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About Clubhub Golf Rentals

Clubhub Golf Rentals is an ideal website to visit and rent from if you are on vacation and either forgot or couldn’t manage to take your golf clubs with you.

They are an online service that ships a set of golf clubs to wherever you might be for your convenience, especially if you don’t want to travel with your golf clubs.

A company based in Denver and partnering with UPS, they can ship the clubs you rent to anywhere around the world.


Clubhub has different sets to rent for men and women: the TaylorMade M4 13-piece set for men and the TaylorMade Kalea 11-piece set for women.

All rental sets at Clubhub will give you several options to choose from to suit all your needs. This includes choosing between a right-handed and left-handed set, various shaft lengths and different shaft flexes.

The men’s set comes with a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 5 to PW irons, a sand wedge, a putter and a ClubHub stand bag. The women’s set comes with a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 6 to SW irons, a putter and a Clubhub stand bag included as well.

How Does It Work?

Clubhub currently doesn’t have an app for their rental services. However, you can access their rental service through their website, which is very straightforward and easy to navigate through.

Renting with Clubhub takes only 4 simple steps.

First, you choose the rental set you would like, including all the correct specifications and make the purchase. Second, wait for the shipment of the clubs to wherever you are playing, which will arrive a day before you play. Third, you play with the set you’ve rented.

You can even take advantage of multi-day discounts. Lastly, you simply send the the clubs back to the address provided inside the package once you’re finished with the set. You can return it at the original destination or any UPS location.

If you ever have any complaints or are dissatisfied with your rental, you can respond to them by phone or by Facebook, in which they will respond promptly.

Cost and Price Plans

A great benefit of using Clubhub is that all ground shipping is free. There are several price plans which you can choose from, depending on the length of time you need to rent the set. However, there is a maximum 31 days rental period.

The first and base price plan is the single day rental, which costs $69. The next option is the multi-day price plan, which you pay an extra $20 per day for up to 14 days. A week with this plan would cost you $189.

The last option for longer term users would be the 14+ day plan, which is a fixed price at $329. However, there is a maximum limit of 31 days for this plan.

Clubhub will be able to send these clubs to any hotel or golf course in the USA, keeping in mind that shipping may take up to 2 full business days.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Customers of Clubhub are all-around very happy with the customer service and products rented. In fact, they speak very highly of their customer service.

This is because whenever they are having any issues, the Clubhub representatives are very active in responding to any comments, concerns and reviews the customers may have.

Many customers also have good reviews based on the convenience of not needing to travel with their golf bags. This is especially so for golfers who do not want to think about the baggage weight limitations.

Competitors and Alternatives

An alternative to can be GolfClubsAway. Since Clubhub only carries TaylorMade clubs, you can consider GolfClubsAway as another option, since they carry Nike sets for both men and women.

Their first day rental price is slightly different, with the alternative being slightly cheaper. You can also leave the clubs at the hotel or golf course. However, keep in mind that they only operate within Las Vegas and Florida.

The good news is that if you are playing in these locations, GolfClubsAway can have your clubs at the golf course you need it in by 7am the next day. That is, if you order it by 4pm the day before. This is unlike Clubhub, which needs a minimum of 2 days for shipping.

Another alternative is, which operates solely in San Diego. They have an extensive TaylorMade rental set for both men and women. If you are interested in renting with them outside San Diego, inquiries will need to be made and other minimum fees will apply.

If you are interested in a golf training aid, you can check out Arccos Golf, with their prime apps to help you get better. Comparing Clubhub vs Arccos though, they offer quite different services.

Where to Buy?

You can access Clubhub through their website at Currently, it is the only way to access this company.

Conclusion is a good company that is able to rent you clubs to wherever you might need them due to their partnership with UPS.

Their rates are slightly higher than their competitors, but for good reason. This is because they operate in many locations and let you make use of promotional discounts based on the amount of time you are renting their clubs.

You might need to reconsider if you are planning on renting clubs of brands other than TaylorMade. However, you can be assured that if you are looking for TaylorMade sets, provides the top of the line clubs as well as new ones.

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Poor Experience with Club Hub

February21, 2019

Tried to contact Club Hub many times over a period of ten days. Left numerous voice messages and email messages trying to get a couple of questions answered. I'm not sure how they can say that they have 24/7 customer service if something goes wrong when they won't even return my call asking for a little assistance in booking. They finally called me back after sending them an email stating how disappointed I was in them for failing to call me back. I'm not sure that they can be trusted to deliver clubs on time and take care of any problems. I'll stick with Ship Sticks and their great service.

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June 21, 2019

I'm having the same issue. I placed an order and had to cancel within two days and since they have gone black on me. I intend to report them to my credit card.

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