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About Clever Investor

The Clever Investor, found online at, is a website from creator Cody Sperber, who describes his site as "one of the greatest places on earth for real estate investors."

Clever Investor says that their goal is not only teach their users and members about real estate investment, but also to review other real estate investment courses to tell you which ones are truly worth your time and effort. 

How Does It Work?

According to the website, they supply real estate investors of all levels - from beginners to experts - with free resources, education, courses, products, a real estate investor community, and a blog with "insider tips" that they can use to make the best choices in real estate investment.

In addition, Cody Sperber promises that his website will not be one that simply teaches "real estate theory," but instead will focus on actual tips and tricks that can be used in your investments strategy and choices. 

Cost/Price Plans

The Clever Investor website puts a lot of emphasis on the free resources they offer their visitors, but this website does sell products and offer paid registrations to events. These products will vary in price.

They also offer a Professional Membership to their website, which costs $97 each month for the duration of your membership. 

Refund Policy does offer a Refund Policy for customers that purchase products through their website. It is described as a "30 Day, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee," which promises that users who cancel their Professional Membership and send back all of their materials will receive a refund of their purchase price. 

It is important to note, however, that customers who wish take advantage of the 30 day guarantee must cancel by the 25th day - customers who have not canceled by the 25th day will not be eligible for a full refund. After you have canceled, you will be sent a confirmation email - if you do not receive this confirmation email, you should contact Customer Service immediately.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-480-6617, by email at [email protected], or by traditional mail at 4960 S. Gilbert Rd. STE 1-295 Chandler, AZ 85249.  


Clever Investor seems to work very hard at maintaining a positive reputation and trying to ensure their customer's satisfaction with what they receive. However all potential customers should know that there are no guarantees for earnings and always a risk for losing your investment when dealing with real estate or any financial speculations. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies that claim to assist people with real estate investing, including FreedomSoft, Joe Crump Real Estate, Real Estate Mentoring, and more.     

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Clever Investor reviews below.

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Very Thorough

November 26, 2020

Amazing company that has completely transformed my life! Very thorough and well thought out training with high production value, visual aids and very detailed step by step learning modules.

My mentor was very knowledgeable and hand held me through practical application in my personal market as well as through my transactions not just general knowledge. But it didn’t stop there, everyone on the team jumped in to help, there are people that specialize in technology, branding, SEO, funnels, etc.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Clever Investor!

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Clever Investor: Beware Yet Another Real Estate Flipping Scam Rears Its Ugly Head Again...

July 11, 2018

I hope to warn other parents of gullible, eager-to-work high school or college-age students about 'Clever Investor', an Arizona-based get-rich-flipping-houses-wholesale scheme hawked & hyped toward naive young people all over social media (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc).

Clever Investor's pitch is that they offer one-on-one personal mentoring advice on wholesale real estate flipping without a license. My son in college bought in to their misleading Facebook and Youtube ads filled with cheerleader "you-can-do-it-too!" upbeat promotions of a rosy lifestyle in real estate flipping and their exclusive mentored shortcuts to deals ("win big!", "game-changer personal attention mentoring!", "make millions & millions of $!", "work less hours & spend more time with your family!" etc..).

My son signed their pdf contract online and paid them $22,000 (his tuition savings) toward a personal 'mentor' for 12 phone calls (works out to about $1,800+ per call)! His mentor was in Chicago, so it was impossible that his mentor offered timely, relevant, specific real estate advice to my son who is in New York. It's a sad joke that my son had to go online to free Craig's listings for leads. Although my son tried desperately to pursue and follow up on almost a hundred leads in the winter and spring 2018, "Clever" Investor systems and mentoring did not help my son to perform any real estate deals.

There were sporadic mentoring phone calls (approximately twice/month) in which my son discussed very general strategies on the phone with his Chicago-based 'mentor', who was not at all familiar with the (town), New York real estate market. Therefore the advice my son received was useless, not timely, nor actionable. The very small amount of mentoring support was lacking in all respects. Clever Investor systems and mentoring did not help my son to perform any real estate deals successfully.

My son thought the material and products only gave him very basic real estate investing information, while Clever Investor constantly tried 'upselling' him on additional products. He found that several of the intro videos on the Clever Investor website are more about tugging on a customer's emotions (like claiming that the video will only be available for a short time, and that he shouldn’t share the link with his friends) than they are about providing real information about Clever Investor products. Ultimately, my son was talked out of $22K! Buyer beware.

It's too late for a refund for our family, but I hope you will investigate this organization's unethical promotion of their useless way-overpriced real estate 'mentoring' to other disaffected, eager-for-real-world experience young people on social media.

As a hardworking single mom whose son was upsold and tricked out of his savings, I am making it my mission to warn other parents about Clever Investor's get-rich-on-real-estate-flipping schemes... online, on social media sites, and warn all my friends to keep their kids away from this real estate flipping mentoring scam.

The Federal Trade Commission at might be able to go after them if enough people complain. Flipping houses is an old venue used to get people to think it is easy to do if they just pay Clever Investor for a lot of educational material. It is rearing it's ugly head again after 10 years since others were tricked in the economic collapse. As home prices go up, more people are being attracted to these schemes.

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