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About is an online portal used to rent college textbooks, view course documents and discover resource materials in an electronic format. This website is convenient and cost effective for students, professors, and publishers.

Students who use CourseSmart to rent their required course materials can save up to 60% when compared to the price of books at the bookstores. While these electronic textbooks can be rented directly through the CourseSmart website, school bookstores are now selling e-textbook redemption codes. These redemption codes are used on CourseSmart to access e-textbooks without having to submit payment information, making it convenient for students who are paying with cash.

Accessing e-materials on your computer, while online or offline, from anywhere at any time, is much better than walking around with a backpack stuffed with heavy books. In addition to the required course textbooks, instructors can use the site to post additional class resources and documents. Teachers can upload homework assignments, quizzing materials, simulators, videos and post links to resource materials.

Additional features of this site include a text highlighting feature, a section to type out notes, easy topic search tools, printing capabilities and most importantly, 24/7 customer service. You can also sign up for CourseSmart’s e-newsletters for special offers. Unlimited free trials are also a part of their services. A free trial is a chapter of a book that is available to view prior to purchasing the full version.

Instructors, who teach courses where the relevancy of the information must consist of the most up to date information, are constantly changing their course textbooks. On CourseSmart, textbooks are reviewed by thousands of instructors who select the best book options for each given course. This aids the teacher’s decision when trying to find the best book for that school year. This often times can be a quite time-consuming process for instructors; especially with the large selection too choose from.

CourseSmart, surprisingly, is also beneficial for publishing companies. Publishers often had outsides sales agents hand deliver their newest textbook editions to teachers, giving it to them for free. This is how they promoted their newest version of the book; if the teacher decided to use their book, they would place an order which would be then be produced and sent off to school bookstores. Now publishers can post it directly into CourseSmart’s database for teachers to browse through and students to buy.

Another great feature of this site is the never ending “free trial”. Before purchasing any book rental, you may preview a chapter for free, then you can decide whether or not to purchase the full version. Should you ever need to return a book, you have 14 days to do so and it is only approved if you haven’t viewed more than 20% of the book.

There isn’t much more that CourseSmart can provide; they save time and money for everyone who uses the service. Most of CourseSmart’s customers have been happy with their experience and use it continuously. Oh and don’t forget that electronic versions of books and course materials are eco-friendly.

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