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Best dating site.
April 13, 2017
By far, this is the best online dating site I’ve ever used. The matching process appears to be well thought out making my dating experiences enjoyable. You may submit pictures of yourself and crop them if you need to. The only drawback I could find was the inability to meet somewhat close to home as all the women live in other countries.

Matching site, not bad.
April 12, 2017
I have been using Charmingdate for a few months now with some degree of success. While there were some negative reviews of Charmingdate, my experience was overall positive. Just in the short time I have been on Charmingdate, they have helped me make many improvements to my profile. While I haven’t yet met the “love of my life,” I’ve had dates with a few women and will continue to use Charmingdate.

Online relationship
April 9, 2017
Online relationship is not much different from the traditional relationship. Relationships in general is time demanding and whether you are dating online or offline makes no difference; you have to commit time to it to make it work. Many people approach a relationship with the mindset of a one-night-stand and then frustration will begin to set it when after weeks they are not making headway. Inasmuch as the physical contact is not there, the emotional needs has to be fulfilled to the fullest and communication and exchange of pictures is a vital part of it.

Fulfill her demands
April 9, 2017
Some women can be very demanding and this trait is not completely eradicated in online dating. If you happen to have a date who is demanding – and you really love her – then you have to try to meet some of her demands in order to sustain the relationship. As little as sending her pictures or gifts on this website can have a great impact on them. The truth is that when girls make demands sometimes, they are just trying to test you to see how far you will go out of your way to please them.

I am an ass
April 3, 2017

Hi guys.

Dave here again, my last post told the story of Nadya Neduja C222058 the chick that never showed in Paris.

Well i fell for two others, at different times, and like an ass i got sucked in again, without lots of spends this time.

Victoria Kovenlenka vika, C 761907 reporter from kiev hates me as i would not send her gifts.


Ekaterina Romanova, C 171286 Kate from Karkiv thinks i doubt her as she does not want to meet me.

Have any of you guys came a cross these woman , i would be interested to know who they are, apart from that i can honestly say never again, its too much hassel and who the hell knows who you talk to.

I will be honest, i should have listerned.. i like beautiful woman.

Keep away from this site

Dave the ass

ps i gave the 5 stars as a joke

Bryan Ohlsson April 30, 2017

Dave, I fell for the scam back in 2015. I went to Kyiv, met with the lady. Discovered very quickly it was a scam.

Unlike most men, I got pissed and wanted the truth. I returned to Ukraine many times over the next year and eventually moved to Kyiv to dig.

I uncovered the lies, fraud and theft generated. Charm is the host for the local agencies. Charm gets a percentage of the profits, along with the local agency and the translators.

What guys never get through their heads is, they are not talking to the actual girl. And to be honest, I photographed guys writing and chatting with men off the site. I have taken 100's of photos, dated a translator, that works for a local agency. This is an ugly business and all about the money.

There is a very large group of men working on a class action law suit against these host companies like Charm, Anastasia and others. We are talking a about hundreds of millions a year for each hosting company.

I found living here in Kyiv, it is easy to meet real woman just being out an about.

DAVE May 01, 2017

Thanks Bryan.

Just a quick question, who was i talking too?, just some random chicks who work at the agency?.

Well may just take a side trip to Kiev, to at least have a look at what i did not get.

Thanks again


Bryan Ohlsson May 13, 2017

Dave, you were talking to the translator hired by the local agency to answer the letters. Could be a girl or guy. I found both working for the local agencies here.

A lot of the girl listed are friends with either someone who works for the agency, a relative of someone working at the agency or someone paid a fee for having their pictures posted.

I uncovered so much just being here. Scary who big this industry really is today. It is all about the money. Any money here is good money. Where the average monthly salary is from $250 to $500 USD a month. Any money is better than no money.

I fell for the scam, but I went to Ukraine anyway and followed through with the date. I do speak Russian, but played the dumb foreigner, but I listened. Problem is I go pissed, but did not go away like must men do. Being a Marine, I wanted justice for the wrong done.

