( 1 reviews ) is a subsidiary of well known online retailer, which states that it gives people the ability to create and sell books, CDs, and DVDs for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing.

The goal of Createspace and Amazon is to give people a simple solution to distribute your creations through Internet retailers, your own website, and other bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions.

Self publishing websites have exploded in popularity recently as places to give writers and other creators spaces and services to create professional works of art which can then be sold and distributed through the Internet and traditional retailers. 

Though these websites, like or, all promise the option to have professional quality works created for you and a way to sell or distribute them, you must look at each website individually as the all offer different features and benefits. 


For example, doesn't only offer self-publishing for books and writers, they also offer services for people who are interested in creating film and music offerings and selling themselves.

Both their Music and Film services include the ability to offer CDs and DVDs "On Demand," which means that you create the product and have it ready to go, but each individual copy will not actually be produced until it is ordered by the customer, which is often a smart and affordable way to approach self creation and distribution.

Their self-publishing services for books include Editing, Layout and Design, Marketing, and even guidelines and help for digital publishing for the Kindle e-reader. They also offer Free Publishing Resources that include articles on creating content, formatting content, and marketing your creations.

In addition, claims that they offer some of the highest royalties in the industry, and they offer an informative video to explain to their potential customers how their royalties work.

There is not a lot of explanation about the recourse or options you have if you have complaints or issues with their services, so potential clients may want to contact them at their mailing address, 4900 LaCross Road, North Charleston, SC 29406, or by submitting a question directly to their website. Unfortunately they do not have a published contact phone number at this time.

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Create Space Review
June 6, 2015

I have created several books and e-books on Create Space, and am happy with the process. The royalty paid is a bit higher than other writing platforms. I do wish there was a live person to talk to about putting together a book, but on the whole I am well pleased.

Cynthia Maher- Author NJ

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