( 20 reviews ) is a travel search engine which states its dedicated to helping their customers find the best possible travel deals, whether you are searching by flight date or by location. was established in 1996 in the United Kingdom; their website says they were the first travel search engine and flight comparison website. In May of 2003, the website expanded their business into the United States.

How Does it Work? does not sell tickets directly.

Rather, the website is a search tool that aims to simplify the search for airfare tickets, as well as providing their customers access to deals and travel guides.

Their search feature allows you to look for airfare and deals in multiple different ways.

First, they have a location based search feature, which allows you to find special deals and the best airfares out of your home airport and to a specific location, rather than tickets based on the date of travel.

This search feature is excellent for travelers who are flexible with their travel dates and are simply interested in the best overall deal for their vacation plans.

If your dates are not flexible, you can search for airfare based on the dates of travel and the location to which you are traveling. You can even include which airlines you wish to travel on, which benefits travelers who belong to frequent flyer clubs.

When you search, all fares and deals will include taxes and fees, so the prices you find will be reliable.

However, does not actually sell the tickets themselves. Rather they will redirect you to the airline or hotel to finalize your purchase.

This means that if you have any complaints or issues, or need to reschedule your travel, you must contact the merchant that you actually purchased your ticket or reservation from.

If you cannot remember, you can contact with your confirmation number to receive assistance or contact info.

If you have any experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below. Customer Reviews

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Liars, Thieves, Scammers.
February 20, 2024

Try to book an international flight, they called me and tried to charged me $650 for the cabin luggage on a flight for $850, under the pretense that it was an especial offer from the aero line that did not include any kind of luggage on an INTERNATIONAL flight. Book the same flight on the aero line web, cabin bag included, checked bag for $75.

As always, if seems too good to be true provably is too good to be true.

Do not used, they try to pressure me telling that it was a flight with no cancelation refund, but they did not charged anything yet, since you must approve, but I'm keeping an eye on my credit card account and added alerts. Better be safe than sorry.

Liars, Thieves, Scammers.

October 16, 2023
DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM! The whole company is a fraud. When I initially booked, it was a different fare. They called me back and told me it was going to $200 extra. After I had told them I didn’t want to move forward with the reservation, the guy basically forced me into moving forward with it. This was within an hour of booking. He would let me cancel even though it said you can cancel within 24 hours. On the day of the flight, there were unforeseen events that happened so I needed to change my return date. I was told that the ticket was no refundable and that I couldn’t get any credit back. And had to pay the full price of another ticket . They were of no help. Please don’t be like me! Don’t book with them!

Fraud Alert Cheapflights garbage!
March 10, 2023
A childhood friend is dying in Florida of Stage 4 liver failure and in hospice with a week or so left to go. I bought a ticket at 9:45 this morning for $197. 3 hours later I was contacted and told the fare was changed to $547. I have already purchased transportation to and from the airport at both ends. I am going there for one day and they do this? How are they in business? This is 100% bait and switch.

Bait-And-Switch Scam
November 10, 2022
This website links you to other airline booking sites that are nothing more than bait-and-switch scam artists. They quote a low price and then contact you the next day telling you there is a problem and you need to pay more.

KHB January 05, 2023

That is exactly what is happening to me. I'm trying to fight it but they now have me on hold! Ugh!! Don't I have to give them permission to charge my credit card the extra money?

They changed the dates while purchasing on the site.
November 9, 2022

I booked a flight not seeing the dates for the flight was different, called immediately after booking and asked to cancel. I was denied this opportunity. 3min!!! After! I asked several times to speak to a manager as I was repeatedly told this was not an option, I was offered to change the date of the flight, again I asked to cancel and was told no.

The staff member gave me a quote for 500$ more than my previous dates, I expressed that I did purchase some sort of insurance and wanted to cancel she said no, then offered a 50$ discount, when I asked if there was anything else she could do, she placed me on hold and again told me there was nothing. She said I would have a carry on option, and several other things I wouldn't have had in my previous purchase.

She was WRONG I still pain more then what I would have going on the airlines site with better perks. Although the staff member was nice this hospitality and format for this site is the worst and extremely over priced. I will be sharing this on several other social media outlets, people should never purchase from here! They will be tricked.

October 13, 2022

They charged me twice for taxes and fees over the ticket price which included the taxes and fees. They won’t return that money I was overcharged. They don’t know how to book. Ripoff...

October 1, 2022

THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL LIE TO YOU JUST TO SELL YOU THE WRONG TICKETS TO MAKE MORE MONEY. be careful, don't believe anything they tell you. they will tell you everything you want to hear just to scam you.

They lie to me and sold me different tickets than what I ask for after I repeatedly told them what I want to make sure they get me the right tickets. I just lost 2,038.90 .

Previous Customer Will Not Use CHEAPO Again
August 18, 2022
I used to use Cheapo all the time and the service and quality were stellar. However, it is now simply awful. They promised me I could cancel at any time within 24 hours, however, when I called to cancel within 24 hours it was a nightmare. I first contacted the virtual BOT who kept asking why I was canceling and why could I not just change the flight, then I texted with a live person and went through the same series of questions as to why I needed to cancel and why I couldn't just change the flight. Actually, none of that is their business. Then I called an agent and he asked me the same questions. By this time, I have given the reason to cancel at least 6 times. He also asked why I could not change the flight. Then, he said they could only give me 80% of the fees back despite being told yesterday that they would give me 100% back if I called to cancel within 24 hours. I have now expended an hour on this and the flight is still not canceled.

