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Christian Mangle

November9, 2012

I was a member of this site on and off a few times in the past. My feelings for the website itself is negative. Towards it's user base, I have mixed feelings. I did meet a few friends on the site; but, as far as dating nothing really transpired, despite the large amount of attention that my profile had. My explanation for this is that the majority of the people who flock to the site are emotionally insecure. If you just spend 5 minutes in any of their chat rooms you will quickly understand what I mean. Non-stop arguments on politics, sexism and theological differences. You'd think that everyone being Christian would create some sense of harmony, you couldn't be any further from the truth. If you even mention your views on the bible or Christianity in general on the forums or the chat rooms, be prepared to go on the defensive; because, you will be attacked viciously. This site also attracts a lot of manipulative men and promiscuous women of all ages. From my experience, it seemed the older they were, the lower their inhibitions were. Imagine how ironic it would be that you logged into a proposed "Christian" site, then an instant message pops up from someone who initiates an erotic conversation with you after a few minutes.

I put Christian in quotations because the company that operates the site is not Christian at all. It actually has a chain of dating sites that cater to everything. This means that this site doesn't apply any Christian standards to it's design. This didn't really matter to me; but, it seems to really bother people who pay for a membership to a website, with the assumption that it was a Christian site. No, it's merely a generic dating website, called Christian Mingle.

I was banned by Christian Mingle unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) after they discovered a critical review I had published on They didn't even give me a warning or send me an email saying I was banned. I wrote a letter to the Administrator Cara one day to figure out why I couldn't log in. A day later I received a response that was blatantly fictitious; stating that I had said a bad word on the forums. I knew this was bogus; because, people had been cursing on those forums since I had started using that site and no one was banned or even warned for it. Also, you can't even curse in chat as it censors almost everything you say on the site, even things that aren't considered curse words. Had they banned me for cursing, the proper action with any social site, especially one that is getting paid by you is to warn them first. I never received a warning, nothing. What does that tell you about the administration? I suppose it was part my fault for using the same name I used on their site as I did in my review; but, I wanted people to know who was spilling the beans about their Christian scheme.

Last I would like to add, God didn't make a website for your to meet his perfect match for you. For them to claim that only on their website you will find God's match for you is grossly using God's name in vain. Studies show that meeting a match on a dating site is nothing more than a role of the dice. Your odds of finding love are actually higher walking around in a Wal-Mart during peek hours than spending $30-40 a month to stare at one dimensional profiles that yield nothing but the types of people I mentioned earlier. Not trying to scare you away form online dating, I have met some good friends online over the years; but, you need to be very wary about what you are buying when you invest in a dating site. Do plenty of research. =)

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December 20, 2012

I havé suspected scamming when they send me an email from someone who seems perfect but doesn't exist In thé database. Not fair, and i won't send any money for that.

December 29, 2012

Thank you Russell, for what I would like to consider positive feed back. Sorry to hear about your "not so good experience". However, your feed back can help someone make a decision as to, if they want to join this particular site or not. You sure helped me. Thanks for your post too Erfie!

December 30, 2012

Meeting someone, I found out, let God bring that person to you. Patience. I married the wrong man over 28 years ago, now getting a divorce. I waited for my children to be grown. The bottom line, I did not wait for God and He told me not to marry this man, I did not listen. So now I wait for His will. The best to all.

January 03, 2013

You say you met the wrong man but you married him before God and as God as your witness and at that point you made that man the right man so please don't be so quick to think you made a mistake because you haven't.

January 28, 2013

Thanks for your review. I was thinking about joining but NOT now! It appears Cara and her staff don't care about their customers. No thanks!

God's Match for ME? NOT!!!
February 11, 2013

NOTE the Admin's Name: "CARA"...should she be aptly be renamed "CARELESS"?

They at CM are a bunch of hucksters and fraudsters making the mighty dollar off God's name and the term "Christian". I think from now on if I want a date I would go visit Honey Boo Boo's least I think I would have a better chance there than with CM!!

