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October12, 2015

First of all this is by no means how a review should be written. This reads more like an informercial than any review I've ever seen.

The facts on HD TV Antennas are, most of them work no better than the antennas we grew up with when there were not 5 but only 4 VHF channels. ABC CBS NBC and PBS. (FOX was a weak channel added after the others had been around for decades, only later did it become relevant.) and a few UHF channels
And the truth is the government did not mandate HD TV, it mandated certain viewing areas broadcast in DIGITAL TV signals. (yes there are still analog stations all over the country in rural America, you know who you are..) At any rate, try the antennas you already own before paying a dime for the so called HD antenna. The old school VHF/UHF antenna that has been on our roof since the 1970's pulls in 32 DIGITAL TV stations and they are clear as a DVD if not better. My TV says 28 of them are 1080 (HD) and the other 4 are digital, not HD. Our neighbor bought a +$230 HD outdoor "Omni-directional" Antenna and he still comes to our house to watch the Green Bay games because he can't get CBS or the Fox station the Packers are broadcast on in our area.

A final "warning": Do not be fooled into thinking you're going to get anything but ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, HSN, CW and other local stations even if you buy this "Clear HD TV Antenna". or any of the advertised as "get rid of the Cable" antennas. You will not get any of the cable stations, nor Dish channels like FX, SPIKE Comedy Central, CNN, FOX News, HBO, Showtime etc.. The advertisement for several of these antennas act like you can eliminate you Cable or Dish bill. Of course you can, you just won't get any of the hundreds of "cable" stations you had.
EVEN RABBIT EAR ANTENNAS will work in many areas. And if nothing works when you have tried all of these suggestions, as we did at my parents cabin with no success, and my mother insisted on buying not one but two of the Clear TV HD Antennas that also brought in nothing... So we bought a TERK indoor amplified antenna and were able to pull in three channels on NBC two on CBS, and one FOX (in the evening). So again exhaust all existing possibilities first, then if these fail go to a reputable dealer and ask them what works in your area. Better yet, ask your neighbors without a dish hanging off their house, or the big Cable wire running from the street to the house, what they use.

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pure junk

October16, 2014

got it home and it was the worst antenna i ever had i live only 2 miles form were they broadcast and i had to move it and scan my tv at least 10 times before it picked up some channels nothing more then the rabbit ears antenna i had on the tv before this is a scam people please save your money dont buy it its crap garbage it does not work like they say at all thanks.

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