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About Cushion App

If you are someone who has money saved up somewhere “safe and sound” in a bank and hate hidden fees then you may want to consider using Cushion.

Cushion is an app built for getting your money back and avoiding paying for certain fees charged by your bank. It goes to bat working on actually saving you money the way you feel should be. No one wants to pay for fees that they didn’t know they were paying for.

The Cushion money app is not just a refund app, but it is an app designed to search for fees that you deserve to be reimbursed for.


The Cushion app is a refund app downloadable to your phone. They believe that all of the fees that banks and credit cards charge you isn’t fair to you and Cushion wants to get your money back for you. All you have to do is download the app to your phone, link it to your bank or credit card, and let Cushion do the rest. 


No one wants to spend their entire day talking to a bank, or even worse, a robot. Cushion does that for you. This is invaluable as the only time to get ahold of banks is at the end of the day when all of their business hours are closed.

How Does It Work?

Cushion makes it easy for you. I downloaded the app to my phone and while logging in was instantly able to link my bank accounts to the app. From here, the Cushion app deploys their bot, the “Fee Fighter.”

The Fee Fighter contacts your banks so you don’t have to. It searches for any fees taken from your account and brings them to the surface. From there, Fee Fighter haggled with my banks so I didn’t have to and I was able to get a full summary of my refund within 24 hours.

This allowed me to discover that I now have extra cash that I didn’t have before. The Cushion money app is the main reason for that.

Cost/Price Plans

Cushion is free when downloaded. It cost absolutely nothing to try the app out and see if it works for you. The catch is that Cushion collects 25% of the recovered fees that help save you cash. Cushion doesn’t try to hide this and tells you up front on their website. You can also find out for free how much money can get back whenever it is you choose to sign up.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely do not have the time in my day to call up my bank and go through all these different loopholes while running in circles. I decided to download Cushion despite the 25% cut they take from your recovered fees and found it to be totally worth it for the service they were providing me.  I mean if you think about it, it’s all money you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Customer Service

Cushion does not have much of a customer service presence but they do allow you to email them at [email protected] Not too much of a surprise since the main entity doing all the work is already a bot itself searching for fees and getting your money refunded. The Fee Fighter provides you updates that lets you know exactly how much money it just saved you. Although, if you do need to email a human, you can get in contact with someone from the Cushion app team quite easily. 

Online Reviews/Complaints

The Cushion app has a 4.7/5 stars rating on producthut. People seem to love the low effort that comes with getting your money back through the Cushion app while being able to avoid the banks altogether. They are super pleased with it just staying out of their way and providing you with a report that saves you cash. People love getting extra cash without using any effort at all. It’s safe to say that online reviews are more than pleased with the Cushion app and its ability to refund bank fees.

Competitor and Alternatives

There seem to be a few different competitors that are comparable to the Cushion app. People tend to download apps like Truebill, Paribus, and Earny. These apps do a lot of the same things that Cushion does but don’t necessarily JUST specialize in retrieving your money from fees. Not every app can have a Fee Fighter! This special niche that Cushion has found for itself makes it unique and creates a much simpler interface to use rather than using an app for a bunch of other purposes.

Where to Buy?

All you have to do is download the Cushion app for free from your app store and you’ll be well on your way to saving some cash.


The Cushion app is easy, free and requires little to no effort from your end. If you’re looking for a refund app that targets bank fees then Cushion is the app for you.

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Cushion will charge you for nothing
June 5, 2021
I tried signing up for Cushion months ago. I got a letter back saying that they can't negotiate fees with Bank of America. I expected to never hear from them again. Today, I got a $48 fee from them out of the blue. They haven't done anything for me but charged me nearly $50. It's a scam!

Not worth it.
May 26, 2021

I’ve been using Cushion for about a year and I WILL NOT renew.

In that time they’ve scanned just 3% of my transactions (based on their transaction count).

In that time, thanks to their “hard work,” I received a whopping $4 refund about 5 months in and nothing since.

In that time, one of my banks and two of my credit cards communicated to me that they will not respond to any requests from Cushion or other third-party apps regarding my accounts. These same accounts were initially verified through Cushion but no longer appear on their list. But don’t worry, they are always adding new institutions… except the ones that told them to F- off.

Meanwhile, I can approach the banks and credit cards directly and just ask them to waive a fee as a courtesy. In that time, between all the types of fees across all my accounts, I’ve been able to recover $730 just because I asked. Sometimes they say no and that's OK... unlike Cushion, I can try again!

It may not be a scam in the traditional sense, but Cushion is by no means worth it. Do yourself a favor and be your own advocate.

I feel like they took advantage of me
December 13, 2020

Because of Covid I have had multiple downfalls. Several companies continuously trying to get payment from my bank which has resulted in multiple overdrafts. My bank sends the payment back, but charges me a return fee. This has been happening on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. I paid $48 to cushion to help me. That was $48 I couldn't afford but really couldn't afford NOT to if it worked.

They have done nothing for me. Took my money and that's it. I would love to get my money back but we all know that's not going to happen. On their site you see only positive reviews. I'm sure they have helped some people, but they definitely didn't help me. Buyers beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Phillip G June 05, 2021

I had the exact same experience. I was sent a letter months ago saying they can't negotiate fees with Bank of America and today I got a $48 fee. They haven't saved me a cent. They literally charged me for nothing.