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Therapists don't show and company won't address or give a refund
May 20, 2023
My first therapist didn't show up for my scheduled session. I then called to see what happened and when I tried to reschedule, found out that this therapist didn't even have any available dates for the next 6 months. I tried a different therapist but she only showed up for one session. She didn't show up for my next session. When I called Cerebral support, they said that they were sorry but had no explanation for what happened. I then told them that I wanted a refund because out of 3 sessions, a therapist had only showed up to one. I didn't feel comfortable continuing with their service. They said that they could only offer me a 50% refund because I completed one session and refused to let me talk to a manager about my experience with their service.

Take your money without warning
November 25, 2022
Would definitely not recommend, you could spend less going to your primary care doctor they take your money and then pick and choose who they refund. They don't care, please go anywhere else for mental health.

They don't care about you
October 4, 2022

This service works if you need access to medication. You are assigned a counselor and a prescriber who you can message and talk to once a month.

Once I felt like I was finished with their service, I paid my last month ($85), had my last call with my prescriber and waited for my prescription. I got an email that my prescription was in my mailbox (I paid $10 for that) and then canceled the app.

The prescription WAS NOT in my mailbox. When I contacted them to see what happened, they said they would research it and they wanted me to pay another $30 to reactivate my account!

That's crazy! I had already paid $95 that month! I emailed and complained and they stopped responding. That is unprofessional and unethical. They don't care about you.

Horrible customer service!!!!
June 21, 2022

Started out okay with a great provider to help me get off Celexa. After I was having issues with how I was feeling I went on the message board to ask If there was a sooner time to speak to her again( very quick call). never got a response then. She was booked until Sept 7th. mind you this was idle of June.

Finally got a message stating that she had an opening on 6/20. Went to schedule and there was NOT an available slot. Really feeling anxious and weird and needed to see what my provider could do. Still nothing until 1:00 AM in the morning I get a message stating I had an 8:15 am appointment with her that same morning.

Needless to say I had to work and couldn't make that call. Then I get the email that I missed my appointment and reschedule. ZERO communication between anyone there. Tried calling emailing crickets.....

Terrible customer service
June 10, 2022
There customer service is terrible and it seems like they are just auto responses instead of people. It is very hard to cancel your subscription too. I would not recommend this service to anyone. Really no star.

Stay away!
April 28, 2022
Beware! I was matched with a therapist who I had a good session with and was later told they are not qualified to treat me. I was then given a male therapist, which I didn’t want. Cerebral told me they don’t have a female therapist qualified to treat me in NJ. I’m fighting for a refund. Stay away from this company!

This company screams fraud
April 19, 2022

They make you give your credit card information before knowing anything about the doctors or the service you’ll be receiving. There were no prescriber appointments available for almost two weeks. I don't feel like I should have been charged anything until my first appointment since I would not be receiving any sort of treatment or services during that time. I contacted customer service to either schedule me an earlier appointment or refund my money for the two weeks I'm getting nothing.

Then after reading all of the complaints about them I decided to just cancel my account altogether and asked for a full refund since I had not been able to use any of their services. They refused saying that I still had "access" to the platform and it's "features." What features? The point of the platform is to receive mental healthcare, which I did not.

Therefore, the features were not accessible to me because there were no appointment times available during the 3 days my account was active. They tried to appease me with a partial refund ($15) even though I wasn't able to use any of their services. They also did this without confirming with me that a partial refund would be acceptable.

I believe they did this so I would not be able to request a full refund through my bank since they *technically* credited my account, even though it was not the full amount like I asked for and they did not ask if a partial refund would be acceptable before giving it to me. I would have declined it had I known.

They also cancelled my account immediately instead of waiting until the end of the month that I had already paid for, which I consider theft. I paid for a full month, and even if you take off what they gave back, they still owed me several weeks of service that they denied me by deactivating my account prematurely.

They compared themselves to subscription services like Netflix where you pay regardless of use, however, when you cancel Netflix, they don’t deactivate your account until the end of the month that you’ve already paid for. They don’t just steal your money like this company.

Don’t do it.
April 18, 2022
Took almost 2 weeks to get an appointment. Then it was cancelled twice. Was able to reschedule. Then was cancelled again and told to find another therapist. So after 3+ weeks…..nothing.

Do Not Join This Group, Cancelling is Hard
March 13, 2022

Cerebral is a SCAM! Do not sign up! I have been trying to get a refund for two months and I have tried to cancel according to their procedure and NOTHING!

I am so frustrated, no one calls me back or emails me anything. I have NEVER USED THIS SERVICE. When I sign in it tells me I haven't finished my intake but somehow I keep getting billed. Do No Sign up for this

Elderly Abuse At Hands Of Cerebral
February 11, 2022

This SCAM charged my bank $30 then 4 hours later charged another $109.00. They would NOT open a therapy account for me because I could not send 3 selfies. I am 74 years old, depressed and do not drive anymore. THEY DON"T CARE. After 12 days and dealing with 7 customer reps and 2 supervisors, I still don't have all my money back.

I never talked with a therapist nor did I ever order nor get medicines. And they still are trying to hold onto the last $30 for no reason what-so-ever. Steer clear of these bozos....They are nothing but the latest fraud, they stink!

