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This is three days with tour guide, if you want more indepth find another tour company.
September 20, 2023

As the tour says it is Spotlight on New York Tour does give small views of New York, Over the three days with tour guides a bus takes you to various parts of the city, stopping at Central Park, China Town, Statue of Liberty and 9/11 memorial. Driving by the USS Intrepid at the Pier. The bus tour did not go to Wall Street Those taking the tour are given the opportunity every afternoon to go to places not covered on the bus tour. Some on the tour went to visit New Jersey, Tour guides very helpful with information.

Hotel located walking distance from Broadway and Times Square. Many restaurants are close the hotel too – food hall in the back of hotel. You can eat in the hotel, but prices are higher than elsewhere. Hotel is comfortable. Because the city operates 24hrs it can be noisy. If you don’t want to walk, taxis and Uber cars everywhere taxis and uber(don’t have to call) are readily available.

Travel from airport to hotel was not added into tour price. Travel agent reserved the car before we departed. Our tour guide was not available on the last day due to Covid. One of the ports helped find the car which took us to airport

OBSERVATION that should be considered in connection with health and planning. If you have any breathing problems fumes from vehicles and underground trains can make walking amongst numerous crowds difficult. Fumes come up through grills on the ground. I had to use an inhaler more times than usual. Some places, one of the restaurants we went to do not have elevators or moving stairs.

Day 1 and Day 5 are travel days, so tour with guide did not start until Day 2. If you elect to travel to New York the day before Day 1 you will have opportunity to see other places not on the tour (seeing another Broadway show) Likewise if you elect to travel on Day 1 you can save the cost of one more night at the hotel and travel to arrive on Day 1.

Abandoned in Tuscany by Collette
November 25, 2022

My wife and I had previously travelled with Collette because they partner with Marriott Vacation Club. In October we’re on Collette’s Treasures of Italy tour when my wife and two other guests tested positive for Covid while at a remote villa in Tuscany. I tested negative. We were left behind when the tour moved on and we’re not contacted by Collette’s emergency services nor offered any assistance with medical services or other services. After two weeks and many unreturned phone calls Collette arranged flights home at our expense and could help us make arrangements to reach an international airport over three hours away. Avoid this tour company at all costs.

July 25, 2022
We were one of the "lucky ones" who got Covid the day before the tour. Instead of going on the tour "sick," we quarantined in Canada for ten days. I was hoping for voucher, but no dice. We should have gone on the tour sick. Out a lot of money because we didn't spend for the extra insurance.

CathetineSonza August 16, 2022

I was on a Pilgrimage in Fatima, Lourdes and Barcelona, before going back in the US we have to be tested for Covid, 10 of us were positive, had to stay behind to quarantine, we were told pay up front whatever expenses and insurance will re imburse us. Its been more than 2 mos, never heard or received anything. After a month I called trip mate and was told they have not received my claim! Then J said it was mailed certified and it was signed that you received it, Then they told me they found it, But it will take a while, they are behind with claims. Do not get this insurance, very poor service, even if Collette ad tells you its good. Nightmare!

Poor customer service
June 8, 2020

We mostly have done Gate1 tours which we have really enjoyed but this year we had decided to upgrade and see what more expensive tour companies had to offer. So, we had booked two tours with Collette this year, the first one was a small boat tour in Croatia which included both land and boat but did not include most evening meals even on the boat. This tour was part of our two month spring trip but we had to cancel because of the corona virus pandemic. At the time that we canceled this part of our trip, Collette did not have a pandemic cancellation plan like most of the other companies did so we had to forfeit half of our total trip cost since we had already paid in full. They were not willing to transfer what we had paid to our second trip that we had booked for August. So this already put a bad taste in our mouth.

Our second trip was an Icelandic adventure in Iceland in August. Because we already had a bad taste in our mouth and the Iceland tour was pretty expensive and did not cover most of the meals or airfare, we decided to cancel this tour as well. Their website is not very customer conducive and you can't view or cancel your reservation online and so I had to call them. I was on hold for almost three hours and about to give up until someone finally answered the phone and they were not apologetic about the long wait at all which tells me that their customer service is not good, another good reason to cancel our reservation. So even though we didn't end up taking any of their trips but just the experience of their customer service and company policies, I don't think we would have enjoyed their tours. So more than likely, we will not be booking any more tours with Collette.