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About Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is recognized as one of the top rated online schools both nationally and internationally. Their emphasis is primarily built around a “career-oriented” education, teaching students current industry trends. CTU is an accredited college by the Higher Learning Commission and is ranked 19th among all of the online schools. CTU also has campuses for those who prefer a classroom setting; however, their primary focus, and what they are known for, is their online degree programs.

Online schools are gaining popularity because of the flexibility and the convenience they provide to students. You can save time and money by attending an online university to create an even brighter future for yourself. Working and going to school can be exhausting, but by making your own schedule and taking online courses it is much easier to fit in the time to earn a degree. Saving traveling time to and from classes allows you more time to study and complete the courses at your own pace. This method of learning also saves you money because of inflated gas prices which, in this day in age, can add up quickly.

Regardless of your level of education, you have the option to earn an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, a Masters Degree and even a Doctorate Degree. With the well-rounded array of majors available, it is almost guaranteed that anyone can find a program to align with their preferred field of study.

The prices vary per credit depending on the program and course level. Each credit for an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree costs $305.00. The Master's program cost per credit is $585.00. Financial aid programs are also available to students who need assistance. There are federal financial aid programs, CTU alliances, institutional grants and tuition reimbursement. Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo are two private lending institutions that CTU recommends for loans specifically for their college. They have recognized that repaying student loans can be stressful for their students so they have resources and counselors to help them form a loan payment plan.

Colorado Technical University is equipped with a range of career services for current students, graduates and alumni. With their tools, resources and connections, they can match you with jobs related to your field of study, and fit both your prior experience and education level. The career services staff has knowledgeable job search consultants who are there for support throughout the entire job search process. Not only do they help create resume and provide interview techniques but they also have a large database of employers who are eager to hire their graduates.

There are mixed reviews from students who attended CTU. Some students taking online courses don’t understand that participating in online discussions is important and often fall behind when they do not partake in them. In addition, students may not realize they are able to contact the teacher for individual help. By providing courses online or on campus CTU appeals to individuals with different learning styles. Knowing your style of learning, prior to selecting a school, will help you find identify where you are more likely to succeed. 

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Barbara Clark

Graduated from CTU

June13, 2013

I graduated from CTU the first of this month and my participation there was very rewarding. The professors there are very knowledgeable about each assignment they teach, and there are an unlimited number of resources there to help with any degree.

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