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About is the website home of the nutritional, fat burning plan promoted by Kyle Leon, who says that he can help anyone rev up their metabolism to burn fat and lose weight.

Kyle Leon, the creator of the Customized Fat Loss program, promises that his program can work for anyone looking to burn fat and lose weight because his program is customized to the user based on their age, weight, height, metabolism, body type, and fitness level.

Leon says that generic diet and exercise plans don’t work for certain people because they are a one size fits all solution. This diet says carbs are bad; this diet says carbs are great. But the truth is that carbs are either bad or good for us depending on our age, our body type, and the times of days we eat them and what we consume them with. says that food is the best medicine; knowing what foods to eat at what times of the day will help you figure out how to boost your metabolism for your own personal fat burning goals.

The Customized Fat Loss program is actually nutritional software that allows you to completely customize your personal fat loss program so that it is addressing your body’s unique nutritional needs, just like a celebrity who has a personal nutritionist to address their needs.

In addition, the program will give you the no-cardio, no-problem skin tightening, ab popping solution to looking leaner in just seven days, as well as tips and guides to building lean muscle.

The program cost is a one time fee of $47, and it is a Clickbank product, so if you have any problems with the program itself, you have 60 days to return it if you have a problem or complaint.

Do you have any experience with this program? If so, please leave your reviews below.

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Nickole A. DeChellis

Rip off

April 21, 2013

Can't find the tutorial. Tried to send email and wouldn't go through. Waste of money.

Sara K
September 09, 2013


I represent the Muscle Maximizer & Customized Fat Loss programs by Kyle Leon. I came across this review and thought that I would share our contact details should any of you have any questions about either program.

Feel free to visit our websites or write to us,

Sara K.
Muscle Meals Inc.
[email protected]

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ed lown

rip off

February 15, 2013

Careful, they will take your money leading you to believe that
you will be getting workbooks. In actuality they give you a
electronic download in .pdf format.
Secondly, they have some off the wall clearing house (clickbank)
taking your credit card, which is questionable at best.

They refuse to address a refund with useless email responses.

Take your money and effort elsewhere.


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