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Circulon Symmetry is a kitchenware company that offers various non-stick kitchen items such as pots, pans, and skillets. They were created in the late 1990s with the goal of providing their customers with non-stick items that actually work, rather than items that would lose their non-stickiness after a few months.

Because of this dedication, they’ve been able to stand out among some of their competitors.

Their non-stick technology involves a number of small circles at the bottom of their products that stop food from being able to stick to the kitchen appliance. Their products have been made in such a way that the heat isn’t redirected elsewhere, ensuring that your food is cooked as it normally would be.

Circulon Symmetry also understands that quality products come from quality manufacturers. This raises the question: Where is Circulon Symmetry made? You’ll be happy to know that their products are manufactured and shipped out of the United States.


Circulon Symmetry wants to ensure that every part of the cooking experience is non-stick, so their products aim at helping their customers through every step of the cooking process.

8.5” Skillet

This skillet is built for cuisine. It’s a durable bowl and sturdy handle allow you to hold it firmly without the risk of it breaking or getting damaged. The rubber on the handle allows you to avoid being burnt by any heat that might transfer throughout the metal parts of the pan.

12” Essentials Pan

This pan is very similar to the skillet except for the fact that it has a lid to cover what you’re cooking, and it’s little over 3” larger. Its durability is the same, and the handle includes a rubber heat stopper.

5.5 Quart Casserole Pot

Cooking with pots is a one-stop journey to a sticky mess. Circulon Symmetry has been able to create a pot that allows you to cook a number of foods while avoiding the food that always seems to get stuck to the side of pots. The handles are created so you don’t burn yourself, and the lid has little holes that allows for steam to escape during cooking.

Non-Stick Spoons and Spatulas

These non-stick utensils are aimed at making cooking easier and hassle-free. Both the spoons and the spatulas are made from steel and have rubber grips so you don’t burn yourself.

Baking Pans and Roasters

These large metal pans have been designed to help baking things like cookies or cakes, as well as turkeys and chickens.

They’ve been built with the same circular, non-stick technology that the pans and pots were made out of, so it is safe to say that you’ll be able to cook without the fear of your food sticking to the bottom or the sides.

Cook Book

To top off the rest of their products, Circulon Symmetry offers a cookbook that allows you to put all of your kitchenware to work. It concludes numerous recipes that include baked goods, turkeys and chickens, stir-fries, and other popular dishes.

Many may wonder: are these dishwashers safe? And the answer is yes. Circulon Symmetry has made sure that their products don’t lose their stickiness, even after multiple washes.

Cost and Price Plans

The individual prices of each product fluctuate, but there are certain bundles you can purchase online that will bring the price of each item down.

The first is the 5-Piece Set. This comes with the 8.5” Skillet, 5.5 Quart Casserole, 12” Essentials Pan with Lid, a pair of Non-Stick Spoons and Spatulas, as well as Circulon Symmetry’s cookbook. This retails for $149.97 USD + S&H ($19.99 USD). You can pay one installment all at once, or do three payments of $49.99 USD + S&H (also $19.99 USD).

The second package is the 8-Piece Deluxe Set. This comes with the 8.5” Skillet, 5.5 Quart Casserole, 12” Essentials Pan with Lid, 3.5 Quart Straining Saucepan, the 11” Skillet, a pair of Non-Stick Spoons and Spatulas, as well as Circulon Symmetry’s cookbook. This retails for $249.96 USD + S&H ($25.98 USD). You can pay one installment all at once, or do three payments of $83.32 USD + S&H (also $25.98 USD).

Customer Service

If you’re interested in contacting Circulon Symmetry, below is some of the way you can get in touch with them.

Phone Number: 1-888-376-2293

Contact Page:

Refund/Cancellation Options: You’re able to return items 60-days after the sale in the original box and unused. Ensure that you receive a Return Authorization Number by calling the Customer Service line beforehand. The return address will be given to you at this time or on their Customer Service website.

Online Reviews and Complaints

Overall, the impressions of Circulon Symmetry are pretty positive. Many customers rate it 5 or 4 stars out of 5, as well as comment on its non-stick technology. They say they’ve washed them many times (both by hand and in a dishwasher) and the products maintain their integrity.

However, not everything is positive. There is also a large group of people saying that the products are overpriced and not worth the money. They claim that they lose their non-stickiness after a couple of weeks and get damaged in the dishwasher. And, when they try and return them, Circulon Symmetry doesn’t take them back due to the warranty being expired or misuse on the customer’s part.

Competitors and Alternatives

The business market is a competitive one, so it’s best to know what your alternatives are. Below are listed three companies that offer the same kind of products as Circulon Symmetry.

Circulon Symmetry vs Anolon - Anolon is another kitchenware company that offers a number of kitchen products to help make the cooking experience easier and stress free. However, unlike Circulon, they don't focus on non-stick technology. Instead, they have a wider array of products to choose from, such as more pots, pans, cooking trays, and utensils. Their prices are around the same for most products.

Circulon Symmetry vs Acclaim - Acclaim offers many products that are very similar to Circulon Symmetry in the sense that they are kitchenware appliances and utensils. Their products don’t involve as many pots and pans but offer a lot more trays and oven-friendly cooking sheets. Their prices, like Anolon, are mostly the same as Circulon’s.

Circulon Symmetry vs Genesis - Genesis focuses their products on strictly pots and pans, rather than a large selection of different types of kitchenware products. Most of their products are straight stell and don’t have rubber handles, but come in more colours than Circulon. Their prices are around the same.

Where to Buy?

As of now, Circulon Symmetry’s products are only available online and only ship to residents in the US. It is possible to get their items on other online stores, but beware that you aren’t guaranteed satisfaction and Circulon isn’t responsible for any damage to the products when you receive them.

Overall, Circulon Symmetry can help you with a number of kitchen duties and dishes. Their products should last a while, but it is best to look into each product individually before buying it to ensure it’s the real deal. So, if you’re someone who likes cooking, or does it a lot, Circulon might be worth a shot.

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