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About Cheers Hangover Cure

Get a little too wild at the Super Bowl party last night? Maybe you overdid it on a night out on the town with your best friends. Either way, you’ve woken up with a pounding head, a dry mouth, and a churning stomach. Just the punishment you have to deal with for a night of overindulgence, right?

Wrong. The Cheers Hangover Cure offers a solution to hangovers that is natural, healthy, and affordable.


Formerly Thrive+, Cheers Hangover Cure is a popular product that was invented at Princeton and is receiving growing notoriety for its effects on alcohol recovery. Featured on Shark Tank by owner Brooks Powell, the tool helps Americans prevent hangovers in a more natural way.

Marketed as the “sunscreen for alcohol,” this aid comes in pill form and is designed to reduce the symptoms of short-term alcohol withdrawal on your body by providing your liver with some extra help in metabolizing your drinks.

How Does it Work?

The tablets of Cheers contain a molecule called dihydromyricetin. This molecule is found in plants, most notably the Japanese raisin tree. This tree has a long, profound history in traditional Chinese medicine and was used as a treatment for alcohol poisoning as well as a cure for fevers and other problems.

In the modern age, DHM has been used to treat cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and a number of other ailments. As one of the main ingredients in Cheers, it works to combat the painful symptoms of a hangover. Hangovers rear their ugly heads when your blood alcohol level returns to zero after a period of indulging. While the effects of a hangover vary depending on your gender, your weight, and other factors, like the amount of alcohol you consumed, all hangovers have one thing in common - your body produces acetaldehyde.

In addition to DHM, Cheers also contains all-natural ingredients like vitamins B, E, and C - meaning there is a slim chance that you will be allergic to or not be able to metabolize any of this anti-hangover product’s ingredients. It also contains milk thistle, which opposes alcohol-induced oxidative stress in livers, and prickly pear, a powerful antioxidant. It also contains ginger root, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and electrolytes.

Cheers is not meant to eliminate a hangover that has already started, but instead helps your body process alcohol as you are drinking it. The recommended dose is three pills

Cost and Price Plans

On Amazon, you can find Cheers at $34.99 per bottle, with a purchasing discount that amounts to about a dollar per count when you purchase in quantities of three. Cheers is also available through the manufacturer's website, where there are additional purchase options. The basic after-alcohol aid is offered at the price of $29.99 on their website, a significant discount, which comes with ten doses (three capsules per dose).

They also offer a unique oral rehydration solution that is designed to treat alcohol-induced dehydration and is shown to be as effective as an IV drip. On the company’s website, it is offered at $24.99 and it is priced at $29.99 on Amazon.

You can also take advantage of discounts on the company’s website, such as a thirty percent discount by ordering a three-pack of Cheers products.

Customer Service

It is easy to contact the company, with multiple methods of contact available on their website. They are accessible through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they also offer a regular newsletter that you can subscribe to.

They have email addresses listed online, as well as an easy-to-use customer service contact form. Dissatisfied customers can receive a full refund on their first order up to one unit of the product within ninety-days of purchase. This allows people to try the product risk-free.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Cheers Hangover Cure has received rave reviews from customers across a variety of platforms. It enjoys a nearly five-star satisfaction rating on Amazon, which reviews stating that the product helps them wake up feeling less foggy, achy, and awful. This product has been hailed as a “miracle” and a “must-have” for anybody looking for a cure for their nasty hangovers.

Competitors and Alternatives

Despite the popularity of Cheers after-alcohol aid, they are not the only players in the massive anti-hangover market. Another popular choice is Morning Recovery, which is a liver-boosting supplement designed to help you recover after a night of drinking. This product also contains DHM, maximizing the solubility of the chemical to help it be better absorbed in your stomach.

The Hangover Survival Box is more of a classic choice for hangover sufferers, and works at treating a hangover instead of preventing it. This box is a humorous testament to everything you want most when you’re suffering from a hangover, and contains things like sunglasses, a sleeping mask, coffee, and chips.

Flyby is another popular product, designed to support your body’s metabolism of alcohol as it breaks down your drinks the next day. It is very similar to Cheers, containing ingredients like prickly bear, vitamin B, taurine, DHM, and milk thistle. Like Cheers, you take these capsules right before going out and then right before going to bed.

