Online Dating

Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating website who says that they use an academically researched personality tool unrivaled by any other dating site to help you find compatible matches. Their Due

Based on 0 Reviews is a new dating website that promises to allow new members to browse pictures of real people in their residential area that are looking for love and available for messaging and potential

Plenty of Fish

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I signed up for two months, I did not agree to auto pay or renewal. They charged my card without permission. There is no way to contact them. The phone is in Canada so my cell can't call it. They don'

Based on 0 Reviews is a type of online dating website which describes itself as the #1 place for successful singles to meet, since they are website with higher standards and greater qual

Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating site which claims that it has been voted the number one dating site available world wide, and it welcomes men and women of all ages and of all sexual orientations

Based on 6 Reviews is a website which says they are an “online introduction service” who works with over 25,000 Russian and Ukrainian women looking to marry American and European men.

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I have tried a few dating sites. I was recommended to Searchingsenior by a friend of mine. I do not expect anything since it is not a famous site as match or some other sites. But this one is especia

Based on 0 Reviews is a new dating website which says that their services are aimed at providing “arrangements” between young, attractive “Sugar Babies” and older, wealthie

Senior Dating Plan

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The Senior Dating Plan, found online at, is a new health and wellness guide for seniors who are interested in how to reinvigorate their social and dating lives.   How Does

Based on 1 Review is an online dating community for seniors who are single and over 50 years old. This website makes it easy for older people to make new friends or possibly find a potential rom

Based on 2 Reviews is an online dating site which says that they provide a safe, simple, and fun atmosphere for single parents of children who are looking for potential dating partners who understan

Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating site that allows its members to participate in a series of short, mini “dates” consisting of timed online chats in order to find a new dating partner w

The Desire System

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The Desire System, found online at, is a new video presentation and program from Dr. David Tian, which promises to give men a proven theory that they can use to attract women.  

Three Day Rule

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Three Day Rule, found online at, is a new "white glove matchmaking service" who says that their clients work with world class matchmakers to select and vet potential matches before i

Based on 0 Reviews is a premium matchmaking website differentiating itself with exclusivity and restricted membership. Eligible individuals must either be referred by another member or have gone thro


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The Tinder Dating App, found online at, is a very popular mobile dating application which tries to turn the somewhat stressful aspect of trying to find matches on online dating sites into


Based on 31 Reviews is a dating website that allows men and women looking for travel companions to find each other and connect, both domestically and internationally. Your initial sign up at Travel

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After many free but disappointing dating sites, I thought it was better to try a pay for site. Many are a waste of time, but Travelhostdate is very good. All the members are verified and the girls' re


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I could travel just with I can find any kind of journey here and it is very convenient for me.

Based on 1 Review is a type of casual dating, social networking site and mobile application that people can use to meet new friends and potential romantic prospects by sharing photos and chatting.  The