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Save your $

September13, 2013

I used Chegg for my trigonometry class with great success, but at some point, Chegg turned into cramster. The odd answers used to be free, but under Cramster, you have to pay for all answers. The worst part? There's no quality assurance, many answers are wrong, or not available at all. This would be fine for a free site, but when I pay explicitly for a service that claims to offer me homework solutions, and the problems haven't even been solved? That's basically theft, as far as I am concerned. If you are taking calculus, save your money and use a free site like Slader.

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April4, 2012

Why is this company advertising on legitimate websites?
I joined Cramster for almost one month and answered many questions. I received a lot of Karma Points, the currency they use to ask questions or redeem prizes. In the rules, it stipulated that Karma points were added either monetarily or through answering questions successfully. I went to redeem my points for a $10 Amazon gift card. They sent me a completely unprofessional email with an web address of &*DJLK*& to redeem my points! I emailed them 3 times and received the same spam response. Even worse, the one question I asked was NEVER answered--I asked the question at least twice. I subsequently quit the website. At least they let me quit.

I was taught that if you needed to work through thousands of problems in order to learn science, you weren't a natural, and should do something else. Eventually there will come a time when a solution is unavailable for a problem. What will you do when that time comes?

Also, Cramster awarded higher points for answering business questions. Why the preference?

Also, Cramster has a stupid one-hour rule for posting answers. I was bumped off at least 10 times while trying to type out my answers in the time provided. I understand that some people have a deadline, but what's the point if no one responds correctly in the time provided?

Most of the math answers were computer-driven, sometimes not logical. You can find the same thing in less time using Wolfram Mathematica or another high level math computation program.

Also, every time I would type out an answer using their program (not a cut and paste from my word processor), my browser would become longer and longer and longer--eventually it must have been 10 feet long!!! I've never had a problem on any other website.

I can't believe that they've been operational this long and no one has complained? They aren't Facebook or Twitter. I almost think that they are breaking copyright laws in publishing the textbook solutions?

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April 04, 2012

I forgot to add that if the three men who developed this website/business wish to use someone's face for their scam, then at least use a man!

Don't use girls who worked very very hard for the few A+'s they did receive.
Before internet startups, before (actually never had) smart boyfriends, before solutions manuals were readily available.

All I can say is that they were both nosy and jealous! (And wrong)

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February13, 2012

Watch out for these exploitative scumbags. They use exactly .149% of their terms of service (13 words out of 8723) to tell you that they will automatically renew your account a year later and if you don't cancel it in time you will be charged for an entire year of services that you do not want...

I've heard of this sort of thing on a monthly basis before but to charge someone for an entire year they don't consent to is absolutely absurd... This type of activity will no longer be legal once a new CPA is drafted for Canada and U.S.A; for the time being these lowlifes are using loopholes in legislation to turn a profit. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR ANNUAL SERVICE, boycott unethical business practice. I am a student that had $103 stolen from me, proceed with caution.

If you have read and comprehended every single word of every contract or terms of service you have agreed to you are either a) a liar b) a lawyer that didn't sign any contracts or terms of service whatsoever until completing law school and you are extremely diligent. I am not a lawyer, I am a university student who was cheated by an unethical company. Do not sign up for Cramster as they will also change their terms of service without your consent (also worked into the fine print) to steal your money as the law currently allows. This sort of thing has been resolved in Europe, unfortunately Canada and the U.S.A. are slow moving, probably due to corporate lobbyism.

Cramster = Crooks.

Use their free service, don't give them a dime.

- Cramster Victim

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Michael Dawson

Cramster ain't just for cramsters.

November20, 2011

I love I was taking chemistry in college and I needed help with the problems. The textbook wouldn't explain it properly sometimes so I needed additional help. I tried cramster for professional tutoring and textbook solutions and I was amazed. I did very well in chemistry (made an A) and now I am a lot more confident in myself. I recommend this site for all students. Whether you are in high school or college. It has thousands upon thousands of textbook solutions and tutoring help. I highly recommend this website to anybody who is studying in any subject. You will not regret it!

You can get a free membership, but it lacks many features.

I recommend atleast the gold package

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March 15, 2012

Blatant fake review.

April 20, 2012

obviously fake, most of the answers for the book I was using were wrong

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