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Poor product

October 29, 2017

Cannot get any signal and cannot get any one to give me support.

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November 29, 2017

No support and the business has moved and left no forwarding address.

March 08, 2018

I have sent several reviews & after clicking on "I'm NO Robot & then>>Submit, it won't send!! This company is a fraud!! I purchased the antenna last fall, has never, ever worked even tho' it was installed properly!! After reviewing this site & trying to get help (ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION ON THE LITTLE PAMPHLET SENT WITH PRODUCT>>NO RETURN ADDRESS ETC) THEN>> I realized that my own remote control may be the problem, so I went & bought a Universal Control....same result>>WON'T WORK!! I FINALLY READ SOMEWHERE THAT A CONTROL WAS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE>>WRONG>>NO REMOTE CONTROL WAS INCL'D!! Now when I want to return for REFUND I can't get any response to my review!! Let's see IF my Comment will go thru' under yours Paul~~~

April 11, 2018

They are preying on seniors, who don't think clearly.

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