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Credit Karma provides free credit scores to people who are interested in reviewing their credit ratings. Being able to view you current standing is helpful for a number of reasons.  People with higher credit scores tend to receive better interest rates on loans.  If you have a high credit score, applying for a loan will probably not be a concern for you.

On the other hand, if your credit score is low, it may be wise to think twice before taking out a loan. Deciding on whether to apply for a new credit card should be determined after carefully reviewing your credit scores.  Credit cards have different effects on your rating, sometimes it helps, and other times it can be a setback.

Credit Karma offers a number of services for those who are interested in tracking their scores and making financial decisions.  After you have received an initial credit report, they will monitor and update your scores for free.  They also have an active online community to answer questions and offer helpful advice.  A number of tools are available through their website, including calculators, credit simulator projections, credit report cards and comparison charts.

Credit Karma is completely free; there are no monthly fees and no trial periods.  They simply act as an agent that will direct you to Transunion, a credit agency, who will provide them the credit scores on your behalf.  It is important to note that these credit scores are solely based on Transunion's information, so it may be different then your actual FICO scores.  FICO scores are what Lenders use most often to evaluate credit standing. 

Understanding how credit works and what effects your credit scores will help you make better decisions.  If you are looking to improve your credit scores, it is simple with the tools and resources made available through Credit Karma.

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