I could tell you horror stories of other men and of all the crap I have found. Insane honestly. I dug not to hurt anyone, but to learn the truth and spread the word about the theft happening.

Full of Scammers Website
April 2, 2017
This site has a huge presence of scammers. Be wary of Odessa in particular. It has a long corrupted history of crime associated with it and is home to many scammers. A prime example is profile number: C321946 or Katya. She is also known as Sexy_Kate. She also has profiles on FindBride and Mariya-Club. Avoid her at all costs. She will break your heart and empty your bank account. Avoid Sexy_Kate, avoid Odessa, heck, avoid CharmDate.

Complete scam - stay away
January 12, 2017

None of the women are real. The "verification" seal on their profile is worthless. I have correspondence from the "customer service" people that say they only require a signed statement from lady members - no identification requirement. They all get paid to talk to you - they take a portion of the money you spend to talk to them. Why do they want to leave the website that pays them? They don't

Don't waste your time or money on this website.

Biggest scam ever watch out
October 16, 2016

I am a ok looking guy in early 40,s. Tried this place just for fun. I first had a serious profile with good pictures and intentions. I had like 800 so called admire mail the first 3 days from mail from the 4 sites Latam date, charmdate, asiandate and chinesedate. I would say around 200 where really really good looking (10 points). Models....???

Already there the warning signs start to ticking. I only paid like 7 bucks. Then they tried to get you into false chat and emails and cams really expensive. Fortunately i am to experienced and thinking so i never paid more than that 7 bucks, but the worst part is this.

I changed my profile searched for the ugliest person on google. Put that picture on my profile. Wrote that my weight was over 300 pounds and was 150 cm tall with a 3 cm penis and I was a heavily drinker and a drug addict and homeless with no money.... hahahah Lol LoL LoL

Guess what the same beautiful ladies sent same mail and told me how nice my pictures and profile was. I laughs so i almost peed in my pants. This is so stupid and pathetic. How can anyone get fooled by this scammers. At least they should prevent me from changing profile and have same payed models there. Its just crazy. Someone needs to stop this kind of behavior. Its hard, but Interpol should stop things like this.

How can people be so stupid. I have heard of people that put 1000 of dollars there. I am amazed. All positive reviews on different review sites are short and made of this sick scammers. Watch out. I will change my credit card and have only 1 buck there until then. Off course.

Older men that are lonely and hope this extremely beautiful ladies want them. Shame on the people behind this... Biggest scam ever. Forward this to anyone you know...

Matt January 04, 2017

Thanks for the heads up mate just joined

I'm off!

Jon January 13, 2017 least I haven't paid 7 bucks LOL!! These sites are just online prostitution. At least with a real hooker, you get to touchy feely with a real live one.

Bryan Ohlsson April 30, 2017

Hookers here are cheaper LOL! Living in Kyiv, Ukraine now. Interesting place and tons of beautiful women just walking the streets. Easy to meet and not whores.

Stay away from sites like this and just come here.

Dood McMan December 22, 2017

Come 2 Kiev in person 2 get robbed on your trip? Oh yes, so much better HAHAHA =)) Why even talk 2, lease of all visit, a place that is populated by nothing but thieves? It's obvious Y the East drinks itself 2 death = nothing but whores & other thieves with no interest in men whatsoever (aside from their wallets =)) Get real. They may as well be made of plastic. It's all fake!

if not she I wouldn't know that still love my ex!
September 22, 2016

Hello everyone

I just deleted my profile from this site but not upset with it! This is my story of talking to one lady here and meeting.

On the moment of registration I had two kids and wife, ex wife actually. After two years of fights and misunderstanding we decided to do a break for a while but both knew that everything are over. It’s reality. Can bet that many of us have the same story…

After some time, I found one blonde Olga, long legs, good figure, no children and with good sense of humor) Talks, understanding, flirt and jokes, all were there, so I decided to go to her and see by myself after 4 months of talking. It was nice two days in Kiev with her after what I went home. She is beautiful lady and really interesting inside. Maybe I should tell her “Thank you” for that she helped me to understand that I still love my ex! Lol)

I thought that my feelings to Helen were dead, but after meeting Olga and news that Helen has other man too I stopped thinking about other ladies! I want only my wife back! Maybe you still love your ex too?) lol

Hope that one of you would be loved by this wonderful lady Olga C100405 but I have mine)Bye guys, good luck!

