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Patreon.com is the online home of Patreon, a company that says their goal is to “help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income” by gathering and growing the fans who
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Pebblebee, found online at Pebblebee.com, is a new Bluetooth tracking device which promises people the easiest and most effective way to track whatever items they are afraid to lose. How
Peter Popoff Ministries
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Peter Popoff is a minister and televangelist and the creator of PeterPopoff.org, a website where people can go to get information, request prayers directly from Popoff and his team, and more
Photobook America
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Photobook America, found online at PhotobookAmerica.com, is a new company and website dedicated to helping people create the highest quality photo memorabilia and home decor. How Does It
RTIC Coolers
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RTIC Coolers, found online at RTICCoolers.com, says they are selling some of the highest quality available coolers and tumblers on the market, but at affordable prices.      &
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SquareTrade, found online at SquareTrade.com, is a company that promises their customers high quality warranties and customer service in order to protect their expensive electronics. 
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StudyKik, found online at StudyKik.com, states that their goal is to help universities and laboratories find the necessary volunteers they need for their clinical studies.  How
Superior Singing Method
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The Superior Singing Method, found online at SuperiorSingngMethod.com, is a new at-home singing training program created by Aaron Anastasi, which promises to help anyone of anyone experience
Survival Frog
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Survival Frog, found online at SurvivalFrog.com, was established in 2009 as a publisher of online information books and has since become the largest and most trusted source for survival and
Taga Bikes
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Paid for one recently off the taga web site, 3 weeks with no reply no email stating my order was in. Tried calling the Detroit area code # it’s a cell and it’s out of the country. Does t