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About is a website that claims it can help match you with the right online school for you, based on your area of education and the type of degree you are hoping to secure.

There is a variety of ways that will help match you with a school. First, you can search their database of online schools in one of three ways: by areas of study, degree level, and their featured schools.

Or, if you choose you can fill out a short questionnaire and will match you with a variety of schools. The questionnaire asks you about the areas of study you are interested in, the degree level you hope to attain, the amount of education you have already completed, your age, zip code and email address.

After you submit your questionnaire, you will be matched with 2-3 online schools and 2-3 schools with campuses in your local area. Of the schools you’ve been matched with, you can then choose which schools about which you’d like to receive more information.

However, once you’ve registered with, you should know that you will also be registered with all of their affiliates and advertising partners, as well as giving them permission to provide your information to third party companies for marketing purposes.

In addition, if you complete offers on their website, will be given permission to sell your information to third party companies who – based on the information you have provided – believe that you will be interested in their offers. So keep that in mind when you are providing them with your contact information.

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Classes and Careers - Idiots

August29, 2018

I have a master's degree and a PhD, and was an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University for a number of years. I currently have my own successful business. Yet Classes and Careers keep sending emails to me to "start my education." I can only assume they are a nest of fools. No brains. I wonder if they seek out college professors to sign them up for their dinky classes.(?)

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