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I believe on Cerise best quality shirts

March 21, 2020

I have been dealing with Cerise custom shirts from a long period. The shirts have amazing quality, years after years the shirt continue to display same freshness. There shirts’ fit is always perfect style is timeless that make the wearer happy and in peaceful mind. Recently I have ordered some more slim Cerise custom shirts that should be here any day. I believe on Cerise custom shirts and know that my shirts will be as awesome as always are.

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Cerise creats perfect custom dress shirt

February 23, 2016

Like most of the men, I was also confused about custom dress shirts and made-to-measure shirts. Made to measure shirts always use some kind of standardization in patterning unlike custom-made shirts. I have recently bought a custom dress shirt from Cerise custom shirts. The company truly creates bespoke shirts by stitching from scratch using your exact measurements.  I am greatly impressed with their fabric selections and the quality of the work. Previously, I have used made to measure shirts and know the difference. The experience of custom dress shirts is far beyond the made to measure shirts

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