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About Caviar Food Delivery

It’s late on a Saturday evening, and you're starving. You could order take-out from a typical fast food restaurant, but it will likely not be too healthy or for you - or it might be cold by the time it arrives. Caviar Food Delivery, or TryCaviar, offers an exceptional new service designed for people looking for a better in-home dining experience.

How Does Caviar Food Delivery Work?

Caviar is an easy way to order food from the best local restaurants. All you need to do is order for immediate delivery or schedule ahead using Caviar’s free, easy-to-use mobile app. The company provides customers with delivery or pick up where you are. This company originated in the Bay Area and has now expanded to dozens of cities around the country. In Seattle alone, the company partners with nearly forty different restaurants, brining high-quality dining to you wherever you are.

When you order, you receive your bag of food in a timely fashion, usually when it is still nice and hot. The company offers exceptional service and convenience, making it easier than ever to experience high-quality dining in your own home.

Caviar is always looking for drivers to apply, too, and they offer a signup bonus in addition to reliable earning of up to $25 per hour. As a driver, you get quick deposits and you’ll always know where you're going before you accept the assignment. With thousands of satisfied job reviews, this company is definitely one to consider if you are looking for a new place to work.

Cost and Price Plans

One of the biggest questions consumers ask before signing up for a Caviar delivery is - do you tip? Indeed, this is an important question to ask, as it can really raise or lower the price of your overall delivery. While you are not required to add a tip, you will be given the option to add a tip before your order arrives.

Caviar charges a service fee of 18 percent for each order, along with a delivery fee. The delivery fee varies depending on the restaurant. There is usually a minimum order amount, which can change in some areas depending on times of high traffic.

Customer Service

It can be a bit difficult to get ahold of customer service at Caviar unless you already have an account with the company. While it’s free and easy to create an account, it can be a bit restrictive in that you must be already registered with the company in order to find answers to your common questions.

That being said, although the company does not have a well-advertised phone number or email address, they do have contact forms on their website as well as active social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Users of Caviar appreciate how easy Caviar’s site is to navigate. It offers decent variety in your city, offering up choices from dozens of different restaurants in most places. You receive access to photos and reviews of local restaurants, helping to make your decision a little bit easiers.

The company has received rave reviews for its customer service, as they work directly with the restaurant to make your food delivery more convenient and help it fit into your schedule. When you email customer service, you often reach a real person and often even a call back later. You can also monitor your driver in real-time on Caviar’s website, helping you keep track of where your food is at all times.

You do have to work with the hours advertised by the restaurant, and you don’t usually receive any extra plates or utensils if the restaurant does not provide them. However, the online ordering system with Caviar is easy to use and the tracking system and customer service are beyond comparison.

Competitors and Alternatives

When thinking about the company you would like to deliver your food, Caviar is just one name among many competitors in the industry. Caviar is not quite as widespread as some of these other companies, but each offer distinctive benefits and disadvantages.

When considering Caviar vs. Postmates, know that is one of the ones with the greatest notoriety. Unfortunately, this company only allows ordering from its mobile app - meaning you can’t order from a laptop or desktop computer. However, they deliver more than just dinner, offering groceries and alcohol for a yearly subscription fee instead of a one-time charge.

Next, you should think about Caviar vs DoorDash. does not offer freed leivers to first-time customers, but they offer promotional codes to help you lower your costs. This company offers service in 32 major locations, and offers restaurant delivery services only. You usually pay about $5 to $8 for a delivery fee.

Caviar vs. Grubhub is another consideration. puts up promotional code for delivery discounts quite often. Grubhub, however, does not offer speedy service, as they don’t account for hours and area of operation. It is difficult to track your order and they charge higher fees than most other delivery services.

Finally, think about Caviar vs Ubereats. Ubereats charges a flat rate of $5 per delivery, making it more affordable than Caviar when it comes to fees. It also is present in more cities throughout the United States, but doesn’t tend to partner with some of the higher-end restaurants like Caviar does.

Where to Buy?

Currently, the company is available in a range of U.S. icites, including Brooklyn, Chicago, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, San Diego, Queens, San Francisco, Portland, Washington D.C., Seattle, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Orange County, Manhattan, Dallas, and Boston.

Is it Worth It?

Home-delivered food is not a new process, nor is it revolutionary. However, the food delivery bubble has always excluded high-quality restaurants, and Caviar works to change that. If you’re interested in experiencing a new dining service in the comfort of your own home, considering giving Caviar a try.

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