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About Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies are large stainless steel shaped coffee beans used to control the temperature of your coffee. Not only do they cool the coffee to a drinkable heat level after its initially poured, but they also keep your “cup of Joe” warm for an extended period of time. 

Inside a metal Joulie is a white wax like substance that melts at a high temperature; substances of this sort are called “phase change materials”. The wax absorbs and holds the initial heat pulled from the hot liquid surrounding it. As the liquid begins to cool, the Joulie’s surface area responds to the temperature drop by releasing the stored heat.

Joulies work best in an insulated covered mug; after placing 4-5 of them inside your cup pour the hot coffee in. You can even use other hot liquids such as cider, grog, soup, tea or hot chocolate. Keep the lid on your mug and use the whole pouch of Joulies for maximum effectiveness.

A carrying pouch holds 5 Joulies and costs $59.95; if purchased without a pouch they are $57.95. The Perfection Pack, including a pouch holding 5 Joulies, a Thermos Sipp travel tumbler and a woven bag costs $89.95. Each order placed through comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Joulies are also sold on other e-commerce sites.

Reviews say that the Joulies do not work as well as the company intended for them to work. Not only does the drink take a long time to warm itself up but it also doesn’t stay hot for as long as it is supposed to.

The physical flaw of a Joulie is its large size. If you are placing 4 or 5 in your cup at one time it leaves a lot less room for your coffee. Remember, as you come close to finishing your drink and tilt your cup further they will glide to the top of your mug. If you aren’t using a lid, they may slide up and hit your face.

Reviews showed they are quite expensive and can sometimes be a hassle to carry around. Regardless, if you finish your cup of coffee you must refill it with more hot coffee to reactivate its heat absorption process. If there isn’t hot coffee nearby, then in theory their purpose doesn’t make sense.

In lieu of those complaints, Joulies have been selling out quickly on retail websites. Customers believe you must know how to use them properly for them to function as they are supposed to.

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