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Current Debit Card
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About Current Debit Card

Current is an online and mobile app platform that can be used by parents to give their teens access their own money. Current’s developer created the platform as a way to teach his daughter about financial responsibility.

This program gives teens the freedom to spend money and make choices about spending or saving money. Some innovative features include tracking spending and savings through the app, as well as making money transfers easy.


Current is a form of banking for teens that allows parents to link their own bank account with a Current account. Teens receive a Current debit card that they can use anywhere Visa is accepted or even at ATM’s.

How does it work?

After parents link a bank account to their Current account, parents can transfer money to the account for teens to spend. But these are just the basics - Current is much more than just transferring and spending money.

Current’s features allow parents to set up chores for teens to do, and once the chores are finished, the money is transferred to the Current account. Some teens equate it to having a job since they are seeing themselves receive money once they have finished a task.

Others say that it motivates them to complete the chores. It’s a win-win for both parents and teens. Parents can even use it for grade incentives and transfer money to the teen after report cards come out (or take money away!).

Through the Current app, parents can monitor spending and even regulate where the card can be used. For example, a parent can use the app to restrict ATM withdrawals or to restrict spending at a particular store.

Parents can also receive notifications about spending when it happens, so even if your teen isn’t with you, you can still see where they are spending money and how much they are spending.

The Current debit card is available in black or white, both with a splash of color across the front. The website is targeted towards teens, but the site sets no age requirement.

Cost and Price Plans

A Current subscription costs $36 a year per teen and is billed once a year. Right now, Current offers a 30-day free trial; after the 30-day period, you will automatically be charged for the year’s service.

With Current, there are no interchange fees such as transfer or transaction fees. You will not be charged fees from Current for transactions at an ATM (ATM surcharge fees may apply). There are no minimum balances or minimum balance transfers and no fees for activation or inactivity.

Current does charge a 3% fee for international transactions and a $3 fee at international ATMs. Other charges apply for replacement cards, paper statements, and expedited mailing.

Customer Service

Customer service for Current can be reached through their website. You can also use the phone number 1-888-851-1172 or write to 217 Centre Street #180, New York, New York, 10013.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many people who use Current love that it’s easy to use and a convenient way to pay teens their allowances, especially since fewer people keep cash on hand these days. Parents love being able to track their teens’ spending, budgeting, and saving, and it’s a great way for them to encourage teens to develop healthier spending habits.

Teens love being able to order online and being able to see and control their money. Many even say that it encourages them to save it, especially after seeing how much they spend.

There are a few negative points, such as transfers taking a few days rather than being immediate or inaccurate insufficient fund errors, but the majority of reviewers acknowledge that.

Current support is quick to respond and that they make improvements based on customer feedback.

Competitors and Alternatives

Current isn’t the only option available for giving kids and teens a little control of their money.

The Current Debit Card vs. The Greenlight Debit Card

The Greenlight debit card is similar to the Current debit card in that parents link their bank account and transfer money. Spending options can be limited, and spending can be tracked.

With Greenlight, parents can separate money into designated accounts, such as money that can be spent anywhere and money that can be spent ONLY at certain “greenlighted” stores. Greenlight also offers parents the ability to set up a parent-paid interest rate on a child’s savings account.

Current seems geared more towards teenagers while Greenlight has more of a “younger child” feel to it.

The Current Debit Card vs. a Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is an alternative that does not require it to be linked to a bank account. You can get one even with bad credit history, and it doesn’t affect your credit score. As long as the card is preloaded with money, it can be used anywhere that accepts the logo on the card, such as Visa or MasterCard.

With a prepaid card, money must be preloaded before use and they must have enough money on them to cover the monthly fee required to keep it active. In looking at which option is better for teens, Current offers the convenience of quick money transfers through the app, as well as the ability to track spending and get notifications about spending.

If you’re funding your teen, you’re probably going to want to know what they are spending their money on.

The Current Debit Card vs. a Credit Card

Credit cards are an option for establishing and building credit when first starting out, and they offer theft and fraud protection that debit cards don’t always offer. Most credit cards offer rewards programs to incentivize spending, but credit cards are not the best option for teens.

Can teens even get credit cards? Even if they can, credit cards usually have ridiculous interest rates, and they aren’t the best tool for teaching financial responsibility since they are essentially spending money they don’t have yet.

Credit cards are a better option for people who have gotten a grasp of earning, spending, and budgeting, and who can do so without over-charging and living outside their means.

Where to buy?

You can download the Current app by visiting their website and texting yourself (and your teen) a download link and then signing up through that link.


When kids and teens are just learning about financial responsibility and discovering that there is not actually a money-tree in the backyard, using a platform such as Current is a great way to teach them how to earn, save, and spend their money responsibly.

6 ‘Current Debit Card’ Reviews
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January 24, 2021

My money was stolen out my account back to back transactions all within the same day all less then an hour.

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Worst bank

November 20, 2020

Garbage bank I rather use chime Instead they take too long to settle dispute can’t contact them thru telephone because of COVID-19 so you have to they the app and have to wait for an provisional credit that they might charge you back smh I really wish I never signed up for this card and when this is over I’m closing my account

January 24, 2021

My money was stolen out my account all 1114.86 12 transactions back to back all in the same day....

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Card arrival

September 16, 2020

I have never dealt with a company where I set up in account and the card takes 15 days to arrive. I have bills that I have put on hold and I keep getting the same response due to covid there is a card arrival delay. You guys should have it to where you can trace the card or ship it through a better delivery service. This is very unprofessional when there is bills to pay. I am not a happy new customer at all.

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kept the money

January 3, 2020

Canceled the card and they kept the money left on card. Disabled persons card. Guess they need the money more than someone on disability

January 24, 2021

Sad my money was stolen from me out my account!!! sorry to hear that happened to you..

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questionable is all I can say

December 17, 2019

this bank on the surface seems like its all good, but it will not allow you to make a mobile deposit unless you have made a deposit from your bank and it processes it then you might be able to, I attached my bank and made a deposit, I even had other monies deposited to my account and after 5 days my original deposit hasnt cleared there office but it has cleared my bank which is multible levels above this place, and the service I received from a service agent name Paula, was RUDE and somewhat abrasive, in content and attitude, this person needs to take a how to deal with customers class, I joined this bank because of the simplicity of it for my young adult children, but the issues I am having are grown adult issues and thank god my kids don't have to deal with them, I think if given the opportunity to get this right in 24 hours then I can give a better rating but for now this bank gets 1 star and a thumb and a half down.

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Garbage, avoid this bank!

July 18, 2019

Garbage bank,do not use! They are not reliable with deposits and horrible customer service.

November 20, 2020

I wish I would of known more about this company and card before I signed up for this card it was all cool in the beginning then when I had a dispute from a few charges they told me fill out dispute forms and send evidence of transactions I did that and they were saying about a provisional credit but didn’t say I had to wait 1-10 days just to receive a credit that they much charge against me in the end smh I hate this card and when my dispute is over I’m withdrawing my funds and closing the account I rather use chime it’s ten times better

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