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Sick of paying your cable company for crummy service every month? More and more companies are offering consumers access to inexpensive television service via indoor HDTV antennas. The CeeVoo antenna is one such product, and you’ll be just impressed with this product’s functioning as you will be with its low cost (which is drastically lower than that of a cable subscription!).

How Does CeeVoo Antenna Work?

The prodcut is an HDTV antenna that operates indoors, and professes to be the only “super” HDTV antenna. A multi-directional antenna, it provides free television and has a 65-mile range. Therefore, it can supposedly pull in signals from all directions, drawing a signal for towers as far as sixty-five miles away.

The antenna claims to be a good buy if you are attempting to cut the cord, ditching your cable provider and finding a new way to get television service without relying on big cable companies. This antenna offers real savings as it provides access to the channels in your area.

What Channels Can I Get?

CeeVoo Antenna Inc. helps you cut the cord by providing you with access to news, television shows, and sporting events on the major networks. Your exact channel list will depend on where you live. For example, fi you live in a more rural area, you will likely have more limited access to a full list of channels. However, most people can get NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC with this antenna.

Cost and Price Plans

CeeVoo has a low price per purchase, offering one antenna at the rate of $39.95. This price often changes, with occasional discounts available. You can get a lower price if you by antennas in bulk. For example, two antennas will cost you $69.90, while three is a flat rate of $100. Four antennas  can be purchased for $130. Therefore, your cost-per-antenna if you buy four antennas is only $32.50 per antenna, offering a nearly $8 per antenna savings.

Check the CeeVoo page often, as the company offers occasional discounts and coupons for purchase. Know that this antenna comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to send it back within 90 days to get a full refund or replacement. That being said, main customers recommend approaching the warranty with caution, because the company sometimes doesn't accept returns.

This antenna works as a rectangular square with a coaxial cable that is plugged into your television - the power cord then gets plugged into the wall. You will use the antenna exactly as you would other indoor HD antennas, plugging the coaxial cable into the television and then sticking the antenna via an adhesive pad to the wall. On your television, you will go to the settings menu where you can scan channels and receive access to the programs available in your local area.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of antennas out there, with manufacturers all claiming that these antennas are the cure to helping you cut the cord for good. You can find top antennas at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and even Amazon.

One option offered at Target is the Antop Big Boy. This antenna is obviously easy to find in stores, but it has a shorter range than CeeVoo, only drawing in channels from about sixty miles away. The CSDTV Long-Range Antenna, available at Walmart, has nearly double the range of the CeeVoo at 120 miles, but it’s also half the cost. That being said, this is sold on the Walmart marketplace only, and not in stores, so if you ever want to return the product, you may have some products.

The Jetortep HDTV antenna is available through Amazon and is the same price as the CSDTV Long Range Antenna. This antenna operates within a 105-mile range and is also an affordable option.

Customer Online Reviews/Complaints

Some customers claim that CeeVoo is not legit, arguing that it is a scam because the company claims that the antenna will give you unlimited television for free. This is correct to an extent , as you don't have to pay for television service once you purchase the cord, but what you need to remember is that the company has no way of guaranteeing that you will get all of the channels at all times - this depends on your home’s location as well as your reception.

Remember, too, that the CeeVoo antenna will not give you free premium channels, like HBO, ESPN, and others. That being said, Consumer Reports, a popular reporting agency for all the latest products, claims that the picture quality you will get from your indoor HDTV antenna can be better than what you receive from cable, making it well worth the investment.

Customer Service

There are a number of ways you can get ahold of the customer service department at CeeVoo, but some customers report having a hard time hearing back or getting any kind of response at all. You can call the company at (661) 250-6881, or email them at [email protected]

Where to Buy?

The CeeVoo antenna is currently only available on the company's website at this time, and is not available through major retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Is CeeVoo Worth It?

If you are looking to cut the cord, there are tons of options for antennas on the market. While the CeeVoo antenna is just one of many, it offers several benefits that cannot be ignored. Most negative customer reviews can be traced directly back to misuse of the product - so make sure you read the instructions carefully so you know how to assemble and operate your antenna. Many negative experiences can be prevented in this way.

Furthermore, you should remember that while the customer service at CeeVoo is not ideal, the company does offer a money-back guarantee if you change your mind after purchasing the product. Remember, purchasing an indoor digital HDTV antenna is a fantastic (and legal!) way to improve your access to the local channels without having to pay a hefty cable bill. Considering that a cable subscription costs much more than this antenna, it’s definitely worth a try!

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