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Based on 2 Reviews is an online dating site which says that they provide a safe, simple, and fun atmosphere for single parents of children who are looking for potential dating partners who
Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating site that allows its members to participate in a series of short, mini “dates” consisting of timed online chats in order to find a new dating
Text Chemistry
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Amy North is a renowned love and relationship coach from Canada. She has 8 years of experience in coaching thousands of women around the world on their relationship. Amy North is an exper
The Desire System
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The Desire System, found online at, is a new video presentation and program from Dr. David Tian, which promises to give men a proven theory that they can use to attract wome
Three Day Rule
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Three Day Rule, found online at, is a new "white glove matchmaking service" who says that their clients work with world class matchmakers to select and vet potential matche
Based on 0 Reviews is a premium matchmaking website differentiating itself with exclusivity and restricted membership. Eligible individuals must either be referred by another member or have
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The Tinder Dating App, found online at, is a very popular mobile dating application which tries to turn the somewhat stressful aspect of trying to find matches on online dating
Based on 37 Reviews is a dating website that allows men and women looking for travel companions to find each other and connect, both domestically and internationally. Your initial sign up
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After many free but disappointing dating sites, I thought it was better to try a pay for site. Many are a waste of time, but Travelhostdate is very good. All the members are verified and the
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I could travel just with I can find any kind of journey here and it is very convenient for me.

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