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About Cultured Owl

Sarah Randrianasolo created Cultured Owl to open children’s minds to different cultures and different people from around the world. She has studied ESL and was an ESL teacher.

That being said, she wants children to understand and be welcoming of other cultures from around the world - this is what Cultured Owl hopes to achieve.


Cultured Owl sells country kits that you and your child can explore. Instead of receiving a box each month, you are able to order one, three, six, or twelve boxes at once. This way, your child can work at their own pace through their boxes.

Your child can go through them quickly if they would like, or they can take their time without feeling rushed. However, if you prefer to just buy a box each month, you are also able to do so.

How Does It Work?

Just simply go onto Cultured Owl’s website and choose the number of boxes you would like to buy. You will then choose which countries you would like your child to learn about.

The boxes will arrive in the mail and your child or whole family can explore a whole new country and learn something new together. Cultured Owl also sends a welcome box full of items for your child to help them on their journey.

Cost and Price Plans

At the moment, they only have twelve boxes available, but they are working on making more. The more boxes you buy at once, the more money you will be able to save.

For example, if you choose to buy only one box, it will cost $29.95. However, three boxes cost $80.00, six boxes cost $150.00 and twelve boxes cost $275.00. So, as you can see, buying all twelve boxes at once can save you quite a bit of money.

Customer Service

You are able to contact Cultured Owl by sending them a message through a contact form on their website, where they will send you an email in response.

You may also email them directly at [email protected] or call them at 303-961-1296.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many parents enjoy the country kits that Cultured Owl sends to their children. They love that there are twelve different countries for their kids to explore. Plus, it’s greatly appreciated that the kits each come with different items for your child.

Parents love that the boxes come with many items, such as: the country flag, projects for the child to do, a toy that represents that culture and many more. That being said, some parents don’t like the prices of the boxes.

On the other hand, there are some who wish they had more boxes to choose from. Overall, many parents and children seem satisfied with Cultured Owl’s country kits.

Competitors and Alternatives

Kiwi Crate is another subscription box that you are able to purchase for your child. These crates come with art and science projects for your child to do, rather than learn about another culture.

You are also able to choose your child’s age in order for them to receive projects that they can easily complete and enjoy. So, if you think about Cultured Owl vs Kiwi Crate, you will see that although they are similar in a sense, their topics are quite different.

Similarly, Little Passports is a subscription that also takes your child on a journey around the world to learn about other cultures. However, one thing that Little Passports has that Cultured Owl doesn’t is that they have different boxes to fit your child’s age group.

They also have art and science kits that you are able to purchase as well. When you compare Cultured Owl vs Little Passports, Cultured Owl is only tailored for ages four to eight, even though the whole family can enjoy a country kit.

Lastly, there’s Pley Box, which is made by National Geographic Kids. The Pley Box comes with many different items, teaching your child about nature, endangered animals and about the planet in general.

Most boxes include a cup, a t-shirt and plenty of activities to keep your child busy for about ten hours. Pley Box may also make your child more eco-conscious when they are making decisions.

However, to compare both of these subscription boxes, Cultured Owl teaches about different cultures instead of the planet and nature. However, either option is a good choice for any child though. It’s definitely still a necessity for anyone – child or adult – to learn more about our planet.

Where to Buy?

You are able to purchase country kits from Cultured Owl directly from their website at They are not offered in stores or at any other online retailer at this time.


Cultured Owl’s country kits are great for children to learn about different countries and cultures around the world. Although they only have twelve countries available at this time, it can still teach your child and keep him or her busy.

With her mission in mind, Sarah created these boxes to help teach children to be understanding and accepting of different cultures in the diverse world that we live in. It’s a great advocacy and we hope that Cultured Owl is able to accomplish that mission.

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