Jon January 14, 2017

Sorry buddy but you showed youre a moron for either: 1) Spending thousands of dollars visiting "Olga" and not spending t on your wife and kids

-OR- 2) a guba for giving up on Olga to go back to your wife. I am divorced, we love each other and will NEVR get back together. I also realize charmdate and the other 3 they own are 99.9% scam. Personally I dont believe you went there to meet this Oga!!

Jon January 14, 2017

Sorry buddy but you showed you're a moron for either: 1) Spending thousands of dollars visiting "Olga" and not spending it on your wife and kids -OR- 2) a gumba for giving up on Olga to go back to your wife. I am divorced, we love each other but will NEVER get back together. I also realize charmdate and the other 3 they own are 99.9% scam. Personally I don't believe you went there to meet this Olga!! BTW, way to go dumbass telling us your wifes name Helen...oops I said it too. You're a piece of work!

Bryan Ohlsson May 13, 2017

Charm is a scam completely and 2 days here tells you nothing. Just tells me you spent a lot of money for nothing. At least you should have gotten a hooker while you were here for your trouble and money spend for nothing.

There are many beautiful women here looking, but none of this site or many many of the other Pay per letter sites. These are just a joke and only around to steal your money. Just like the dinner you took Olga and the translator one. The restaurant screwed you along with the local agency and Charm.

Should have just gotten the hooker. It would have been cheaper and made a good memory from the trip.

September 11, 2016

Sorry guys, my story is quite long, i will cut it down, and give the bullet points.

Started talking to girl last December, were we would send a letter each day, this was fun, as she wanted to move to the UK

We had arranged to meet in the April, and she had her flights booked to come for holiday, one month before she was to arrive, she ended up in hospital....... she did not come.

Next i arranged to go to her, booked flights, and hotel, two days before i am to go, letter tells me she has to go on training course, to further career to make it easy for her to come and live with me, i cancelled.

Now this is the best bit guys..... i fell for this,

The love of my life, who has sent me hundreds of letters hundreds of personal pictures, lots of butt shots in underwear photos, packs her job in, has now a job in Glasgow, and is coming to live with me here in the UK, flying with air France, on the dates she gives me.

I speak to my girl the night before and ask i will see you tomorrow, "yes my love" was the answer.

Like the jerk i am, i fly to Paris, i have three hour wait for her to land, i check web site before her take off. She had sent a letter. She was not allowed on the plane due to credit card debt???, i checked with air France , they would never stop anybody getting on a plane for any debt , and they would not tell me if she was booked on the flight.

I received a letter from her as i tried to contact her a couple of days later, when i had cooled down.

It said please forget about me, i am leaving this site, i am moving to another country, to start a new life, its better this way.

Could not get to Paris....... never mind another country, when i look back, when i tried to explain, tourist visas, work permits, the answers were "all is okay."

Just to say before i go, i had written some very hardcore porn stories about me and her, which she seemed to encourage me to write, who ever was answering them, i will never know.

But i do want to know who the girl was in the picture i thought i was talking too?......Can anybody help me on this?


tango15 October 06, 2016

I went out with a Russian lady for some years (not off the site) and twice we arranged holidays and she didn't turn up. Similar stories. First time she said she was attacked in the street the day before (though I never saw any signs of damage afterwards) and the second time she was refused exit from Russia because of unpaid tax. I know that in Russia and Ukraine the tax authorities notify the border control about this. I have actually seen people being stopped from leaving when they were at the airport. Maybe that was what she meant.

As far as Charmdate is concerned, I think most of the women do exist.There are stunning women all over Ukraine. The problem is, I suspect that some of them are married or have regular boyfriends.I visit Ukraine on business from time to time, and I've suggested meeting them, but they always find some excuse. I suspect it's because they know I will want to exchange contact details and then suddenly their revenue stream dries up. Most are on there just to earn money and have no intention of leaving the country. If you're a local, $50 goes a long way in Ukraine.