ZBiotics was developed by a team of PhD microbiologists who engineered a probiotic solution to the effects of alcohol. This anti-hangover tool also is designed to be taken the night before a hangover, and contains powerful probiotics to help your body metabolize alcohol in a safer way.

Where to Buy?

As of right now, there are two places  you can purchase Cheers Hangover Cure. The easiest way to buy this product is through the manufacturer’s website. However, you can also purchase it on Amazon, where there are equally attractive pricing and bundling options to make it worth your time.

Is Cheers Hangover Cure Worth It?

The Cheers Hangover Cure is packed with ingredients that are backed by science to help treat a hangover. If you’ve been suffering from the nasty side effects of overindulging and are ready to give a new solution a try, the Cheers Hangover Cure may be worth it for you.

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Migraines, shady company, avoid!

December 31, 2019

Terrible! Gave me migraines every time I took it.  The company is very sneaky too, they promise a sample size for the cost of shipping...but they don't tell you you are signing up for a monthly subscription that they auto charge your card for.  Then they make it hard to cancel.  Bad product even worse company! They just released a study showing the hangover prevention supplements are unlikely to work anyway.  Please save your money!

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Listen to the reviews, it’s a scam

October 11, 2019

I just experienced the same thing. I signed up via a promotion of free sample with $1 shipping and handling only. I read through terms very carefully and did not read any mention of an auto renew after that.

However, sure enough, about a week later I see a new shipping notification and a $30 charge to my credit card. I responded to them immediately, and they came back with a fully formed email (no surprise since they are used to deceiving customers and need a canned response) with screenshots of the auto renew being mentioned, when it wasn’t even of my order and definitely was not the experience I saw when I ordered. Again, I always read through terms very carefully.

Now I’m trying to cancel but they said it’s shipped already and can’t cancel. then make me call to remove the auto renew, even though they added it without my consent and other companies can do it over email.

Super deceitful company. It’s such a pity because they appeared to be a really great idea and product, but I will never support a company like this out of principle. I advise you do the same.

Drink water, it’s free and not shady.

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Deceptive Practices

September 20, 2019

The product didn't work and they signed me up for auto refills after I got a sample pack. Their website doesnt allow you to log in and cancel the auto refills. You have to call their customer service which is not 24 hours. I will never use this product again and they had better give me the money they stole back. Would give them 0 stars if it was an option.

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Buyer beware

August 29, 2019

This also happened to me and true initial package was not packaged well when I finally got a hold of someone they were like oh well a full size product is already on its way. I have been trying to get a refund without success but I did get Paypal to stop the reoccurring charges!

January 06, 2020

How did you get PayPal to cancel the reoccurring charges I'm soo frustrated!

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June 26, 2019

I recently ordered a free product from them to try and they automatically sent a full subscription product and charged my PayPal.
No where when I signed up did it say that it was a subscription!!!!

Fraudulent behavior

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July 17, 2019

Same thing happened to me! They said I "selected" an auto-refill frequency which I did not, and was also under the impression that I had a month to cancel yet they charged me after 2 weeks. Currently disputing this with them and if they refuse to refund me then I'll go through my bank. Completely deceptive!

July 26, 2019

Same thing happened to me too. I emailed them within an hour of seeing a charge on my account (about 12:30am PST) and they didn't respond for 2 days after they proceeded to ship! Needless to say their phone hours are inaccurate as I tried to call and waited on hold until they were "no longer accepting calls." This happened 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for a refund..

October 11, 2019

Exactly the same thing just happened to me. I know i did not select this option, and they tried to "prove" it by sending me a screenshot (but it was of their OWN transaction, since they put in credit card number of 1234 1234 1234 1234 - obviously they can't access my screen, so I think this screenshot is of no value since they just created it). Then in their very own screenshot, I reiterated to them that their own words stated the autorenews would happen in a "few weeks", and that it had only been a little over 1 week..

Scammy scam scam. If not a scam, then very deceitful marketing practices. I think they bank on people being like, "Oh, maybe it DID say that and I missed it.." and just letting it go.

Now they've removed the auto-renew for me, but refused to refund the $31 first shipment claiming it already shipped. 1) it didn't already ship, I have the tracking number and the label was merely printed so far 2) even if it did ship already, I never requested it. It's like shoving something into someone's hands forcefully, then demanding money for it because it's not longer in their hands. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I am filing a credit card dispute after trying over and over again to get through to them directly. I suggest you do the same.

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