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Based on 4 Reviews is a new type of online dating site that accommodates all types of online person-to-person relationships, from those looking to possibly find a soul mate to those looking for ju
Based on 1 Review is a new dating website which promises to help people have a place where they can easily and conveniently meet new people and find new connections for “flirting” with o
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Flirts n Friends is a free online community of amazing flirts and wonderful friends that comprises all of the above and more! The forum – open to anyone over the age of 18 – offers a dra
Based on 10 Reviews is a website that markets itself as an online bar and happy hour, which works as a virtual hybrid between an online dating site and a social networking site, where users can meet n
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The online dating site is a casual dating site which is open to members of all sexual orientations and interests and which promises that you can “find a match in your a
Based on 0 Reviews is a new video presentation and program from “Mike” which promises to teach men seven simple words that will make women “demand sex” from them, reg
Girlfriend Activation System
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The Girlfriend Activation System is a new dating product from Christian Hudson, who says that he can help anyone crack the secret code in a woman's DNA that will help her fall in love wi
Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating site based out of Scotland, but available only in North America, including the US, Canada, and Mexico, as well as in India. Their online datin
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Globogirls is fake, I setup an account with globogirls. For the first two weeks I receive message from girls whose profile don't exist on the site. I doubt there are many real girls on
Happn Dating App
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The Happn Dating App, found online at, is a new mobile dating application which uses your proximity to people during your daily routine to suggest to you people you might like to me

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