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About is the online home of CharmDate, a website which promises people that they are the most popular international dating platform for men around the world to meet women from Russia and the Ukraine.

How Does It Work?

According to the website, has a very simple mission, which is to provide their members with “safe, easy-to-use, and language-and-cultural-barrier-free services” to meet and date women from Russia and Ukraine.

Once you have signed up for their service and created your own member profile, you will be able to search through other members for free. Whenever you are ready to begin interacting with other members, you will have access to a variety of different services including Live Chat, Love Call, Video Show, EMF Mail, and more. 

Their website says that in order to provide one of the largest international dating platforms available, they have partnered with a huge network of local dating agencies, which they say makes “meeting a perfect match” as easy as possible.  

Cost/Price Plans

Unlike other websites, this company does not charge their customers monthly fees for using their service. Instead they rely on selling their customers credits for the features on their website.

Their website does not openly publish the prices of these credits to the public; you will need to sign up as a member to see all relevant pricing. They do say, however, that the more credits you purchase at a single time the more affordable they will be. Credits will also be good for 180 days from the date of purchase.   

Refund Policy

This website says that the money their customers pay for credits will be considered non-refundable, except in cases detailed in their Terms & Conditions. Customers that refer to Terms & Conditions to see what circumstances will result in a refund will see that problems with a lady member of the website can sometimes justify a refund, though the website does not mention what kinds of problems they are referring to. 

They do say that in order to receive a refund customers will need to be able to provide them with "the service provider ID or lady member ID and any other supporting information or proof that may be available." The bottom line appears to be that customers should not expect refunds except in extreme cases where they are able to prove misconduct on the part of other members.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


This website has many, many angry critics out there who believe that the women who are on this website are actually paid employees and not “real” women who are looking for international dating and relationships. This hasn’t been verified, but there are many customer reviews that lay out why they believe this is the case, including some reviewers who claim to have set up multiple different profiles to “test” this website and who say that they received basically the same emails and communications from female members, nearly word-for-word. 

Customers can make the choice for themselves about whether they are just interested in some fun entertainment and would still like to use this website, or if they are genuinely interested in pursuing a real relationship and will need to find another website for their needs.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are actually many, many different online dating sites that customers can use to meet people internationally so if does not meet your needs for whatever reason, there are many other options available that may meet your needs better than this website.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave reviews below.

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Charmdate Changes Prices

April24, 2020

Charmdate have changed their prices, its now only $49.99 for 20 credits, the highest price option too.

I had no trouble with Charmdate and occasionally use it still.

In other things I am still with my Ukrainian lady I found on Charmdate and we're very happy together. She is NOT paid and never was for her use of Charmdate.

We chat directly with each other away from Charmdate now. Just use Charmdate to meet your chosen lady and exchange personal information that way.

I know that won't happen for a while and not just because of Charmdate's 3 month or 90 Day policy, but due to the current Covid-19 crisis.

Good luck guys and enjoy using Charmdate.

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2 Reviews

I Had No Issues With Charmdate

November2, 2019

I made contact with a lovely Ukrainian lady via Chardmate even went there to meet her and had a great time with her and we're very much a couple now.
Yes Charmdate is expensive to use, so keep it to a minimum guys. Also be aware that it is customary in Ukraine for the man to foot the bill for everything realted to the date.

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Great but I have a suggestion for CharmDate

February7, 2018

I have been as a member for CharmDate not for long,great experience but still have some advise for them. CharmDate can add these options in your Advanced search Engine for exemple:
_ Only Ladies using Camshare
_ Only Ladies having Videos
_ Only Ladies who have Birthdays Soon"

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My suggestions of Charmdate

November24, 2017

I don’t know if I’m the only one or this happened to everyone. When I was signing up I needed to click the confirmation e-mail to continue. And it arrived in for a long time. And after using for some time I found that some of the photos are hiden or keeping unseen. It didn't make sense. Hope to increase about that two points.

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2 Reviews

Complete Scam

May13, 2017

Charm being the host not located in Ukraine, but China causes many questions.

First question men should ask is how so many young single women are available and want an old foreigner as a husband.

Answer is very simple. These girls/lady's are not looking to marry some old fart nor are they looking to flea Ukraine, friends and family.

What about the gifts men purchase off the site? The girls/lady's never get the gift, plus how does a company run out of Hong Kong get the gifts to the girls? Do not believe the local agency answer (crap) given. The girls/lady's get a portion of the money and these agencies stage photos of the girls with gifts. This is to make the man believe the girl/lady is receiving said item or items.

Most men would be shocked at how cheap items really are in Ukraine. An example would be the flowers. 25 Roses in Ukraine are about $15 USD.

Someone finds the truth living in Kyiv.

It is a job for the translators of the local agencies. These translators are hired to translate letter and write to the foreign men. The really funny part is not all the translators are women. Yes, that is right a man could be writing the letters.

After getting burned, I returned to Ukraine many times and even moved there to investigate the fraud and scam.

I located many of the local agencies and focused on a few to dig deep. Funny part is I went on many dates with these different agencies to find the answers and under covered a great deal.

See, I speak Russian, but played the dumb foreigner. I listened, made friends who assisted me in my investigation.

I found the photographers, makeup artist and even focused on one of the local studios where a lot of the photos are taken.

There are local ads run on for hiring translators. I even dated one of these translators for a while.

Each translator is aside a even numbers of girls. The number can vary on just how much money the translator wants to make. There are men Admin consoles some enterprising people can run themselves to make money. A percentage does go to the hosting site, but the girls/men can make a very good living for Ukraine.

The other thing uncovered is the descriptions of the girls listed. The local agency makes up the information, but some agencies try to keep it consistent. But, the more the profile gets spread around, the harder it is to keep the information the same.

One girl, who is a translator, plus she is listed on the host, at one of the local agencies is listed as a police women. She is not, but how would the average man know this without knowing someone in Ukraine or just moving there to uncover the scam.

One girl, who works as a translator of one of the agencies claims to be a Christian. She goes to church. But how can a Christian women work in this industry and have a Christian soul?

I could go on and on about all the things I have uncovered. The simple fact is this site and many others like it (a ppl site - pay per letter) are nothing but a scam and only looking to steal your money.

The is a very large group of men, which the group is growing, that have obtained a law firm to go after these sites. They will either be blocked and men will get their money back.

Time to shut down this multi-milliin dollars theft industry down.

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January 06, 2019

How can I contact the above mentioned law firm?
[email protected]

May 07, 2019

fs Lewis Lee
I really pray that: It's time to shut down this multi-million dollars theft industry down!!!.
Beware Of YOUR INVOICE!: Besides the Charges issued from the Real Site:, the Other 2 Merchant-
-Bankers; Namely 1)

May 07, 2019

( Continue: I've to re-write those words not submitted)

2) DMM Solutions Inc. After Checking with the Site, they
alleged that the LAST TWO merchant-chargers are their OLD
Partners. They opted to charge your single transaction
with Multiple-charged (by 3 parties) simultaneously!!!
It's doubtful and difficult for a victim to trace/ counter-check those transactions as INVOICES Listed out ONLY "DATE of transaction", BUT without Timing-of-Being-Charged: In "Minute OR Seconds" of the Very Moment Being Charged is neither shown in My Credit Bank's Statement. (I think there must be a conspiracy plot in between both side bankers?)

[email protected]

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