Datingexpert October 13, 2016

Contact me, I will help you

Don't Go There
July 13, 2016
I have to say that after $1000 invested here, there are more efficiently run Russian dating websites. Some good dialogue is quite possible here but the problem is for me, it turns into one gigantic sucking sound. For example, a good dialog turns into a date request. After the date is rejected on the other end, you are encouraged to buy even more credits for more letter writing with the person for a date that will never happen. And customer service cannot even tell you the reason for a date rejection. They are in Asia while your date is rejected in Ukraine. Their answer is write the lady and buy more credits. There are also particular ladies who just keep sending you emf mails every day just so they can suck your credits dry. On top of that, the love call requests can suck your balance so fast, you won't even realize you just burned through 100 credits. You won't get a meeting here or a girlfriend so even some other cheaper websites will easily outperform Charmdate. Customer Service is super friendly but unfortunately problems do not get resolved and one gets the runaround. I honestly can't recommend this site to anyone unless you are big time wealthy and want to blow your brains out.

Marina C772477 IS A SCAMMER
February 2, 2016

Definitely a scammer. Avoid her, please. Heck avoid complete. It is a scam site.

Vasyl February 03, 2016

Yes? this is the scam site. I can not say about all the women who have profiles on this site but most earn money for the site as well as possible for yourself

Jack February 07, 2016

Her name is Marina Polyakova, maybe had other names, too. A professional scammer.

Her two profiles; two different names:

AVOID this scammer.

Hecka avoid charmdate.

January 29, 2016
after two trips to the Ukraine I paid a private investigator to follow up on the lady I spent a year talking to, turns out she is a model and letting Charming date use her photo, also the investigator sent my a flyer Charming date sends out, " Make extra money" This is the biggest scam in the dating sites, don't waste your money

The worst of all.
May 11, 2015

I spend a fair bit of time in Ukraine. This is the worst of all dating sites, it is purely set up to take money. Most of the girls photos are registered on numerous sites, which also then makes it easy enough to find them on either using a birthday, name, location or a google image. Not one will ever write to you there, which if she was real is exactly what she'd do.

Tony Santos June 11, 2015

This site is fake. You pay for nothing as girls are paid to make you stay as long as possible.

philip coughlan October 18, 2015

Burn your money and save heart ache.3 yrs on this site spent 1000's of dollars.4 women .All the same,as soon as you pay for email address,they disapear and your time and money as well.

It is nothing but a scam

99% scam
April 18, 2015

I jumped on the band wagon like a lot other gentlemen. I am 49 and Divorced and was tried of looking in the good old US for someone that is not lazy, fat and just looking for a free ride... well this site did open my eyes.

I started chatting and sending letters with 2 women.. just 2. A quick background of me - Internet Security and investigator. One would send pictures, not from Charm, but real pictures. So, I took one of these and started digging. Found the girl in a few normal places, will not go into details here, but I found her. I started asking her direct questions, from the information I had gathered without giving up my hand. I asked if the name given was really hers.

She told me her real name in Ukrainian, which I already knew the answer, but was looking for her to be truthful. I asked about brothers or sisters, she replied with the correct information. I asked about where she lived and got no answer, but I already know the information. I created a few accounts on Ukrainian/Russian social media sites to see, if she would at least look.

Quick answer was, no. She would always put me off wanting to chat, letters, phone calls and or have me send pictures. Not one of the latter was ever done.

I pulled the ad from the a few different Ukrainian news paper and found out how much these girls make for each service. A girl can make a lot of money.. wow! One thing they are told is to keep letters short and simple, no details, but just enough to keep the guy interest.. spending money. Chat is always every limited. One last test I did was send a voice message to her and I asked her to reply. She did but I could hear a great deal of talking in the background, once I pulled the message and broke it down.

The other lady is older, around my age and sends very long letters and talked in chat. She willingly gave details about her life and her voice message contained no background noise.

