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GTA V and CitySprint

September25, 2013

I was excited to get the new GTA V using Amazon Primes next-day evening delivery service which cost me an additional £8.00. The delivery was guaranteed to reach me by 17:30. At 19:00 I began to get irritated and phoned CitySprint, to my astonishment they bemused me with saying that their department was for retail deliveries and did not have a system linked with the Amazon Deliveries. At this point the holding begins.

After being on hold for a surprisingly short time I was transferred to a man who then told me that ''The Amazon delivery team was not available'' and he did not have access to their system.


I am not sure if it is Citysprint to blame or Amazon for choosing them but either way it is not acceptable to be told a guaranteed delivery time - paying an additional premium fee (this is on top of the standard Prime Membership Fee) to then not receive the service.

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