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About is a website that was established in 2004 to help consumers find not only available credit cards, but the right credit card for them based on different types of criteria.

Years ago, people were only able to get the credit cards available from their local bank, or those where the applications were mailed to them. This left them little confidence that they were truly getting a legit card that was best for their personal needs.

As the internet become more popular, accessible, and widespread, credit card offers moved from the bank and the mail to online. This led to huge growth in the number of cards available, which inspired Chris Mettler, the found of, to create this site.

The website says that they were founded to help people sort through the overwhelming number of available credit cards on the market today. They have hundreds of cards listed on the site and give you the ability to compare them, side by side.

You can find cards by the criteria that are most important to you. CompareCards LLC lets you find one by the specific issuer, like Citibank, Capital One, or Chase, or through the features of the card, like a low APR, cards for students, low or annual fees, and more.

You can also sort through cards by the rewards they offer like airline points, gas cards, cash back, or cards that are best for your personal level of credit, from excellent all the way to cards created for people with no real current credit.

Once you have your selection of cards available, you can use their informational tools like savings calculators, glossary of credit card terms, and estimators to narrow down your choices to the ones which will best meet your needs. says they have also worked hard at giving back to their community, not only be performing a service for the consumer with their website, but by offering a scholarship opportunity for interested students.

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