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About CheckMaid Cleaning Service

Busy lives tend to not leave any room for cleaning your home. With so many deadlines and places to be, it's hard to find a day in the week when you are able to just clean your home, especially when all you want to do on your days off is relax.

If this is the case for you, you might want to check out the CheckMaid Cleaning Service. Their name is a dead giveaway of what they are — a cleaning service that aims to provide you with the best and most hassle-free experience.


As mentioned, CheckMaid offers home and office cleaning services. They provide both full and partial cleaning, Move In/Move Out help as well as laundry services. Moreover, they come to your home fully-equipped for the job.

So, you don’t have to worry about providing them with the necessary supplies needed. On top of that, all the products they bring are eco-friendly to ensure not just a clean home, but also a safe one for all who live in it.

How Does It Work?

Cleanings take an average of one hour per room, but don't worry, you won't have to be there for it. Moreover, the cleaners are all insured and bonded for your benefit and safety and the company makes sure to run background checks on every single person on the team.

This is in order to ensure complete protection of clients like yourself.

Cost and Price Plans

With rates that depend on the services you request for, they also provide you with discounts depending on how often you wish to have them clean for you.

They provide a 15% discount if you call them in monthly, a 25% discount if you call them in every 2 weeks and a 30% discount for weekly cleanings.

Customer Service

You may get in touch with CheckMaid Cleaning Services by emailing them at [email protected], or calling them at (800) 737-4802.

Payments may be accepted only through all major credit cards and debit cards, while cash and checks aren't accepted unless they are merely for tips for the cleaners.

Furthermore, they also offer refunds for those who aren't satisfied with the service provided to them, just give them a call and ask how. As for cancellations, they charge $80 if you cancel after 5pm the day before the scheduled cleaning, so as to be considerate to the cleaners you booked.

You may be wondering if they can clean your home while you are away and during the weekends — the answer to both is yes. All you have to do is leave a key for them in a hidden area and be sure to inform them of where you placed it.

Speaking of trouble getting into the home, if for any reason the cleaners are denied entry to your house, CheckMaid will charge an additional $80 fee, as it will be counted as a cancellation. For any inquiries about this, you may contact them directly.

Online Reviews/Complaints

A good amount of CheckMaid's clients claim to be more than satisfied with the service provided to them. From seamless bookings, to respectful and meticulous cleaners, to spotless cleaning, more than half of the reviews seem to be dedicated and rely on CheckMaid.

That being said, there are still a few negative reviews that mainly target the punctuality and work ethic of the cleaners as well as the administration of CheckMaid.

The company makes sure to reply to all these negative reviews with apologies and a plea for another chance, which seems to be very respectful.

These isolated, negative incidents seem to be a result of unprofessional and inexperienced cleaners that CheckMaid has given a greenlight to, which, according to the clients affected, they should reevaluate in order to provide them with their money’s worth.

Competitors and Alternatives

Eco Maids, Eco Friendly Maid Service and Molly Maid are a few good alternatives to CheckMaid, should you ever need them. Eco Maids promises a thoughtfully clean home by using eco-friendly products with no toxins or harmful chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Maid Services promises the same thing by providing you with the best services while maintaining their noble core values which are health, growth and sustainability.

However, Molly Maid is a cleaning service whose main goal is to help you take back your free time by leaving all the dreadful house cleaning to them.

Whether you live in a mansion or a studio unit, these cleaning services are willing to provide you with flexible cleaning plans that cater to your specific needs.

Where to Buy?

CheckMaid has branches all over America. They host cleaning services in California, DC, Chicago, Florida, Boston, Nevada, New York, Philadelphia and Texas.

You are able to book your appointments with them through the given contact info above, or go to their website at and fill out the booking form there once you've checked the available cleaning schedules they have.


If you're looking for a cleaning service to make your home spotless and bright, CheckMaid is quite a good choice. The ease and comfort they are able to provide you through their systematic ways are a good testament of how fluid their actual services are.

Just be aware of the possible mishaps and unsatisfactory cleaners you may face. In spite of the few negative reviews though, CheckMaid seems to be able to put the money where their mouth is and not waste any of yours. So, if you're thinking of booking them, we wouldn't dissuade you.

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