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Crexendo, found online at, is a company which provides businesses of all types and sizes with the tools and resources they need to create a successful online presence.

Established twelve years ago and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Crexendo says that they have expertise in all the areas of online business needed for success in today’s web based business competition, and specifically in ecommerce, web marketing, and cloud communication.

Whether your company sells products, offers services, or just generates and distributes ideas for their customers, Crexendo promises to give people the ability to accept online orders, analyze their market performance, and manage both pricing and customer service.

To meet all these needs, this company can give their customers help with their Search Engine Optimization, link building, social networking, we design, web hosting, and analytics.

They have only recently started offering services with cloud communication. “The cloud” is the term used for virtual storage, syncing, and sharing of files and communications between companies and their clients, or between employees within the same company.

Cloud communication gives companies the ability to share files of extremely large sizes which would be difficult or impossible to share with traditional email capabilities. In addition, the storage space is limitless, so your company will never have to worry about limitations.

Perhaps one of the best features of cloud communication, however, is that it allows you to make all of your company’s files available from any mobile device with an internet connection, so that you are never caught unprepared.

According to their website, their services are not just intended for large scale businesses who are attempting to reach an extremely large volume. Their services are also useful for those working medium sized businesses, as well as small independent businesses, even those from working out of a home office.

If you have any experience with this company and their services, please leave your Crexendo reviews below.

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