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About CBD Biocare

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, CBD is in the news. This plant-based solution offers a remedy for just about everything that ails you - whether it’s anxiety, joint pain, or a more serious chronic condition.

But is it legit? And more importantly, what are the best products to choose?

CBD Biocare is one of the top full spectrum CBD oil dosage products. In this article, we will tell you more information about how to use it, whether there are any side effects, and if this company is legit.

How Does CBD Biocare Work?

CBD Biocare is a full-spectrum CBD oil that is extracted from the whole plant. Organically grown and manufactured in the United States, this product is third-party tested from plant to product. There is utmost transparency when you buy one of this company’s products, which include products besides the traditional oil.

CBD Biocare offers a basic extracted oil, hemp cream, hemp oil drops, gummies, and more. You can even purchase a CBD anti-aging moisturizer, an apple stem cell rejuvenation cream, or a collagen retinol cream to help boost your appearance!

Founded by Matthew and Stacey Pitts, this company is dedicated to sharing the benefits and many uses of cannabidiol, or CBD. The oil is extracted from farms that must meet supreme quality standards before being made into the final product. All hemp products are grown on US family farms.

The Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is one of the most popular products. It comes in multiple strengths - as low as 500 mg and as high as 3500 mg - as well as different flavors. You can choose to sign up for an auto-ship schedule or simply make a one-time purchase.

The oil can be used orally or topically depending on the benefits you wish to seek. The oil is made out of 100% hemp and is a great treatment for anxiety, pain, and other issues. In many cases, it can also be used for pets who have certain health conditions.

CBD Biocare also makes a CBD pain balm that contains emu oil. This product contains other natural ingredients like squalane, aloe, arnica Montana flower, and boswellia serrata extract. Combined with CBD oil, all of these ingredients fight inflammation and pain and can ease skin that is wounded or inflamed.

If you’re interested in selling CBD Biocare, you can earn a remote sales rep salary by signing up for the CBD Biocare affiliate program. You’ll earn a 40% commission on all of your sales when you recommend your favorite products. Your sales volume is accumulative and compounds each month, so you will earn your commission quickly and easily.

As an affiliate, you also get access to a high-quality compensation plan as well as advanced marketing and sales support. For a fee each month, you can use templates for text marketing, funnel advertising, and more. You might be wondering - is CBD Biocare a mlm/pyramid scheme?

Although some people may consider it to be such a plan, it is truly more of an affiliate marketing program - you earn money based on your referrals and while the company relies on customer testimonials in order to make its sales, you aren’t locked in to anything when you sign up to become an affiliate.

Cost and Price Plans

The average cost of CBD Biocare will vary depending on a few specific factors. For example, each product ranges in price, with most starting around $17.99. CBD gummies are $39.99 while the oil is $64.99. These prices are reduced when you sign up for the subscribe and save option.

Shipping is free, and each purchase comes with exceptional services and support. All packages are insured for $100.

Competitors and Alternatives

As you probably already know, CBD Biocare is far from being the only company that manufactures CBD oil and CBD-related products. Some others to consider include Hempworx, 4 Corners Cannabis, and Sisters of the Valley.

You might want to think about CBD vs HempWorx on your next CBD oil shopping spree. Hempworx offers a variety of oils and other products made from hemp grown on industrial farms in Kentucky. As with CBD Biocare, the oils are available in multiple flavors and can be purchased as full-spectrum or THC-free products.

4 Corners Cannabis makes an oral tincture that is an extract of CBD oil. It also contains limonene (or orange extract) for scent as well as MCT oil. Not a pure hemp product, this oil is triple-filtered to remove all harmful byproducts. It can only be taken orally.

Finally, Sisters of the Valley produces a CBD-infused oil that is not solely hemp. It contains other essential oils, like blood orange essential oil, as well as coconut oil base. This product is more reasonably priced than those offered by the other retailers we’ve reviewed - it starts at just $25 for a 15 ml bottle. However, you aren’t getting pure CBD oil when you use this product.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers appreciate CBD Biocare’s commitment to quality products that are safe and easy to use. All products are  manufactured in an FDA registered facility and are organically grown, so you know what you are getting is safe to use. Product reviews claim that CBD Biocare products offer exceptional relief for a wide variety of conditions, to rheumatoid psoriatic arthritis to bone spurs.

But you might be wondering - is CBD Biocare legit? The company is registered with the BBB and has an A+ rating. Although it has only been in business for two years, it has no complaints and no open cases.

Customer Service

Getting in touch with a customer service representative at CBD Biocare is easy to do. You can call the company at (727) 205-1638 or you can drop them a line at their mailing address in Largo, Florida. The company also has an active social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and even Venmo.

Where to Buy?

Currently, you can only purchase CBD Biocare from the manufacturer’s website.

Is CBD Biocare Worth It?

There are countless hemp and CBD products on the market - how do you know that CBD Biocare is right for you? With free shipping, a quality guarantee, and plenty of different products to choose form, CBD Biocare might be the best option out of all of them for your unique needs. This company prides itself on transparency and high-quality results, making CBD Biocare the name to know when it comes to shopping for CBD products.


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