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People travel all around the world, staying at hotels, homes and at local accommodations. When you’re traveling, you want to get the most out of your experience. So, you’re probably seeking a place that will immerse you in your new environment.

Maybe you’ve tried options like Airbnb, but if you’re traveling using Bitcoin and Ether, you may find CryptoCribs to be your best choice.

CryptoCribs was created by Erasmus and Serge Birri, both of whom wanted to improve modern travel beyond was it is already. Instead of traveling with cash or credit, use Bitcoin or Ether and join the global community of crypto nomads.

By traveling with crypto, you are able to share ideas with like-minded individuals. CryptoCribs is meant to be a centralized platform that will build a trust network in the community with its openness and may be a great option for modern travel.


Travel the globe by paying in crypto instead of in cash. Search for a place you want to stay in, or just type in something general to see where your travels will take you.

You are able to choose from any one of the local properties to feel like you’re really part of the culture and community you’re staying in. It’s still a small platform currently, but is quickly gaining potential and becoming larger.

How Does It Work?

CryptoCribs is essentially Airbnb - if Airbnb allowed you to pay with cryptocurrency. Choose from any of the 300 listings, or become a host yourself. The entire point of the website is to cut out the middleman from your travel, so your transactions are more immediate and personal.

To use the service, register as either an owner or as someone looking for a place to stay. The transactions happen just as they do on any other travel website. So, just click on the place you want to stay in and trust in the encrypted system to keep users and owners completely safe.

Cost and Price Plans

The actual cost of using CryptoCribs is dependent on where you want to stay. Just choose your desired location and living area to see how much crypto it will cost you. There’s no cost for using the actual website though, as they aim to be completely separate from all your transactions.

Customer Service

If you’re having any problems with your arrangements, CryptoCribs is committed to providing you with a friendly dispute resolution process. First, they will help conduct an informal negotiation using their customer service team.

Informal negotiations can be done through CryptoCribs’ customer service at [email protected] Next, a binding arbitration will be administered by the American Arbitration Association for a final result if an informal agreement can’t be reached.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People are still a little bit hesitant about using CryptoCribs since it’s so new and only run by one person. However, the people who have used it are impressed so far. This is because they’re able to pay with crypto and not worry about carrying around cash or credit.

Hosts have also been quite pleased with how easy it is to use and operate the website. Reviewers do advise some caution though, since everything is so new. However, this is a great place to save a little money on your travels around the world.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re seeking to use bitcoin on your travel journey and don’t want to try CryptoCribs, or just want to consider a few more options, there are other websites out there. That said, is one of them and operates almost the same way as CryptoCribs.

There, you will be able to find flights and hotels and can rest assured that it’s backed by some good reviews. There’s also Rentalutions, a property management company that allows tenants to pay their rent with bitcoins for a safe payment method.

Stay anywhere with Vision Apartments too, a proper booking website that offers you a variety of payment options in any city you’re looking to stay in.

Where to Buy?

You may be committed to CrytoCribs by this point, or at least want to try it out. If you want to use them to look for a place to stay, check out their website at All you have to do is scroll through the properties, since everything can be done right online.


Many people are traveling everywhere these days and an increasing amount of people are seeking to complete their travels without the usual payment methods. If you want to travel using cryptocurrency, try out CryptoCribs.

You may be able to find the perfect place to stay and if you don’t mind how new their website is, you might have an experience that you couldn’t have had otherwise.

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