Urine Gone
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Urine Gone, found online at, is a new household product which promises people the ability to quickly and easily eliminate the odors from pet urine accidents which occur in the
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Believe it or not, the number of overweight pets in our country is skyrocketing. Blame it on high-calorie pet food, blame it on sedentary lifestyles, no matter what you might say, pets are b
VPI Pet Insurance
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VPI, found online at, is a company that says the invented the modern day pet insurance policy and their goal is to cover all of your pets so they can best maintain their hea
Wag Dog Walking App
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Wag Dog Walking App, found online at, is a new mobile app that is described as “a dog walked in your pocket,” and is intended to help busy professionals get the he
WEN Pets
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WEN Pets, found online at, is a new product offered by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, creator of WEN Hair Care, which is intended for the regular shampooing and cleaning of y
Wild Earth Dog Food
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If you’re a conscientious dog parent, you might be wondering how you can feed your dog a more responsible diet. After all, according to a study by UCLA, pets are responsible for nearly
Wisdom Panel
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If you watched the Puppy Bowl this year, you might have wondered how each breed was verified. Perhaps you didn’t watch the Bowl, but are simply interested in your dog’s genetic b
Wobble Wag Giggle
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The Wobble Wag Giggle, found online at, is a new toy made for dogs which promises to offer them an interactive way to play while they are home alone and their owners are
Wonder Pet Expo
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This pet expo was far from deplorable! It was organized by great people that focus on pets, education, spay, neuter, rescue and adoption! It was a super pet expo and everyone had lots of fun
Wuf Pet Tracker
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The Wuf Pet Tracker, found online at, is a new pet tracking device which says that it will be the smart dog collar that will help you track, train, play, and explore with your dog

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