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Concordia Online University, a Christian university, has programs designed for teachers and those who wish to pursue a degree in teaching. This online school offers two Bachelor of Science degrees and four online Master of Education degrees. Even though they are based out of Portland, individuals from around the world can enroll in their programs.

The flexibility of Concordia’s online educational programs gives students the ability to work while also attending school. These students are afforded with the ability to manage their own schedule and complete assignments at their own convenience.

Online materials vary between each course, they typically include blackboard assignments, bulletin board discussions, audio and video streams, downloadable documents, and online quizzes. On Concordia’s website you can access your course materials as well as online informational portals for research and study.

The master degree programs, requiring 30-33 total credits, only take one year to complete; each section is five weeks long. The Bachelor’s degree program requires a minimum of 45 credits and can be completed between 2-4 years. The costs of the programs are based on credits and semesters. Each credit toward a Master’s degree costs $620.00; each credit toward a Bachelor's degree costs $395.00. The semester term fee for 0-5.5 credits costs $100.00 while 6-99 credits per semester costs $200.00.

Higher learning is an expensive but it is the best investment you will make for your future. To help with your tuition, there are grants, scholarships, and financial aid available. Teach Grants are given to students who plan to teach in low-income family schools for four years within the eight years following graduation. Veterans and their dependents can obtain financial assistance through the GI Bill. Pell Grants are available to students in the Bachelor program who qualify for Financial Aid.

Master degree students have additional opportunities to obtain financial assistance. Students who teach at an institution affiliated with the Lutheran church can get a 20% scholarship. If you refer a friend that enrolls at the same time as you, each of you will receive a $2000.00 scholarship.

Students’ reviews show that their education at Concordia Online was a positive experience. They felt teachers gave them the attention they needed to succeed as they adapted to learning online. They also found that the professional development center, the career center, the counseling and guidance resources to be very helpful as they progressed through the program.

Concordia Online University is accredited by the National Academic Higher Education agency (NACHED). This agency, however, is not a legitimate college accrediting agency in the USA. NACHED is one of the many agencies that have been deemed as a “degree mill.”  With this knowledge, it may be wise to select a school that is accredited by a reputable agency and that the agency accreditation is valid in your state.

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