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About is a new rewards program available as a mobile application which gives shoppers the ability to win prizes and earn rewards for doing the same type of shopping they would normally do anyway.

The website says all you have to do is download the app to your smart phone and then begin the activities which give you points. You can watch videos, take quizzes, shop online, complete offers, search the app, and more.

The main draw of this program is shopping in the real world, however. Whenever you go to any of CheckPoints’ partner retailers, you can simple “check in” and receive points. Their partner retailers include nationwide retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more, as well as some smaller and more local retailers.

Once you are inside the store, you will get a list of items in the store that offer additional CheckPoints. You do not have to purchase these items in order to collect the points. Simply scan the barcodes of these items and you will be awarded the points.

Each time you scan a barcode, you will automatically be entered to giveaway contests to see if you can win extra prizes or points given to you through brand promotions. In addition, you can also earn points when you refer family and friends to download the app or when you share your favorite items on Facebook.

After you have collected a specific amount of points, you can redeem these points on your phone through their rewards center. The rewards they offer range from free gas cards to gift cards, shopping sprees, airline tickets, and much more.

Mobile apps for rewards are often victims of people trying to “hack” them and get “bonus codes” or points they haven’t actually earned. Be aware that if suspects any sort of this activity on your phone that your account will be deleted and will you no longer have any access to the points you have earned.

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