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About CoverWallet Insurance

Looking for insurance - or overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of insurance providers your business already has? Quite wasting your time looking for agents or brokers, and instead trust in an app that can help do everything for you. CoverWallet is the insurance management platform of the future, and you’ve got to consider it today.

What is CoverWallet?

CoverWallet is an online business insurance management platform. As a business, you can trust in CoverWallet if you are having trouble managing your insurance policies.  It was designed by technology entrepreneurs with essential software startup experience. These entrepreneurs had the goal of creating an insurance management serve that would be totally transparent, totally online, and totally easy.

This service puts all your insurance policies in one place, making it easy for you to access everything you need. You can include multiple insurance types in your CoverWallet overview, including Workers Compensation, General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice, Commercial Property, Professional Liability, and more.

Think your industry is too unique to work with CoverWallet? Think again. CoverWallet business insurance policies can work well with a variety of areas, including construction, retail, education, finance, rental, real estate, and more. 


How Does CoverWallet Work?

The company works in a unique manage, but operates on the principle that managing more than one insurance policy for your company can be a daunting task. This is particularly true if you have multiple policies from multiple carriers.

Traditional practices mean you have a hefty file cabinet filled with dozens or hundreds of documents - especially if you're not organized well, this can mean a huge headache if you need to access one of them!

CoverWallet give you an online hub to store all of these policies. The company partnerships with leading insurance carriers, like Berkshire Hathaway Guard, Atlas, Markel, Liberty Mutual, and more. The company will help you find and secure the most ideal business insurance policy by using intelligent assessment systems to meet your budget and specifications.

With CoverWallet, you will access to high-quality insurance products as well as the organization features you need to be successful. If you're just launching your business, CoverWallet has the features needed to help you meet any scenario. You will only need to provide basic information about your business and CoverWallet will do the rest.

CoverWallet can also assist in signing new partners, clients, or other parties. Their unique digital platform allows you to log in and view or adjust your policies at any time. Similarly, you can work with third parties to determine whether you are meeting compliance standards. You can see who exactly has provided certificates and determine whether they are compliant or in need of any updates.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of CoverWallet’s services vary depending on your business type and needs. You need to contact the company directly for a quote and to receive more information about what factors affect the pricing.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, CoverWallet is not the only accounting service you will find. You might also want to invest in insurance accounting software like OneSpan and WorkWise.

When you are comparing CoverWallet and OneSpan, the most important thing to know is that CoverWallet in a bit more customizable. Pricing is done by quote, not on a basic platform. This can be a benefit or a disadvantage, depending on the specific needs of your business. Something else to consider, though, is that OneSpan offers clearer document analytics and audit trails to make it more suitable for high-risk industries.

WorkWise is a bit more expensive than OneSpan, but is more of a holistic accounting service to manage purchasing, inventory management, and general accounting. You can organize your insurance through this service, too, but you won’t be as covered as you would when using CoverWallet.

When you're exploring these options, it’s important to recognize that different business have different needs and requirements. It can be tough to find an out-of-the-box solution to your problems, so you want something that provides tailored support to your needs, like CoverWallet.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

CoverWallet is a leader in the industry and has received rave reviews from users. It received a Rising Star award by FinancesOnline in 2017, as well as answers from the same company for its excellent user experience and customer service.

Customers like how easy it is to work with this program, too. It is supported on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices, and provides exceptional cloud-hosted service. You can get live support as well as phone and email technical help whenever you need it.

CoverWallet has rave reviews across the board, with minimal complaints and a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service

Need to get in touch with someone at CoverWallet? This can be a bit tough to do, as the company prefers to schedule phone appointments between potential clients and insurance experts first.  However, if you need to reach someone, you can call the customer service phone number at+1(646) 844-9933.

The organization also has an email you can use, which is [email protected], and a mailing address in New York City. They also have active Facebook and Twitter pages, both of which post regular updates.

Where to Buy?

You can only sign up for CoverWallet services on the company’s website. There, you will need to submit a request for a quote, as there is not a standard system of pricing.

Is CoverWallet Worth It?

If you are a business owner - no matter the size of the business -you owe it to yourself to give CoverWallet a try. Gone are the days when managers were expected to keep track of every last detail of every insurance policy the company had - now, CoverWallet can do it for you.

If you are looking for a more organized, more effective solution for your business, this service is definitely the way to go.  Request a quote today to get more information.

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Owner manager representative
August 11, 2019
This company is horrible they will scam and take your money in any ways. They do your quote and they make changes every single month without any reason. Never give them your account. when you have a question regarding the increases they will never come back to you. Progressive in general they don't have problem but the Said coverWallet don't trust them.