solid and very sharp. Totally happy.

Great Money Making Potential !!!
April 19, 2020
I had purchased a huge Sword and knife collectors set over 100 knives and swords. Avg price was 50 cents each.I have been to knife and cutlery stores and the mark up on their product was like 100 times that of what I had purchased.The same product, same quality,and same variety.Overall they offer good quality product overall and as far as their customer service, they were friendly, informative and very helpful. They even told me about a alternative to what I was looking for. Great job keep it up. Sincerely a very satisfied customer.