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About Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones

Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones is a new product being crowdfunded on that describes themselves as “world's first In-Ear & Off-Ear headphones.”  

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones have been designed to help people listen to music wherever they are and no matter what they are doing. To do this, they create a set of headphones to provide customers with both In-Ear and Off-Ear technology.

Off-Ear bone conduction to send sound waves through the bones to your inner ears without blocking the ear canal, which makes it a safer version of headphones to wear when you are in a situation where you don’t really want to block out the sounds of the world around you, especially when it comes to safety. 

However, Conduit said they understand that there are times when blocking out the world around you is exactly what you want to do, such as being on a plane or bus with noisy people or crying children. For these times, their headphones can quickly and easily be switched to In-Ear earbuds. 

These headphones also provide wearers with the multi-function controls, including volume, pause, skip, and answer or end phone calls, so you are able to keep the same functionality you love from your current headphones, but with the additional features of the Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones.   

Mobile Options

Since this product works directly with Bluetooth 4.2 versions and higher, their website says that they are able to work with all iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones.

Cost/Price Plans

Unfortunately this product is not yet available for sale on the open market at this time, as they are still in process of crowdfunding on their Kickstarter page. Their crowdfunding page says that people are able to purchase a single Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones set for $76, which they say is a 60% off discount compared to the eventual retail price that they will be sold for in the store. 

According to their crowdfunding page, it seems as though this product will begin being shipped to crowdfunding donators during November of 2017, though these dates may change in the future.    

Refund Policy

Because this product is not yet actually being sold on the open market, they also do not appear to have any kind of published Refund Policy available for their customers at this time. Hopefully once their product actually begins being delivered to customers that participated in their crowdfunding campaign in Fall of 2017, they will begin publishing these important policies, but until then customers will need to contact their Customer Service team with any questions they have regarding refunds.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to them by using the Ask A Question link at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.


Unfortunately because these headphones are not actually available to customers at this time, there are no available customer reviews to help people determine whether or not this is a product that they will want to invest in. 

That being said, bone in conduction headphones and In-Ear headphones built are both existing technology that has already been successful on the market, though most people still believe the sound quality of bone conduction headphones to be lacking when compared to good quality earbuds or headphones. 

However, if you are someone who likes the convenience of these combined products or that likes the extra safety of not having your ears completely blocked, then this product might be right for you.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Bone conduction speakers and headphones are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, including the safety aspect of being able to hear external noises while outside and the safety aspect of taking care of your eardrums. For this reason, customers will likely find other options on the market which may best meet their needs, though they may not have the additional feature of being able to switch to In-Ear headphones when you choose.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones reviews below.

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