If you value your mental health, don't do it.
January 20, 2022

I have spent years in therapy treating multiple mental illnesses, but recently found myself without health insurance so I tried Cerebral.

I have never dealt with such a cold, disorganized person when it comes to my mental health.

Throughout the call, I felt gaslit. It was as if she was apprehensive to believe that I was experiencing symptoms. She also kept referencing my age, saying she normally doesn't give prescriptions to people this young. What????

In the end, she prescribed me an antidepressant and told me to end the call. That was an hour ago, and I still have not received information on my prescription or how I will receive it.

In addition to that, my care counselor is not available to speak to me for more than SIX WEEKS.

What are these people's credentials???

This is why there is a mental health crisis in this country. This is why people don't reach out for help. I feel worse than before I started.

No services rendered. Credit card charged without verifying ID
January 1, 2022

I was optimistic about trying Cerebral because teletherapy is the most convenient option right now. Ran into problems with registering. Photo of current government issued ID, okay. Automatic site-powered "selfies" didn't go through.

Emailed customer service, repeated process 6+ times to no avail. My registration was incomplete, they couldn't verify identity. Emailed customer service (2x) to cancel my account.

Later saw that Cerebral charged my credit card for 2 months, despite the incomplete registration, no ID verification, and no services rendered. First month, $25, next month $85. I should've been suspicious with all the identical 5 star reviews posted anonymously.

Usernames need not be "anonymous" to shield one's identity; even the best, most streamlined businesses have small issues and glitches, with a little variation among even the best reviews.

LuluRenee March 10, 2022

They owe me almost $300 and it's sickning!

Not honest or up front in what they don't offer.
December 16, 2021

I am a registered nurse with 35 years in healthcare. I also have extensive leadership and clinical work within the Mental Health System. I am not a layperson in healthcare or mental health and this is why I would avoid this organization.

1. I believe the ads and teasers are misleading. They claim to treat ADHD in their teasers but nowhere except in the very fine print do you find they won't prescribe controlled substances which constitutes over 90% of the medication options for this Disease. I understand the potential for abuse but not everyone and most people do not abuse the medications and to make a blanket decision that they will only prescribe short term as a bridge means they have pre-determined that other treatments will be just as effective which in many cases they are not.

If they want to advertise they treat ADHD they need to be upfront that they treat it very conservatively and without the typical course of treatment. I have ADHD. I have taken Adderall for nearly 10 years and do NOT abuse it.

Had I not combed through every word of every disclaimer which very few people will do I would have had to sign up and subject myself to extensive marketing and spam calls simply to be told they don't provide the treatment I need and I should have known because it was in the fine print.

Don't hide stuff like this. 90% of the people would keep moving on if they knew there was no potential to continue with medications they might need to be able to function. They know this which is why they aren't upfront with it.

I understand that we are turning healthcare into a "product" but there needs to be more transparancy and being upfront about services for me to endorse something. Perhaps this service would be OK for some but it's a bad business practice that almost borders on a bait and switch.

I would also add that this is probably the most asked question and yet it's not addressed anywhere in "FAQ" but relegated to fine print buried deep in the agreement. That seems to be intentionally deceptive to me. There policy on controlled substances should be clearly spelled out in the FAQ

LuluRenee March 10, 2022

could not agree more, they are a FRAUD. Sorry you are going through this, same thing they did to me. I am reporting them to the BBB and every other place I can find to turn them in for their unethical practice. They owe me over $300 dollars for non-service. Infuriating!

Try another platform
October 14, 2021
Scam - questionable professionalism by NPs treating you

Avoid this scam and get real help!
September 24, 2021

I do not recommend using this service. They ask you a series of questions, but for some reason, the questions regarding your health, and family’s health do not come until after you pay. In my opinion, questions such as those, should be prior to subscription in order to have an accurate gage of compatibility, especially when all of the advertisements hit on the ability to receive prescriptions directly to your home.

The cancellation processes does not include a refund whether being able to utilize services or not because “you agreed.” It’s honestly sickening that this is a mental health business because someone such as myself, seeking help managing anxiety, only had more anxiety after dealing with this company. It’s sad to think that in 2021, even the mental health companies are after a quick buck and lack the empathy to really deal with people in general.

I’d also like to add that this business is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Their rating is literally an F, and they have an average of one star out of a good 22 reviews. They’re spending money to limit what you can truly see about them and where you can see honest reviews. You’re better off seeking help from those that will make sure you’re a match for their services, before they steal from you. Especially during a pandemic when I’m sure they can receive gov’t assistance, whereas many individual can not, and still have to “get it how they live it.” That’s all from me though. Please let this be a lesson to you all, choose wisely when seeking care, because not everyone, actually cares.

SammieLyn October 15, 2021

I had the same experiences! They are the worst.

AudreyanneWilliams February 11, 2022

And they are still running on full steam ahead grabbing every last buck they can before we people get them shut down for once and for all. Abuse comes in many forms especially this motley crew...

LuluRenee March 10, 2022

Could not agree more, they are a FRAUD. Sorry you are going through this, same thing they did to me. I am reporting them to the BBB and every other place I can find to turn them in for their unethical practice. They owe me over $300 dollars for non-service. Infuriating!