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About Cocofloss

Cocofloss is a company started by two sisters, Chrystle, the dentist who is an extreme, pro-flosser and Cat, commonly called the Cu sisters. Their aim was to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles.

By coming up and delivering superior floss which has the softest texture and cleansing capacity, they protect smiles. They believe that flossing should be a relaxing process with the best experience. People should floss either once, twice or thrice daily, to balance their smiles.


Cocofloss has a variety of products with different benefits to your teeth. Made of 500+ polyester filaments you can gently use their floss to scrub plaque away. The floss is smooth and flat and has the best flavor.

It’s also cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free and paraben free and therefore ideal for everyone to use. But, the polyester fibers are not biodegradable. 


If you are asking is it vegan? Then the answer is yes. The presence of vegan wax enhances it to coat, slip and slide effortlessly between your teeth. The products also contain coconut oil which soothes your gums. This leaves your teeth strong and clean.

Cocofloss 4-piece set

The 4-piece set includes assorted fragrances comprising of 2 x Fresh Coconuts, 1 x Pure Strawberries, 1 x Cara Cara Orange, 4 units of Cocofloss and a super cleansing, soft, textured dental floss. All these have been wrapped in a gift box made of 100% recycled paper.

Cocofloss 3-piece

The 3-piece set includes 3 units of Cocofloss infused with microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, fruit oils, and fragrances.

Cocofloss 12-piece trick-or-treat

The 12-piece trick or treat is enough to scare smelly microbes away for a bright smile. It includes 12 units of Cocofloss and all-natural xylitol candies.

Cocofloss 24-piece strawberry fest

The 24-piece strawberry fest includes 24 units of strawberry Cocofloss giving out a sweet strawberry fragrance. The strawberry fest sales are also meant to support programs that help young women develop prevention and early detection strategies for breast and ovarian cancer.


Cocograms are comprised of 12 units of strawberry Cocofloss, 12 cute postcards to personalize for your friends, 12 envelopes, and 12 silver heart stickers. They are also infused with microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, fruit oils, and fragrances.

Cocofloss balance & bliss journal

The 100% recycled, 5" x 8" soft-cover journal gives you an opportunity to write your daily intentions. It has 60 blank pages where you can create your creativity.

Pina colada floss party

The Pina colada floss party is a guide written by Dr. Chrystle Cu, Catherine Cu and illustrated by Kim Sielbeck. It explains how you can enjoy a sweet life while keeping a gorgeous smile. If you are a lover of piña colada, you get a guide on how to prevent from turning your mouth into a bacterial party.

With the wrong methods of tooth care you can easily develop gum disease, and, ultimately, tooth loss. The guide teaches you how to drink all the coladas you fancy while still keeping your smile bright and teeth healthy. It comes in form of a hardcover of 23 pages.

Cocofloss tote bag

The tote bag can be used to carry all the products that you buy from Cocofloss. You can also buy the customized Cocofloss tote bag for shopping purposes.

How Does It Work?

Select the product that you want to buy, add to cart and upon checkout, you will be required to make your payment. After paying, your order will be shipped to the specified shipping address.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of the products ranges from $8 to $48. The Pina Colada floss party guide is sold at $19 while the Cocofloss tote bag is sold at $10. Currently, the company has a 20% off any customer’s order which is a minimum of $20.

Also, orders that are above $25 are shipped free. Under referrals, you can share with your friends and you both earn rewards. With this option, they get $5 off discount while you get 500 Coco Points.

You can also earn coco points for different actions, and turn those Coco Points into rewards. These include $5 off Cocofloss for 500 Coco Points, $7 off subscription coupon for 700 Coco Points, Free Cocofloss Single for 800 Coco Points, and free Cocofloss Balance & Bliss Journal for 1300 Coco Points and free Cocofloss 3-Piece for 2200 Coco Points.

Earn more by following Cocofloss on Instagram and get 50 Coco Points or when you place an order where you get 10 Coco Points for every $1 spent.

Customer Service

In case you have any questions or might want to get more information about samples, get in touch with Cocofloss customer care by emailing them at [email protected] or [email protected] You can also call them at 855.661.4719. Free shipping and returns are available for unopened units.

If you like you can join the 6-month floss plan subscription and save 10%. You will be able to choose three fragrances for your 6-month floss supply. The 6-month floss supply auto ships every 6 months, inclusive of free shipping and you can your cancel your subscription anytime.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most customers were happy with the products saying that they loved the selection of floss available. The ability of the floss to clean teeth and remove all traces of plaque and food that is hard to reach pleased many.

They were effectively able to floss after meals and feel that the floss had worked perfectly for them. They, however, hoped that there would be more flavors available.

Customers with bleeding gums reported a great change upon using the products. They no longer felt that their gums were inflamed. Those who are professional dentists even recommended the floss to their patients.

They were happy about the texture of the floss and the wax which was safe to use in the mouth.

Competitors and Alternatives

Similar products can be bought at Dr. Tungs,, or When comparing Cocofloss vs. Dr. Tung's or Oral B products vs. regular floss, they all work well and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Where to Buy?

Buy Cocofloss products on the Cocofloss official website.


If you are asking is Cocofloss worth it? Cocofloss provides the best textured dental floss. The floss thoroughly scrubs away plaque and maintains gentle, healthy gums which are quite soothing. If you want stunning white smiles then you should purchase a bulk order of floss from Cocofloss.

For those asking is Cocofloss tested on animals? The answer is that Cocofloss is manufactured and developed using methods that do not involve any kind of experimentation on animals.

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