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About Myriad Women's Health is the home of Myriad Women's Health, a company which calls themselves the "first step to a healthy pregnancy," and specializes in screening DNA for disease markers which are carried in genes.

According to their website, babies with genetic diseases are often born to parents who themselves are completely healthy. This is due to the fact that people who carry markers for diseases in their genes do not themselves have the disease.

In fact, most people are carriers of some sort of genetic disease. The risk is when you and your partner are both carriers of the same disease - that is when you are at risk of passing the disease on to your children.

In order to help prospective parents feel confident and comfortable with their family planning decisions, Myriad Women's Health Testing performs a comprehensive test for more than 100 diseases.

The website says that they have carefully selected the diseases that they test for because they are actionable - some diseases can be treated if detected early enough, which others will just guide your family planning decisions. Customers who are wondering "What does Myriad Women's Health test for?" can check their website for an exact list.

Patients who have health insurance and would like to have this testing done will not normally pay more than $99. Patients without health insurance can still have the testing done but the cost will be closer to $599.

There may be other genetic testing centers out there with lower price points, like 23andMe, but many of these do not conduct health based genetic testing.

To complete the testing, have the physician collect a tube of blood and then place the order; Myriad Women's Health will analyze your DNA and quantify your risk in a simple online report which will be delivered to your doctor, and with the doctor's permission, released to you.

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints concerning their results can contact Myriad Women's Health at their phone number, 1-888-268-6795, to receive complimentary counseling from their team of genetic counselors.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Myriad Women's Health reviews below.

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Beware! Scam! Will cost you $$$$$$$$$$’s

March 18, 2018

This is a total scam! I was Told by my doctor that they would get preauthorization for me to have the test, because I was over 35 so it would likely be covered. I was also told that I received preauthorization and counsel sent me an email saying that my out of pocket cost would be minimal, and then after I got the test done, they sent me another email saying some BS about my insurance changing,!which is absolutely not true, and now I may be responsible for a larger amount. Now I just got a letter from anthem saying that they’re denying the claim and that I will be responsible for the full out-of-pocket cost. I will never PAY these frauds. What they are doing is unethical and fraud! I’m going to report them and hope they get shut down. After talking to loads of people, it seems this is common! And now after hearing this from people we know, I research online to find many, many people also being taken. My sister is an attorney and I’ll make sure they don’t get away with this. Buyer beware!!!!

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