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About Cool Fat Burner

The Cool Fat Burner vest is a new type of weight loss product which promises to help users boost their metabolism through thermogenesis, allowing them to burn fat and lose weight without changing diet or exercise.  

How Does It Work?

The theory behind the Cool Fat Burner vest and the Cool Gut Buster is the combination of thermogenesis, which is the process of your body’s cells working to create heat, and the activation of your body’s brown fat cells, a recently discovered kind of fat cell that actually increases metabolism and helps your body burn fat, ultimately losing weight.

Specifically the Cool Fat Burner website says that their customers will triple their metabolism and calorie burn while “lounging around the house,” have muscles that recover faster and increase in size and strength more quickly, as well as generate lean muscle growth, even without any exercise.

Though the website does say that customers can expect to able to burn 500 calories a day by wearing this vest for just “a few hours,” they do say that all results will vary based on age, gender, hormone profile, and yes – your diet and exercise habits. 

Is It Safe?

This is a good question, actually. In order to get your internal body temperature down enough to trigger your body’s thermogenesis, the cooling action of these products must be incredibly intense. Because of this, the website actually does provide a long list of cautions and restrictions.

Despite the photos on their website, users are told to never wear the Cool Gat Burner vest or the Cool Gut Buster against their bare skin – they should wear multiple layers of clothing underneath and gradual remove layers as they begin to build a personal tolerance. 

This product should not be used for longer than 30 minutes at a time, and is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, or cardio pulmonary problems, and customers should always discontinue use if they experience burning and tingling, in order to avoid cryoburn, which is a burn you can experience from having ice applied to the skin.

Cost/Price Plans

It appears as though this product is not actually available for sale on the open market at this time, but it is actually still being funded through an IndieGoGo project. On their page, you can purchase a completely package including one Cool Fat Burner, one Cool Gut Buster, one extra set of packs, and shipping anywhere in the United States, for $149.00. 

Though the website says that these pre-ordered items should be available to ship in July 2015, there is no further information as to when they will available for sale on demand, nor how much the retail price of this product will be at that time.

Refund Policy

Generally when an item is not available for traditional sale, there is no available Refund Policy, but rather a Cancellation Policy. However, this company does provide a Refund Policy, saying that their customers have 60 days to return the Cool Fat Burner for 110% of the original purchase price, minus any shipping charges. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] or through their social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.


There are not many user reviews at all, which is not surprising since this vest is not yet available to everyone. Though, of the reviews that are available, there are some interesting patterns.

First, there are common complaints regarding the awkward fit and discomfort of these vests, since the frozen packs that fit into the vest can make it difficult to get the vest or stomach wrap to fit well. But more important was that no user of the vest really reported any weight loss or muscle building benefits of these products, but they still liked them and would continue using them because of the mild energizing benefits they received while wearing them during the day, and the significantly better quality sleep they experienced at night. 

The truth is that a lot of people in the health and science community are extremely excited about the ways in which we might be able to utilize brown fat to combat obesity, and this concept has been discussed on WebMD, in Time Magazine, in Scientific American, and beyond. 

However, no one has really found a way to truly capitalize on this discovery yet, and even if they had, most scientists believe the results will be a slight calorie burning boost, not a magic solution to weight loss, and certainly not a way to build muscle without exercise. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

It is not surprising that so many people and companies are so excited about this new approach to weight loss, resulting in some other similar products on the market at this time, and there will certainly be many, many more coming to market as this idea grows in popularity. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Cool Fat Burner reviews below.

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7 ‘Cool Fat Burner’ Reviews
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1 Review

Love my vest -- super smart invention

September28, 2019

Use it to boost weight loss, use it for workout recovery, use it to relax, especially after hot days outside!

The supplemental info is up to date as well, and cites current studies on diet, exercise, and cold therapy.

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1 Review

Couldn’t Be Happier

August21, 2019

Let me tell you. This best not only helped me drop weight, but also had the added benefit of keeping me from heat exhaustion in over 100f weather. The construction of the vest is solid and simple and the ice packs stay cold longer than I can wear them. It’s not magic but man does it help muscle recovery. You have to use it correctly and maintain a healthy lifestyle but holy cow does it work! I HIGHLY recommend this vest to those that workout, spend time in high-temperature environments, or deploy overseas. I guarantee those who went through Europe’s heatwave would have loved it! Excellent product and stellar customer service.

