CopperFit Advanced Back Pro Reviews

The CopperFit Advanced Back Pro is a compression belt that can be worn under or over clothing and is intended to help reduce lower back stress and improve posture.

CopperFit states the belt is made of high performance, light weight fabric that's copper-infused to reduce odors.


Copper Fit products are great for helping the body recover from even the toughest of workouts.  That includes Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro. This compression back support is meant to both reduce lower back pain, prevent straining, and improve your posture.

With removable and adaptive lumbar support, you can get extra support where you need it.

The secure, double-belt closure provides you the customizable compression that you need.  At the same time, the fabric is still lightweight and breathable, with copper that reduces odors while you’re sweating.

How Does it Work?

To feel the benefits of the Advanced Back Pro, all you need to do is put it on. Strap it on to help with your back pain, or use it to stabilize your core during physical activity.

Adjust it with the Velcro straps so it fits you just right and reduces the strain on your body. You can also use it as a preventative measure in order to improve blood flow and circulation.

Just wrap the belt around your stomach and close it at the front near your belly button. Insert the lumbar support panel if you need it, and customize that compression level. After that, get moving.

Cost and Price Plans

If you order either online or by phone, you can get the Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro for $29.99, with free shipping included. Since this price is not available in stores, buying online will get you the best deal on your purchase.

Be aware however that you will be charged an extra $10 for your order if you live in Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, and Alaska. There’s also sales tax for orders sent to CA, NJ, and NV.

Customer Service

If there are any problems with your Advanced Back Pro compression gear, you can return it within 30 days to get your money back. Just send it in, pay the shipping and handling, and give it 10 days for the return to show on your credit.

Having trouble? You can call or email customer service any time at 855-704-5412 or [email protected] You can also check the status of your order online at any time too.

Online Reviews & Complaints

People who’ve bought the Advanced Back Pro do find that it reduces their back pain, and can help them in the short-term. They love the way their lower back pain is resolved quickly with the support provided.

Even traveling has been made much easier with the amount of support and adjustability. Many people are very clear on the fact that it doesn’t work long-term though, and will not resolve the underlying problems causing your back pain.

Competitors and Alternatives

You may not be convinced by Copper Fit’s gear and want to try out another available product for your back. In that case, there are a few alternatives out there, like Copper Compression.

This back compression has high copper content, and is perfect for supporting the lower back and lumbar specifically. BraceUP makes a great stabilizer too, including breathable mesh panels and dual adjustable straps.

Finally, consider Venom’s Lumbar Back Brace, which will even help provide spinal reinforcement for more serious back problems.

Other Copper products include Tommie Copper & Copper Fit, among many others.

Where to Buy?

If you’re convinced by Advanced Back Pro, or at least want to try out their gear to see if it’ll help your back, you can easily order one online. Enter in your size, how many you would like, and your address. From there, pay and get your product shipped to you right away.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re working out to get in shape or working out just for the fun of it, you might be feeling some pain after a while.  People everywhere deal with back pain, or need a little help after a long workout. 

Instead of just dealing with the pain, you may want to consider Copper Fit’s Advanced Back Pro to see if it can help.

The compression is meant to support your back while helping you sit straight and preventing straining.  If you’re searching for a solution, this product may be just the right one.

If you have any experience with the CopperFit Advanced Back Pro, please leave your reviews below.

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