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About Atomic Beam Cop Cam

Safety is paramount. No longer feeling like you and your family are safe, is a terrifying way to live. This is why Cop Cam was created. They wanted people to have a way to protect themselves and their property.

Cop Cam by Atomic Beam is a new, wireless security camera tool that consists of a small recording device, easily able to hide anywhere while picking up a quality sound and images with its high def specs.


While the main intention and purpose of the cop cam is to serve as a mini camera for security purposes, it can also be used in different ways as well. Not only is it used as a mini-camera to catch potential thieves or lawbreakers, it can also double as a dash cam, body cam, action cam, or provide night vision indoors and outdoors as a night cam.

This elite camera can serve many purposes, but it still achieves the main goal of catching the specific footage you believe is essential to see.

How Does It Work?

The Cop Cam is as simple as it sounds when it comes to operation. All you need to do is a simple place the less than one inch, wireless camera, in its desired hidden spot, and record the footage you would like to later view. The video records on a loop, so when it starts sensing movement, the camera begins to record and picks up any video or audio footage detected nearby.

Once this has been recorded, you can easily upload this video evidence to your computer by removing the memory card and inserting it into your computer or device of choice. Another useful feature of the Cop Cam is it will never run out of recording space and doesn’t stop while it’s recording: so you rarely have to worry or fret about battery life.

Cost and Price Plans

Normally, the Cop Cam is available with two payments of $19.99. Currently, they are offering a deluxe offer of the Cop Cam for a limited time. With two payments of $24.99, you can receive a free upgrade to the Cop Cam ELITE, along with a free swivel clip and an 8GB memory card. Not only do you get all of this, but they also include free shipping with this offer as well. Additionally, their double offer includes a second camera for another payment of $19.99.

Customer Service

Their customer service is fairly easy to work with. If you have any issues with your product or have any questions regarding operating instructions or basic concerns, your questions can either be answered on their FAQs page or by calling 1-855-668-1655 on their listed hours of operation.

It’s also fairly simple to track your order status online. All that is needed is to visit the order status site and input your phone number. If you don’t feel satisfied with the quality of the Cop Cam, their refund policy states you can return it within 30 days for a simple refund of what you paid. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include the amount you paid for handling and shipping.

Online Reviews/Complaints

A common take away regarding the Cop Cam, is the difficulty understand how exactly to charge the device, despite what may be written in the operating instructions. The device will indicate its charging in different ways depending on what device it’s plugged into. It is usually difficult for some users to determine whether or not it is charging or if the battery is fully charged.

Many people also expressed concern for the difficulty in uploading the videos, for the files tended to be tricky to upload. The photo feature was also hard for some people to operate, so most decided not to even use the cop cam to take any photos.

Overall, I’m sure a burning question is, “does it really work?”. Many viewers stated that yes it works as an easily hidden security camera. Others say it would work more efficiently if it was created in a more user-friendly and easily operational way.

Competitors and Alternatives

The debate between Cop Cam vs Tac Cam still runs strong. These two share several similarities when it comes the 8GB of storage in the cameras, the size, and they also share a lot of the same features and functions. The main difference is the casing on the Tac Cam is stronger and shock-proof, providing a more effective experience.

One camera that seems to have a larger difference is the Brinno camera. It was created with the intention of creating more time-lapse movements. This camera is also highly durable, waterproof, and can capture larger, more landscape related images.

The Electroflip camera also shares similarities between the others. The main difference is this camera contains a long-range motion sensor that captures motion from a farther length away than most security cameras.

Where to Buy?

While the best place to purchase the original product in order to receive the unique offer is on their website, it is also available on another online option. Amazon sells these cams for a separate and not as cheap price as you can find on the original website. As seen on tv, this product can be easily purchased by calling the number provided or by visiting their website.

Unfortunately, these two spots are the only places this product can be located and purchased. If you were planning to head to the store to buy and pick the cop cam up today, you would be out of luck.


When it comes to providing protection for you and your loved ones, adding a helpful security feature would be the smartest way to go. If you plan to purchase a mini-camera for this purpose, be sure to take proper care of it by charging it regularly and hiding it in a safe and barely noticeable location.

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Cop cam scam

February 25, 2020

I purchased cop cam, only to find it does not work fully charged and no images it's a scam rating 0-

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December 30, 2019

I purchased the CopCam online. I purchased the Deluxe version and paid extra for that.
It worked once. Correct. Once. Unfortunately, there was a gap of about one month before I attempted to use it a second time.
I tried a new memory card like the "customer service rep" said it was. Negative; still would not play back videos.
You get no receipt with the product. And when you call they say it only has a 30 day warranty.
This product is a rip off; don't waste your money.

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looking at what was recorded

February 19, 2019

i can not see what was recorded i can not set the date or time on it. when i do try to see what i have on it IT says it is not supported and i can not fine anyone to show me what am doing wrong if anything. not what i thought it would be Very unhappy. Am beteer off with a trail camera

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June 26, 2019

Sometimes you can find them at ROSS or CV-STORES

February 25, 2020

One of the biggest scams in history COP_CAM.

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