Cheap Service Too
June 11, 2022

never again this is a joke don't do it lax to sydney cancelled my ticket had to call some on in india , cost 899 $b no refund, lernt my lesson


Do not stand buy their products
May 11, 2022

Do yourself a favor. Don’t buy from this company. I paid an additional $30.00 to chose a regular set( get that free online with airline ) only to find out I don’t have the seats.

Went on airline website to check on things to find out seats I paid for months ago I don’t have and now there are almost no seats left. Called them to be told sorry we’ll refund your money asked for supervisor told same thing. I said that doesn’t help me with seats. She hung up on me.

My husband is recovering from knee surgery and needs an aisle for his knee. Which is why I paid the extra money he also needs my help. I’m now two rows ahead of him. I can’t believe how badly I was treated. American Airlines said you have to deal with company you bought the tickets from. That leaves me no where. Can’t believe the total lack of responsibility and customer service. Zero rating for them!

Do not share any personal information with them.
May 2, 2022
Scam! Not to be trusted with any of your personal information. Keep claming that credit card was declined but credit company has no information of any transactions being declined.

Not to be trusted and headache dealing with them
April 20, 2022

Don’t book through them. Couldn’t go on my flight (thank god maybe I would have had more issues with them). But 4 months later I’m still trying to get my refund back. Every time I call it’s a different reason as to why I can’t get my refund back and that they are working on it. Their site shows they issued my full amount back and I haven’t gotten one ticket refund back. Such a mess, tried to dispute through my credit card company, no luck. Also had different charges appear on my credit card after purchasing my tickets...

Worst company
October 26, 2018

Would rate below 1 if I could.

Total RIP off. Add 100.00 to your fare. Every thing is nonrefundable even in emergency and won't exchange. You get charged for carry on at airport. Liars. United ended up helping us on ticket this fraud sold us. They deceive you. Use any company but this one

JohnSmith March 22, 2022

I thought that this is about the Cheap Flights Fares reviews. However, it turned out to be You site ranks when i search for reviews about the cheapflightsfares.

September 18, 2018

Worst! Worst! Worst!

The worst experience of flight booking on internet till date.

I booked a flight on 18-09-2018 today morning from Bangalore to Delhi for November. They sent the 'order mail' after the payment was done. Now they call in evening and say your booking is cancelled due to Fare Fluctuations, we will refund the amount.

When your processes are so slow why the hell are you in this business even?

And How can a trusted airline like Vistara trust these fraudsters?

Over this, their Supervisor- Mr Gurpreet from Gurugram office has the audacity to say that ticket will not confirm what so ever happens.

P.S.- 1 star because it's mandatory to give rating.

NEVER EVER think of booking flights from CHEAPFLIGHTS. Bloody CHEATFLIGHTS.

Horrible - in fact, total scam
September 1, 2018

Do not use!

They sell you the tickets on one price, take your money, and a few days after new charges will appear on your card - they call it "post-flight " (!????!!!!???) charges. Therefore your ticket will become more expensive that if you buy it from a reputable place or carrier.

And then they had an audacity to call and ask how happy was I with the experience!!!!!!

Totally shameless lies. If there would be negative rating - they would get -10 from me

August 13, 2018


Not reliable at all, so far I had a dismal experience and I am still not sure I will get my money back. Just one day before the flight is schedueled, I discover that my booking was cancelled, that supposadly my credit card payment did not go thru! While I was charged and received an email confirming my reservation 45 days ago.

If I haden't called them to check on the status, I would not even know that my reservation was not valid any more!

I had to rebook at double the price through Expedia and now I am checking the initial payment issue with my bank.


May 17, 2017

Can't Trust Their Prices Book Directly with Carrier
November 25, 2016

If I could rate less than zero I would.

Horrible customer service and very unprofessional.

I booked a flight for a business trip and waited 4 days for the confirmation email. I did have the reservation number and had been checking daily for any updates. I finally called because no payment had posted against my account.

I was told by the rep that my flight plans had been canceled. I asked why I had not been informed and why had the reservation been canceled. The rep could not provide an explanation. I had to insist that he verify my email that was on file.

He finally indicated that the price I paid was no longer available and that he could place a new booking. I did not feel comfortable with that and so I declined.

I then went right to the carrier and received the confirmation email and the payment was processed in less than five minutes.

I paid 25.00 more because of the delay. Lesson learned is to cut out the cheap flight middle man and deal directly with the carrier. is completely useless.

February 24, 2016
Absolutely useless....and depending on whether I get a refund for the 'holding' deposit, possibly fraudulent. Booked a 'deal' flight, only to be told that I would not actually receive the ticket until 2 months down the line.....after they took the holding deposit. Their agents Luke and Edwin are untrustworthy and basically liars. Apart from that they are great!! Would not touch them with a double barge pole!!

Be Aware-not cheap fare
August 29, 2014
Be aware that the total fare may be higher than if you book directly with the carrier. Although the fare was posted as "Cancel or change at no charge", you must change/cancel within 4 hours otherwise there is a hefty charge. I am sure that is probably imbedded in the fine print somewhere on their website.

Blair Ireland March 09, 2015

Be careful, there is no help or customer service with this company. They don't even have a customer service email on their website. Buy your ticket through an accredited travel agent or the airlines these guys don't care about you or your business

Mike February 24, 2016

Absolutely useless....and depending on whether I get a refund for the 'holding' deposit, possibly fraudulent. Booked a 'deal' flight, only to be told that I would not actually receive the ticket until 2 months down the line.....after they took the holding deposit. Their agents Luke and Edwin are untrustworthy and basically liars. Apart from that they are great!! Would not touch them with a double barge pole!!.