So, about 99% of the girls are milking men for money, but there maybe that 1%, that really wants to get out of the situation they are in.

Best advise would be to look for someone around you age, be picky and not stupid. No young lady is going to go for an old fart, no matter what they say. Do, these women take better care of how they appear, answer would be yes. Their culture is very different and these women like to stay home and take of the house and be your queen.

They are not looking for some fat guy, they can get that at home. They are not going to run out and get a job, just because you want them too. If you cannot afford this type of life, stay away from these women and just waste money on women wherever you live.

Alex D. November 29, 2015

Can you give me some tips on how to gather information about these girls? I am talking to one of them from and I want to make sure she is legit. Please help. Thanks.

Bryan Ohlsson April 30, 2017

Sorry about the delay here. Seems the site does not send an email when a message is sent.

Give me the girls ID number and I can get you all her information. Easy living here in Ukraine to track this down.

James May 03, 2017

Hi Bryan could you check out C700884 for me?

March 19, 2015

I set up a short basic profile here, in it I stated, "so I know your genuine and have read my profile, I want you to confirm to me before you say anything else, were it is I go on skiing Holidays ever year"

I have received over 120 mails, and not one , not one said anything about my skiing.. That is the only thing I wrote about in my profile. Some said" I have read your profile many times, and just had to write to you".

If this were true, they would have mentioned my skiing . Its totally fake, if you reply to girls here, your wasting your time, and more importantly your money, If you ignore this little experiment of mine, your a fool,

Sean Smith March 20, 2015

now up to 150 fake profiles, and no response from the site after writing over 10 emails to customer service, your choice as I said, but please don't be so stupid!!!!

the site charming .date
March 5, 2015

it is a scam !00%

stay away !!!!!!

Age Changes
March 2, 2015

I have corresponded with different ladies on this site and then stopped for various reasons. later I have seen the same profiles of the ladies with a different age. ladies have had 5 to 10 years removed from their profiles. I have taken this up with the site and have never had an answer.

I have also written and chatted with ladies and then requested and paid for their direct contact information. After a couple of direct contact emails the correspondence stops. When I then see the ladies in chat then I fined that they have blocked me from chatting.

100% Scam with no accountability
January 14, 2015

Charmingdate was the first and last dating scam I will ever fall for. Attached is a letter I wrote the company - I waited days and received no reply.


My name is ---- , I signed up for your website service about one week ago. I made a connection with one of the women and wanted to pursue it further . . . Instead I decided to cancel my subscription after reading your privacy policy.

I do not understand how this website can be truly effective in connecting people if the transfer of personal contact information is prohibited. Can you please explain this to me ? I have read "success story" testimonials, but am hoping that you can give me a more realistic perspective on the potential outcomes of your service.

Finally, I wonder if the translators also censor information that may be deemed against company policy ? I understand this is a paid service where everyone must get their cut, but I am wondering what's really in it for the patron besides some online companionship ? Is that it ?

I want to use your service and am willing to pay for new credits, but cannot subscribe to a resource that is not transparent and does not provide the tools to facilitate a real world outcome . . . My intentions are honest -my heritage is half Russian and I would like to connect with someone in the Ukraine or Russia for a long term relationship.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Don't fall for it . . . the free trial is what got me started & the people on the other end of the computer are master manipulators. It doesn't matter what you're into - literature, philosophy or the ridiculous dream that some babe in Russia is going to fall madly in love with you after 3 emails. Don't waste your time or money -if you want a stranger to validate you post a wanted add on Backpage . . .

Jason Henderson
January 1, 2015
Okay let me spill the beans on this website, the girls are paid to communicate with men, they get a percentage of all communications, letters and chat. I'm 63 years old and while on the site I get endless chat request from beautiful girls in there 20's, a chat cost about 3 dollars for 5 minutes, these girls are making all kinds of money, they can have as many chats going at one time as they want, and letters is another scam. They will even provide a computer for them to use at home, its not that hard to understand what is going on. Very young Beautiful women interested in an old man...what a scam