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When Ted Lobst found out that he and his wife were expecting twins, he was just starting his MBA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Lobst became the primary caregiver for his two babies, Fritz and Larkin, as his wife went back to her job as a lawyer after two years of parenting together.

He realized that as a young parent, he was questioning price range of strollers. He wondered whether he was getting good value, even if he spent a significant amount of time researching. Unsatisfied with what he discovered, he started his business selling baby products.

He created baby brand Colugo, for adventurous and practical parents with a great sense of style. The name idea came from an animal from Southeast Asia (flying lemur) whose mothers carrying babies in a pouch for the first month and a half of their lives.

The brand has many products: The Perfect Bundle, The Compact Stroller, The Baby Carrier, The Diaper backpack, The Comfort layer, and The Comfort set.


The Perfect Bundle

Includes the essentials—the compact stroller, diaper bag, rain cover with a pocket and two comfort layers. It is everything you need for an adventurous walk. There’s a combination of black and camouflage, navy and floral and lavender and floral design.

The Compact Stroller

This compact stroller folds with one hand fits almost anywhere and comes with a layer that is machine-washable. Wear it on your shoulder like a bag. You can choose between lavender, navy, black, camouflage and floral design.

The Baby Carrier

It’s adjustable, light and breathable carrier that gives you a chance to go hands-free and your baby to be close to you. It comes in beautiful lavender, navy, black, camouflage and floral design. Choose what’s closest to your style.

The Diaper Backpack

Customized to fit inside Colugo stroller, this well-organized diaper backpack is the storage for necessities, and it includes a changing pad and wet/dry bag. You can pick between pure black or fashionable navy design.

The Comfort Set

An easily swappable Comfort Layer and Canopy will help you change the look of your stroller because it comes in lavender, navy, black, camouflage and floral design. You can safely clean it in your washing machine, while the other one is on your stroller.

The Comfort Layer

Shift your ride with this swappable Comfort Layer. You get to choose between lavender, navy, black, camouflage and floral design.

Cost and Price Plans

With The Perfect Bundle, you can save up $55. You get everything you need for $335. If you shop all the products separately, the total value is $380.

The compact stroller retails for $285 while the baby carrier is priced at $125. Their diaper backpack is priced at $65. For the Comfort Set, you get to choose between five color options for $50.

You can purchase the Comfort Layer at $30.

Customer Service

To reach their customer service, you can call or text the number 646.257.2810 at any time. Additionally, there is an email service which is reachable by messaging [email protected]

Furthermore, you can find out more information about the Colugo company at any time at their website at, or by messaging their Facebook page at

Online Reviews/Complaints

According to online reviews, Colugo strollers are very practical, lightweight and super fashionable and most of all affordable and durable.

Almost all of the customers are completely satisfied with the product they got, but there are a few complaints from some individuals. Luckily, those are only related to shipping problems, and are easily taken care off.

You have 2 years warranty and 100 days trial, which means you can return any product with a full refund within 100 days, no questions asked.

Competitors and Alternatives

The stroller market is enormous and is saturated with so many different brands. Some of the biggest brands today are Peg Perego, Ergobaby, Bumbleride, Uppababy, 4moms, etc.

Peg Perego is a company from Italy, founded in 1949, by Giuseppe Perego. Peg-Perego now features a full line of strollers, double seats and car seats, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Ergobaby started as a simple idea in 2002. When one new mom was unsatisfied with strollers and baby carriers, she came up with a design that fulfilled her needs for comfort.

Matt and Emily Reichardt started Bumbleride in 2004. In their own home inspired by their newborn. They wanted to continue leading their active lifestyle with their newborn baby, so they created beautifully designed baby products.

Uppababy was founded in Boston in 2002. They focus on high-quality baby gear that makes parenting more comfortable and more stylish. Their product line includes the Mesa car seat and five kinds of strollers: the convertible VISTA, the midsize CRUZ, the G-LINK double stroller, and the G-LUXE and G-LITE lightweight strollers.

4moms uses robotic technology to makes parents’ life more manageable. It was launched in Pittsburgh in 2005. Created by a local businessman and roboticist, 4moms now has the world’s only power-folding stroller and mamaRoo, the infant seat that imitates mother’s natural bouncing and swaying motions.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase any of Colugo products on their official website.


Colugo products are very affordable, beautifully designed and above all, extremely practical. If you want to continue leading your adventurous lifestyle and be a great parent at the same time, this is a brand worth trying. There’s really nothing to lose - if you don't find yourself liking the products, you can always return it within 100 days.

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