"Christian Mingle"...more like "Christian Swinger" or "Atheists Looking for Love"...heard nothing but negative responses from this site. I think I may just go back to the old-fashioned way...a bar...but I really think I will remain single for the rest of my life since no one really wants a balding old fat man like me to begin with. Life is too short to compound on the hurt of the lonely. Why don't some of you ladies and gentlemen look at people's inner beauty rather than what kind of "sexual chemistry" one has? Yes, I have been married and divorced twice, judged for my physical character as well as my other personal attributes. You play the lonely, we'll play you right back. With a vengence. You'll find me in every town in America...the one you overlooked, the one you sneered and jeered at, and you really don't know what you really missed in a potential "soulmate". Do I sound bitter? You bet I am! Tell ME to get over it? Instead of telling us to "get over it", why don't you and your vain self do it too!! Just had to put my two cents in and see if anybody really listens to reason before joining such sites as these. Angry, yes...psstd off, yes...and every word that describes "raging mad"...that's me right now...take me or leave me...or prove me different. I challenge you.

March 11, 2013

thank you for your review. I too was debating on joining but decided to check reviews first. Thank you!!!!! you saved me a lot of grief. God Bless You.

March 11, 2013

I know you hate to hear this but God Loves you and finds you Beautiful, and be patient and pray; put it in God's hands and you will find that perfect person.

May 21, 2013

balding old fat guy, why don't you do something about it instead of complaining about others not accepting you for it? Hit the gym, style your hair in a way that looks cool etc.

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Christians to mingle with

October11, 2012

I do not know what potions they inject into their personality profiles but mine was way too spicy hot. On the color test i was even in most categories so born a red, die a red! WtfkAw??! They won't let me interact with anyone on a free membership but it's cool, just a buncha fugly middle-aged gentlemen I don't want to talk to anyway. I'm doing all right without church for now. Yay bible hell!

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Oh Lordy!

September28, 2012

Jesus would not approve of this wantonly site.

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January 13, 2013

How would you know

Ask Me My Name
February 11, 2013

Because Jesus condones sinners like adulters, scammers, liars, cheaters, the gluttonous, the envious, the false prophets, and the ones who PREY on those who are less fortunate in finding real love and romance. Ever hear of a "broken heart", R.C.??? or perhaps cynical people like yourself who jab at others depression do NOT have or possess a heart or compassion for others who have had their hearts mangled, beaten, abused, used, or slapped around for another's enjoyment. Those are your classic S&M-type.

ASK ME, because I KNOW...first-hand.

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Online Dating for Christians:

December7, 2011

I am submitting this review on behalf of a friend of mine who has had amazing success in using My friend had just gone through a terrible breakup and was a little reluctant to get into the dating world again.

For this reason, she decided on a whim to sign up for to be able to meet single Christian men but without all of the pressure of a one on one date. I ended up making a profile as well just for support, and the ease of signup is apparent as soon as you enter the website! This company really seems to value privacy as well as match singles with common religious beliefs-a necessity for me.

My friend ended up meeting a great man, and 6 months later they are engaged to be married! I never got any harassing messages that I have while using other dating sites and feel that my privacy was valued and protected.

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May 10, 2012

You write a flattering web site review like you work for them. Who signs up to shadow a friend on a dating web site anyway?

t tempo
September 15, 2012

Great Point, and who gets engaged to spend the rest of their life with some one when you don't really know a person till after the first year of dating?!?

September 22, 2012

The site is a waste, most of the people in the website have their accounts expired
and most of the people are 45 +. Plus there is not refund....I think most of this online dating sites are owned by on main company

October 22, 2012

Sorry, I hate to disappoint you I tried one time and met the most amazing person who is making me very happy! I think everything in life is hit or miss. Before meeting him I was in the most scariest and potentially dangerous relationship and so glad I got away from this man. Guess what? I met him in the library of all places and it just didn't work. So again it's depends on how wise you are in your choices and don't dwell on your past mistakes and not live on regrets. Live, Love, Laugh!!

December 30, 2012

Nice try, employee.

January 01, 2013

My ex- who is bipolar, a sex addict who acts out on and is actively acting out is on this site...scares me to go on any site...PS he is on every dating site and will say he is a God fearing man. I believed him for 3 yrs. before marrying him...

January 03, 2013

I dated a man from Christian mingle for several years and eventually got married. Once we were living together a husband and wide he became a very different person altogether. At one point after five years of hell he admits to lying to get me to marry him. I stayed with him for five years before divorcing him, something I did not want to do as it goes against God but he had been running around xwith other women to the point of staying out overnight with them.
It has been such a painful journey for me and I would hate for anyone to have to go through this.

January 13, 2013

Sounds like sim mos was not long enough to really know him.

February 07, 2013

You say this was about your friend then you say "I" never got any harassing messages.

CM Scam
November 29, 2013

Religious people make me laugh

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