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1 Review

Cool Fat Burner Gets Results

August1, 2019

I’ve been using the cool fat burner and cool gut buster almost everyday for the past 8 weeks. So far I’ve lost 15 lbs since I started using it.

When a person loses weight it is common that their metabolism will drop too. The cool fat burner and cool gut buster help to boost metabolism, even after you take it off.

I wear mine for 1 hour in the evening, easy. If you want to add another dimension to your weight loss arsenal then pick one up.

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1 Review

Boyfriend and I love it!

July14, 2019

Great for post workout recovery, super-great for helping sleep at night, the weight loss is just a cool benefit, pun intended!

It's nice that they post real science and experiments on their site, that's what originally sold us. A lot easier than taking ice baths!

I've shared it with my Xfit friends, they use it after workouts and love it too. Super convenient.

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1 Review

Shown to work in the lab, also helps with sleep

July3, 2019

So I'm connected with a lab at UCSD that tested this vest a few years ago, and they got pretty impressive results; the subjects burned a lot of calories when measured by calorimetry.

I used to take ice baths back when the '4 Hour Body' first came out and lived in Chicago where it was easy to do cold thermogenesis in the winters.

I've used this vest seasonally (summer) since moving in SoCal and it can also really help with sleep if I use it in the evenings.

Like all things -- diets, the gym, -- you have to actually use it, but at least it can be worn while watching TV.

If you live in a cold climate, you might get away with cold showers and ice baths, but those can get old. You get out of it what you put in it.

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1 Review

Cool Fat Burner ZERO Quality

April15, 2019

Junk! Cheap vest. Heck the plastic bags that the ice packs come in don't even close. NO CLASS!! Nylon VEST
Absoute low quality junk!!!
If they had at as a neoprene vest
(like a water ski vest) then you would have something
for the $180 you pay. Buy simple cooler packs and put them in a tight expandable shirt then put on a hoody
OR!!! Buy mine!!

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July 05, 2019

I'd argue that everything you've written here is the opposite of the truth...

First, our proprietary cold packs have undergone profession testing several times now, and we blow away all other cold-packs in regards to sheer coldness (temp) as well as how long they hold and stay cold.

In fact our 'Hybrid' (white) packs, when used in the Gut Buster, can reproduce the conditions necessary to induce 'spot reduction' (similar to coolsculpting) though we don't formally endorse our vests for that usage.

We frequently have customers re-order more packs, to be used for other purposes; people order the Hybrid packs to use in coolers, and the 'Soft' (blue) packs to use therapeutically on joints and injuries.

The point is this: the value of our cold-packs alone make the Cool Fat Burner prices more than fair.

Regarding the vests: we did a lot of R

July 11, 2019

(continued...) EDIT: previous posts cut short because this page can't print the ampersand symbol...!

We did a lot of Research and Development. The current vest fabric allows the maximum transfer of hot and cold.

We have a 1 year full replacement warranty. Anything breaks, we replace, no problem.

We've sold many thousands of Cool Fat Burners, we have professional athletes and physique competitors who use our vests.

Serious people who actually want results aren't going to 'buy packs and put them in a hoodie.'

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1 Review

I returned it

March26, 2019

First, I did not get what I ordered. I ordered the shoulder pack and gut buster, but in pkace of two pieces, I got a single vest. The vest was poorly constructed and poor fabric quality. I was extremely disappointed. I realized I had paid 180 to have a 8 freezer packs and a terrible (not what I ordered) quality vest sent. I honestly thought I had been scammed. What came was so bad that I thought I bought from someone trying to mimic the original cool fat burner. Turns out I did order from the legitimate company and I tried to work them on the return. They were not at all very nice or cooperative and I had to file a claim dispute with PayPal. Save your money or prepare to be highly disappointed

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July 03, 2019

This is Eric, from the Cool Fat Burner. It's unfortunate that I have to respond to this, but I see the same vindictiveness from this reviewer that we received in emails from her.

From her first email, Nalani was ranting and furious, making seemingly strange complaints about the vest and not willing to work with us on resolving whatever issues she had. When I showed her emails to the PayPal rep, even they were surprised and said she was 'being unreasonable.' (They tend to stay neutral in such things, rarely commenting like that.) We offered for a full refund, and even that wasn't good enough, and PayPal forced her to return the package before she would be issued the refund.

For the record, we've been published in "The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness," our vests are being studied at Mount Sinai for their effect on blood-glucose-levels, and we have THOUSANDS of happy customers (as well as professional athletes and physique competitors) who praise our vests. I guess we should encourage them to post on sites like this!

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