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About Circadian Optics

Are you suffering from seasonal depression? Perhaps you just want to feel more awake during your daytime hours -particularly during the winter, when sunlight is limited.

Sunlight plays a major role in regulating your body. Not only does it help your body figure out how to be alert and energetic, but it also helps you stay healthy. Circadian Optics offers a lamp that can make it easier for you to feel better no matter how much natural light your body is receiving.

How Does Circadian Optics Work?

Circadian Optics, developed by Amber Leong,  is the manufacturer of various bright light therapy lamps. This lamp provides you with exposure to bright lights in the early parts of the day to stimulate receptors in your eyes and to set your body clock. This morning light makes you feel awake and energetic throughout the rest of the day.

Designed to be placed next to your desk at work or next to your breakfast table, the Circadian Optics lamp only needs to be used for about 15 to 60 minutes each day in order to be effective. Depending on how sensitive you are to light, you may need to experiment to find a routine that works well for you.

The light should be placed just to the side of your face - although you don’t look directly at it, the idea here is to have the light close enough so that you can read, work, or eat while you are using the lamp.

Some people put the lamp next to their computer keyboards for the best results. Again, you don’t want to stare directly at the light - although it's not necessarily dangerous, it’s certainly not going to do your eyes any favor. You should also use the lamp in a room that is already well- lit so that you aren’t relying on it to be able to see.

You can play around with the various light intensities and session durations to find your comfort spot. A safe therapy, the bright lights used in the Circadian Optic light are UV-free. Even if you have been told to avoid UV in the past, you should be perfectly safe using this lamp. Lasses and contact lenses can be worn, but if you’re wearing sunglasses, tinted lenses, or anything else that is photosensitive, you might not be able to receive the full benefits of this light.

The Circadian Lumos alarm clock is a revolutionary product that will help provide you with the sunlight you need to treat your winter blues, improve your mood, and enhance your quality of sleep.

Cost and Price Plans

Circadian Optics manufactures several different lamps that you can purchase online. These include Lumine, Lumos, Lampu, Lattis, and Luxy.

The Lumine Lamp, coming in at $59.99, consists of a 10,000 lux full spectrum LED light and is an attractive feature to have on your desk. It has a minimalist design with square angles and straight lines, offering a product that is both effective and stylish.

Luxy, on the other hand, is a compact, portable, and ultra-bright 10,000 lux full spectrum LED light. It’s easy to use with three different comfort levels. It comes with a two-year warranty. This product costs $44.99.

Lumos 2.0 is $59.99. This lamp is a top-selling product and was the first to be created by Circadian Optics. It has one-touch operation and has a rotating light panel together ie it phenomenal flexibility. You can place the position in any way that makes the most sense to optimize your individual light therapy session.

Another popular product is Lampu. This lamp, which starts at $69.99, also has one-touch operation but is designed with a focus on clean lines and flowing curves. Projecting a minimalist aesthetic from the front, it has a pop of color and an intricate design when viewed from the back.

The final Circadian Optics product is Lattis. This lamp is the most expensive and will run you about $74.99. It is highly decorative, making it a great accent piece for your office or dining room. It has gorgeous asymmetrical segments and a clean silhouette along with an integrated light panel. It will not only help you feel better, but it will make your home look better, too.

Competitors and Alternatives

Circadian Optics is not the only name to know when it comes to circadian rhythm-regulating lamps. Two other top manufacturers are Verilux and Walalight.

Verilux offers a variety of lamps to help provide the light you need to regulate your circadian rhythm. In addition to a number of table lamps and LED desks, the company also offers replacement bulbs. These help reduce eye strain and fatigue while also making it easy for your body to regulate itself.

Walalight offers overhead lights. While these lights don’t come cheap, they do offer a great permanent solution for somebody who suffers from seasonal affective disorder or other circadian rhythm related issues.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers say that Lumos and the other Circadian Optics lights work exceptionally well. Not only are these lights the perfect size and design for most individuals' living spaces, but they’re also easy to transport. Most come with lithium batteries for wireless charging, and they’re powered by USB ports.

In addition, the shipping is fast and reliable - you will receive a confirmation email when you place the order. Most people receive their lamps within just three to five business days. Sadly, the lamps only ship in the United States.

It should be noted that some customers do experience mild side effects - you might, for example, have some eyestrain, headache, nausea, or even hyperactivity. You can usually mitigate these effects by gradually building up the time you spend in front of the lamp to give your body time to adjust.

Some users also complain that the light is not bright enough. However, if you plug the light in instead of running it off the battery, this problem can be reduced or even eliminated.

Customer Service

Need to make a return? Circadian Optics doesn't receive many of these, since the product seems to work well for most users. However, if you need to initiate a return, you can do so by emailing [email protected] This must be done within 30 days and you do not receive your shipping fees back.

If you have other questions or comments for customer service, you can email at [email protected] or write to them via their mailing address in Minneapolis, MN. There is no phone number available on the company website at this time.

Where to Buy?

Circadian Optic’s lights are available on the manufacturer’s website, as well as on Amazon.

Is Circadian Optics Worth It?

Circadian Optics originated in the dark winters of the upper midwest - so this company truly understands how debilitating the lack of sunlight during the winter months can be.  If you want to improve your quality of life during the winter and want to feel better overall, you should consider trying the lamp. It’s a seriously bright idea!

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Iffy Product

January30, 2020

So far--not so good. I purchased the small, 3" x 3' square light because I could plug it into my car for use. Sometimes I have to pull over for a nap on my way to work like now during the grey days of February. I had hoped to plug the light in and make it the 25 miles to work without having to do that. No luck! the light will not go on or stay on. The company's website is not very useable. Although it has headings for FAQs, Our Products, etc., there is nothing helpful for customer support so I've emailed their Technical address in the hopes that I can get a free replacement. I know, don't hold my breath.

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