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October 5, 2023


Craftsy has very predatory renewal practices. They no longer offer refunds. They hide administrative and billing emails in large batches of marketing emails. The administrative/billing emails are also full of non-billing or administrative information, that then hides the important account information needed for a member to understand what is going on within their account. They also do not send receipts for renewal charges, so you will not know that you have even been charged unless you review your billing statement from your credit card provider or your bank depending on how you set up auto-renew. This company is very predatory!

Did not reimburse membership fee
August 8, 2023

I signed up for craftsy a year ago for a discounted rate, I’m almost 100% sure I went and canceled it shortly after I had signed up for it because I didn’t want to pay the expensive renewal fee.

They charged my account yesterday and when I noticed it, I immediately sent them an email stating I had canceled it, didn’t want it and couldn’t afford it and asked them to cancel it and reimburse me but they did not reimburse me. My income and life situation has changed since a year ago and now I’m out $97 that was meant to go towards my bills!

They don’t seem to care about that. Craftsy will never ever get my business again and I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away.

Buyer Beware - Scam Business Practices
August 11, 2022

You sign up for a $0.99 membership and they automatically renew your membership to a tune of a whopping $171.72 membership fee. They do not send you any notifications that they will be billing your credit card for the drastically increased membership fee, they just quietly submit the charge without informing you of the new charges. What a scam!

Do Not!!
May 3, 2022
Please do not become a member! I`m warning you. They are the worst. I became a member a year ago and I didn`t even use it. And this year my membership supposed to renew this month, which is May, but they charged me for $89.99 without notice on APRIL for some reason. I can`t even delete my bank info from my account. It is not acceptable. Please DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER EVEN IF IT`S FOR FREE, DON`T DO IT!

Great Customer Service Experience!!!
January 24, 2022

Have not used the site like I had fully intended to do. Seemed like a great concept and did a trial offer of $5 for a few months.

I, like so many of us, forgot that it auto charges at the end of this trial and I received a charge that put my account in the negative.

I called, completely expecting for it to be a hassle, but the representative was so pleasant and helped me with a refund immediately.

Hands down, based on THIS experience alone, I will be trying Craftsy again when we are settled in the new place.

Won't give my money back after stealing for renewal
October 27, 2021
Did not send a renewal notice. Charged $95 and now won't give back money, they say it is their policy. So they steal your money by not doing a refund.

Beware before signing up with Craftsy.
September 28, 2021
I'll revisit this review when my complaint is resolved. I purchased one of their patterns and it was great, but after a year of constant email bombardment which I then sent to spam, they charged my credit card $79.99 for a premium account which I NEVER signed up for. This feels very fraudulent to me

An organization that pressures you daily to spend money.
February 14, 2021

To be honest I can't remember how these people got my email address in the first place, but there is no method offered to unsubscribe and I have been bombarded every day - many times a day - by emails trying to get me to pay for their services.

Good luck trying to opt out - nothing in their FAQ's to help on that subject. They have become a complete and utter nuisance but worst of all, I have no idea what they are doing with my data. My advice is to steer well clear.

January 13, 2021
I paid for this and it would not even let me log in. Total scam do not do this

EllenWright March 20, 2021

The free patterns are never available. Message we are having trouble down loading content. Really everyone of the free patterns that I have tried to use has this message. I am not a fan and will not use this website again. I agree with Monika R. TOTAL SCAM

That joining craftsy just get you to a place where you can buy lesson on what you want to learn
November 23, 2020
When I put down the cash to join craftsy, I was under the impression that there would be lessons that I could learn things from as it turned out everything I wanted to Learn I had to buy a class for that cost from 30 to 40 bucks well we now know who the crafty ones are.

Buyer be ware
November 21, 2020

Buyer be ware

Have been annual member for years but no mire.

Original Craftsy great. It then changed to blueprint, which was ok.

Now Craftsy again but very poor. Only was able to get some of my classes and all my patterns are now gone. Want them back. Costly

No confidence in Craftsy Anymore.

Very upset.

They lost my account
October 8, 2020
I have quite a few classes on craftsy, now that it has opened back up, my profile doesn't exist and customer service can't find it either?! Very disappointed! What a waste of money for classes I can't even use.

Excellent Instructions!
October 7, 2020
I have purchased at least a dozen classes, before it changed hands.I was originally leary about not having a dvd copy, but they are always there when needed. The classes are great! Detailed, at a pace you can follow, with downloadable patterns and quick response to class questions. Now that it has changed hands, I will wait to see how long it takes to get my paid for classes back in my library.

Customer Nd Tech Support are Useless
January 21, 2018
I've wasted 3 months now trying to have Craftsy FIX the problem they created with my account when they "fixed" my account to enable the video option. Dozens of calls have not been returned, emails detailing the problem are only answered with the "Please take our survey and tell us how well we addressed your problem" emails and the chats-I've dealt with 5 years that knew more about website issues than Craftsy's support team. RUN from these con artists. DO NOT give thrm any money.